Food safety

How to get a 5-star food hygiene rating?

The higher your rating, the safer your food, and you should always aim for a 5-star rating. Here you can find 6 tips for getting a 5-star food rating.


What is HACCP? - 7 principles of HACCP

What is HACCP? A HACCP plan is a comprehensive document that is part of an internationally recognized system. Learn about the 7 principles of HACCP.

Food safety

How to start a food truck business?

How to open up a food truck business? By following some straightforward rules and using smart digitial tools, you can make your business a success....

Food safety

How to get a HACCP plan in 1 hour?

Trying to figure out what is a HACCP plan and how to get it done? Learn what are the principles of HACCP and how to compile a plan quick and easy....

Food safety

HACCP consultant vs digital solution

When starting a food business, whether it is a cafe, restaurant, bakery, or a shop, you realize how many documents need to be done, including a HACCP...