Food safety

SQF meaning | An easy guide to get SQF-certified

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) program is considered a gold standard for food safety and quality in the entire food supply chain. Read the article to...

Food safety

The basics of a food safety management system

Every food business must have a Food Safety Management System in place to protect their customers. Read more to learn how to do it most efficiently.

Food safety

Food handlers test answers

A food handlers test is an evaluation tool for food handlers to gauge their aptitude in handling food and food safety. Read more about it.

food safety management system

How to pick the perfect food safety management system?

Each company has different requirements, so different solutions suit different business profiles. What to keep in mind when choosing a food safety...

food safety management system

Safe food handling tips for reopening after Covid-19

The condensed 9 step checklist that we have compiled to help you guarantee safe food handling and follow food safety guidelines.

Case study

FoodDocs helps to save up to $3,114 per year

The digital food safety management system helps to save around 8 working hours per week on daily tasks, which is equivalent to $3,114 per year.