Food safety

Food Safety Modernization Act - what is it?

The main Food Safety Modernization Act's principle is to change the FDA and food manufacturer’s focus on preventing food safety risks and hazards.

Food safety

FSMA & how can it help your food business

The FSMA focuses on proactively preventing factors that could compromise safety rather than acting on them as they happen.

Food safety

European vs American food safety standards

Food safety standards are a set of principles that a food must meet if it is to be appropriate for human consumption, permissible additives, etc.

Food safety

Food hygiene - All you need to know

Food hygiene standards mainly cover conditions, rules, and procedures to prevent food contamination, leading to foodborne illnesses.

HACCP software

How to use HACCP software to grow your business?

HACCP food safety program is easier to make using a HACCP software. The process requires you to accomplish 4 easy steps to create a HACCP program.

HACCP plan

Food safety specialist vs HACCP software

Food safety specialist is not the only way to keep food safety under control. Let’s compare traditional, paper-based solutions and a digital HACCP...