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A Case-Study of Transformation: Terroni Group Unlocks the Potential of Food Safety Compliance

It's time to meet one of our customers, a successful group of companies – Gruppo Terroni – that implemented the ...

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It's time to meet one of our customers, a successful group of companies – Gruppo Terroni – that implemented the FoodDocs Food Safety Management System a year ago with the goal to save time and further improve efficiency!



Terroni MichaelMeet Michael Worbanski, Gruppo Terroni's Human Resources and Operations Safety Specialist. Michael is responsible for rolling out and implementing the FoodDocs' Food Safety System.

In 2023, the FoodDocs team had a productive interview with Michael to dig into their company's experiences and thoughts on food safety challenges and FoodDocs.

Let's get into it! See the topics below to get a glimpse of how Gruppo Terroni's FoodDocs journey progressed and how the team benefited from implementing FoodDocs software.


What challenges did Gruppo Terroni encounter before using FoodDocs?

"Our company was looking for a system to organize the work we do to effectively monitor our operations and commit to food safety compliance - which is very important for any food business.


The 3 main reasons why we were on a search for a food safety management system were to:

  1. implement a fully customizable, effective tool to help us maintain our high-quality standards and compliance with applicable regulations.
  2. consolidate the processes we use to manage food safety.
  3. with many locations, organize the work in one central system.

We wanted a system that would support our efforts to continuously train our temas, provide a way to monitor progress, and verify compliance.


Gruppo Terroni locations previously used in-house systems and paper-based monitoring logs. FoodDocs provided a completely digital solution.


What made Gruppo Terroni choose FoodDocs?

"We chose FoodDocs for an all-in-one solution. Is is valuable for us to have a central system for managing information throughout all our locations.

Three critical points made FoodDocs stand out as a digital compliance solution over the rest:

  1. A complete solution for the company's commitment to food safety compliance.
  2. An intuitive, convenient, and easy to use system to maintain the company's food safety regulations.
  3. A useful platform to gather and organize information from different departments."



What does Gruppo Terroni value the most about FoodDocs?

"The system provides us with an easy-to-use solution for standardizing our work processes, which helps support every employee's role in maintaining food safety monitoring and best practices.

The value FoodDocs has added to our company goes well beyond the hours saved daily for our teams through streamlining daily monitoring activities and processes!


Although the system is very uniform and intuitive in general, the benefits we find most valuable from FoodDocs are the following:

  1. Product setup and use are easily understood by our team members.
  2. Instructions on monitoring logs assist with training and provide useful reference for our workers.
  3. Centralized storage for all important documents with no chance of getting anything lost or disorganized.

With no hesitation, I can say that the company has already seen the significant contribution of smart software.

Everything we use FoodDocs for, including our own recordkeeping, helps ensure we always maintain best practices.


FoodDocs has significantly helped our company increase the effectiveness of managing food safety.

The system provides our teams with an efficient way to monitor and verify food safety throughout our operations, including shipping, receiving, storage, food preparation, production, traceability, packaging, serving, and other work processes."


Which are Gruppo Terroni's favorite features?

"Although there are many useful elements, some of our most used FoodDocs features include the following:

  1. Production Traceability System for making lot codes and tracking food products and ingredients in their production facilities.

2. Digital monitoring logs and checklists

    • Temperature log
    • Opening and closing checklists
    • Cleaning and sanitation logs for work stations and equipment
    • Equipment maintenance log
    • Audits

3. The ability to add instructions in each log and checklist whether they be written, photos or even videos

4. Cloud storage for organizing important documents

5. The feature for attaching photos or videos for verification of compliance

6. Gruppo Terroni leaders having the ability to access information 24/7, when needed"


How did the food safety inspector like Terroni's food safety management system?

"During a local City of Toronto food safety inspection this year, Terroni received a stellar report from the inspector which FoodDocs helped support by keeping all supporting records in one easy to access location.

The records stored in FoodDocs help demonstrate the Company's ongoing compliance with all sections of the inspector's report.

FoodDocs makes the inspections easier for us because all the data is stored in one location. "






How did the team welcome the new software?

"Switching to an unfamiliar platform can always present challenges but the transition to a digital food safety platform went very well. We took the work we were already doing and digitized it in a system with helpful features that was easy to use.

We implemented FoodDocs' Food Safety Management System slowly and steadily into our everyday operations while gradually expanding to ensure that everyone learned how to use the system properly.

Thanks to gradual implementation processes, our teams now use FoodDocs solutions every day of our 7-day work week."


How has the digital transformation helped managers of Gruppo Terroni?

"In addition to our team becoming increasingly more productive and efficient, FoodDocs has helped our leaders manage many parts of their roles.

Training our employees has now become more streamlined and less time-consuming for the management. FoodDocs provides a tool to ensure standardized instruction and training records. In addition, the company now has a concrete method to validate compliance.

Terroni sees FoodDocs solutions as a useful tool that reduces the amount of time required to monito and verify all food safety tasks.

With FoodDocs' smart solutions, Gruppo Terroni management now has an easy-to-use system to help ensure food safety complaince and protect our guests from food safety issues. Now management relies on real-time information for making decisions and verification of tasks."


Background info about Terroni

  • Operated since: First Terroni (original location) 1992
  • Country: Canada
  • Locations: 8 unit locations (different business nature) with approximately 1000 employees
  • Using FoodDocs since: June 2022

Terroni first opened in 1992 on Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario as a small storefront selling southern Italian staples. Today, Gruppo Terroni has grown to encompass nine locations including three Terroni restaurants, two specialty restaurants, two bakery restaurants named Sud Forno and two commissary kitchens and storefronts named Spaccio.


Having been in business for over 30 years now, Gruppo Terroni prides itself on maintaining its core values by emphasizing the simplicity and quality of the ingredients they import from Italy. The company has managed to preserve its essence, starting from its raw materials, or materia prima In Italian, and the traditional and artisanal approach they take in making all of their dishes.


Ready to be as successful in food safety compliance as Terroni?

Like Gruppo Terroni, every food business can achieve food safety compliance and more efficiency in monitoring with the help of FoodDocs.

Switching to our digital food safety platform is super easy.

All it takes is 15 minutes of your time.

Powered by artificial intelligence and a machine learning program, our software automatically creates intuitive monitoring logs and checklists based on your business operations. After describing your operations to our software, it will intuitively generate the most applicable food safety logs and checks for your team.

You can also get the same features that Terroni uses the most, such as the following: 

Step-by-step instructions


Helps your team to save time training new or existing team members

Temperature log

Temperature log

Helps your team to remember to log the correct storage temperature to ensure food safety

Customizable monitoring logs

Monitoring check setup

Ensure that every task is done and correctly reported.

Production traceability system

Production Traceability

Make possible recalls easy and nothing to stress about with a comprehensive system.

Cloud storage


Real-time dashboard


In addition to these features, you can also get other management and food safety features from FoodDocs smart Food Safety Management System.

Learn more about our product features here

Experience the benefits of our product features first-hand using our free 14-day trial.

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