Food safety

What Is Food Hygiene? Food Hygiene in 2024

Discover the importance of food hygiene, guidelines and principles, the food hygiene rating scheme, range, how it differs from food safety, and more!

Food safety

Top 9 BRC Software for Food Businesses in 2024

We curated the 9 best BRC compliance software for businesses in the food industry. Explore key features, prices, and more of these BRCGS software...

Food safety

Food Traceability Trends for 2024

18 industry experts answer the question, 'What's the biggest challenge facing the food industry in 2023, and what solution do they suggest?'

Food safety

Food hygiene certificate - All you need to know

Having a food hygiene certificate is proof of your absolute commitment to a solid approach to food safety and protecting public health. 


Food traceability meaning and benefits

Food traceability is an integral system that supports food safety by making the production process transparent. Read the article to learn how to do...

Food safety

Organic Certification

Organic practices and food safety mutually help ensure that the products and ingredients in the food industry are safe for human consumption. 

Food safety

What should salmon internal temp be?

Salmon is a very popular and versatile fish served in many dishes worldwide. It is a type of fish that can be eaten undercooked or rare and can be...

Food safety

A quick guide on the food service industry

The food service industry is a vital part of the community that contributes to the social, cultural, environmental, and economic aspects of a nation....

Food safety

How long can butter sit out? Can you freeze butter?

Butter is generally a stable product but still has a limited shelf-life. Butter can withstand room temperature and remain safe for consumption for up...

Food safety

How long are leftovers good for?

Leftovers can last up to three to four days when refrigerated and up to four months when frozen. Find out the recommended shelf-life dates of the...

Food safety

Everything about food handler's licenses

Licenses, permits, cards, and certifications prove a food handler's proficiency in handling foods and protecting public safety. To clarify the...

Food safety

Physical hazard in food

Any foreign object that is unintended to be on the food is considered a physical hazard. Read the article to learn more about physical hazards and...

Food safety

Food innovation: how and why do we innovate food?

Food innovation definition refers to the development of new food processes, products, and services that significantly contribute to the industry's...

Food safety

What is food defense?

All food businesses reporting under the FDA must establish a food defense plan which aims to protect them from intentional product contamination or...

Food safety

Use by date meaning explained

'Use by' date refers to the last allowable and safe date to use or consume a product. The 'use by' date can only become reliable if...

Food safety

Natasha's law guidance & checklist

Natasha's law highlights labelling requirements for Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS) products. Read more and download a checklist to stay compliant...

HACCP plan

Design a commercial kitchen layout yourself

A commercial kitchen layout can determine the workflow efficiency of a food business. In this article you can learn everything about designing it...

Food safety

Implementing a Food Safety Culture in 2024

420,000 people die every year due to foodborne illnesses. Read to learn about how you can reduce this number by implementing a food safety culture in...

Food safety

Pest control in restaurants

Pests carry both physical and biological food hazards, making them a food safety risk priority. Read the article to learn everything about pest...

Food safety

Dress code for food service employees

A proper dress code promotes food safety and brand recognition for food businesses. Learn how to create a dress code policy through this article.

Food safety

Everything about Codex Alimentarius

The Codex Alimentarius is a compilation of internationally recognized standards for food. Read the article to learn the basics of the Codex...

Food safety

Food safety rules and tips

Ensuring food safety in a food business is an important yet complicated task. Read the article to learn everything about food safety tips and rules.

How to open a cafe? Step-by-step

In this article, we discuss what you need to open a cafe and list 12 useful steps for opening a coffee shop or cafe.

Food safety

What to know about displaying food on ice?

Foods displayed on ice are exposed to several risks of food contamination, which can easily be prevented by following food safety. Learn more how to...

Food safety plan

Food safety plan - what is it & how to get it?

All food businesses must establish a food safety plan to protect public health. Here is a compliant step-by-step guide for establishing a food safety...

Food safety

FDA food code - Who produces the food code?

The FDA Food Code is a model guideline for operating food businesses in the U.S. It tackles eight major areas of the retail and food service...

HACCP plan

HACCP in a nutshell

HACCP guide for beginners. Understand the definition, learn the terminologies, get an overview of the documentation and discover the easiest way to...

Food safety

Allergen management for the big 8 allergens +1 new

Food allergy reaction is a serious public health concern and is considered a food safety hazard. Learn what are the big 8 allergens and what is the...

HACCP plan

7 HACCP principles - What are the steps of HACCP?

The seven HACCP principles are achieved by analyzing food hazards in your manufacturing process and addressing them accordingly. See all the HACCP...

Food safety

What is EHO & how to prepare for EHO inspection?

An EHO inspection can be announced in advance or suddenly without any notice. The EHO inspection will become the basis for your food hygiene rating.

HACCP plan

What Is HACCP? The Ultimate Guide (Free E-Book)

HACCP is a preventive tool that helps you manage your operations by identifying, analyzing and addressing food safety hazards. Learn more about HACCP...

HACCP plan

Restaurant standards for opening a restaurant

Restaurant standards serve as the basis for what the customers will expect from your food business. Learn how to effectively open a restaurant.

HACCP plan

Is HACCP a voluntary process?

Regardless of HACCP being a voluntary system in some locations, food safety management systems are a requirement for all food businesses.

Food safety

Food handlers test answers

A food handlers test is an evaluation tool for food handlers to gauge their aptitude in handling food and food safety. Read more about it.

Food safety

What does FIFO stand for in food?

First-In, First-Out food storage system or FIFO for food was designed for food businesses only to serve customers the freshest and safest dishes.

Food safety

Ready to eat TCS food must be marked

Ready to eat TCS food is a major food type that requires time and temperature control for food safety. See when and how TCS food must be marked.

Food safety

Where can a food worker wash her hands?

One of the fastest ways of spreading contamination in any kitchen is through a food handler's hand. Learn where, when and how should a food handler...

Food safety

TCS Meaning: 6 Tips for Handling TCS Food Safely

TCS foods are a group of products that require the factors of time and temperature to control the growth of microorganisms that are related to them.

Food safety

What is cross contact? How does it happen?

Cross contact can occur in many different ways. It can be direct contact with an allergenic food or an indirect contact through an uncleaned utensil.

Food safety

Why Are Food Regulations Important?

Food safety regulations also lay standards for the importation of foods to protect the economy and consumers of a nation.

The "correct" ways to call HACCP

Our team at FoodDocs has encountered many different “interpretations” of how the most famous food safety program is spelled (and pronounced).

Food safety

What is the temperature danger zone for food?

Within the temperature danger zone for food, pathogens can multiply at a fast rate and can spoil foods within the first 2 hours.

Food safety

How do you avoid cross contamination?

The best way to avoid cross contamination is to implement a comprehensive food safety management system (FSMS). 5 ways how to avoid cross...

Food safety

Three types of hazards that make food unsafe

Learn more about the three types of food safety hazards, how to prevent them, and the most significant cases related to them.

Food safety

Food safety hazards - The ultimate guide

Food safety hazards are any substance or material that can work its way into any food item and cause any foodborne illness or injury.

Food safety

The 4 C's of food safety

The 4 C's of food safety are cleaning, cooking, cross-contamination, chilling that can protect every customer from foodborne illnesses.

Food safety

Corrective action plan in food safety

In making a corrective action plan, appropriate tasks are prepared to address operations that may have potential deviations.

Food safety

Basic food hygiene regulations to follow

Although food hygiene regulations are not mandatory, your business must be able to show a certain level of competence in this area.

HACCP plan

Seafood HACCP - All you need to know

To identify whether your food processing business qualifies for a seafood HACCP plan, take a look at some examples of seafood products.

HACCP plan

The History of HACCP - Timeline & Facts

The history of HACCP goes back to the 1950s and has since then revolutionized food safety. It was drafted to resolve food safety issues in space.

HACCP plan

HACCP training online

HACCP online training is an excellent alternative to more traditional training. You can train yourself and your team remotely at a time convenient to...

HACCP plan

What is HACCP training?

To keep yourselves and your customers safe, it is vital that you and your team have HACCP training so that you are safely following your HACCP plan.

Food safety

What is a food inspection report?

A food inspection report can significantly affect your food business operations. It could face significant consequences or become appraised.

HACCP plan

How to start a food truck business?

How to start a food truck business? By following some straightforward rules and using smart digitial tools, you can make your business a success.

Food safety

Food Safety Guidelines PDF - Free download

In this food safety guideline, we talk about which types of contamination greatly affect quality. Download this food safety guidelines PDF for free.

HACCP plan

Getting HACCP certification online

Getting HACCP certification online is a great benefit to your company. The main one is - cost, plus you also save yourself a huge amount of time.

HACCP plan

The HACCP process - all you need to know

The HACCP process can seem daunting, but it is vital that you implement a HACCP process in order to keep your customers healthy.

HACCP certification

How to get a 5-star food hygiene rating?

The key to a 5-star food hygiene rating is properly implementing a food hygiene system that prioritizes the welfare of your customers.

Food safety

FSMA: What is it and who has to comply with it?

The FSMA aims to shift the focus of manufacturers and governing agencies toward the prevention of foodborne illnesses rather than addressing them as...

Food safety

FSMA compliance checklist

For your food business to ensure FSMA compliance, a set of documented processes are needed to be prepared.

HACCP software

How to use HACCP software to grow your business?

HACCP food safety program is easier to make using a HACCP software. The process requires you to accomplish 4 easy steps to create a HACCP program.

HACCP plan

Food safety consultant: traditional vs innovative

Food safety specialist is not the only way to keep food safety under control. Let’s compare traditional, paper-based solutions and a digital HACCP...

HACCP plan

HACCP certification requirements

To receive your HACCP food safety certification, it is vital that you fill certain criteria and meet specific requirements.

HACCP plan

How much does HACCP certification cost?

The cost of HACCP certification varies depending on a number of factors, with one of the main costs being the audit itself.

food safety management system

How to pick the perfect food safety management system?

Each company has different requirements, so different solutions suit different business profiles. What to keep in mind when choosing a food safety...

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FoodDocs helps to save up to $3,114 per year

The digital food safety management system helps to save around 8 working hours per week on daily tasks, which is equivalent to $3,114 per year.