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How a vegan food business, V-Giyan, reached over 100% higher efficiency in food safety?

In this feature article, we look more into how technology meets the food safety needs of the all-plant-based ...

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In this feature article, we look more into how technology meets the food safety needs of the all-plant-based food-production company, V-Giyan


  • Implementing FoodDocs' digital food safety system, the company saved at least 40 working hours a week. Every team member saves 1 hour per day on food safety tasks.

  • With a digital record-keeping system, V-Giyan made a big step towards a paperless kitchen. They no longer have to keep piles of papers in the kitchen.

  • The whole system and management of the company increased in effectiveness by 100% after implementing the FoodDocs food safety management system.

V-Giyan paperless kitchen using fooddocs


V-Giyan is a plant-based meal delivery company in Oxfordshire that specializes in Punjabi cuisine. The company was founded and is being managed firsthand by the firm's head chef, Bal Gill. 

Serving only the freshest, most flavorful Punjabi meals to one customer at a time, V-Giyan is currently operating with three locations in Oxfordshire, UK. The locations operate as a main production area, a research and development site, and a fast-casual location for serving hot foods.

The company prides itself on being a 100% vegan-certified food service business and its mission of becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly in every step they make. V-Giyan works and serves nutritious food with the welfare of the planet in mind. 

Join us as we walk you through Bal Gill and the V-Giyan team's journey toward achieving a more sustainable and organized food safety system with FoodDocs.



What challenges did V-Giyan encounter before using FoodDocs?

Bal expressed the struggles of using the traditional pen-and-paper method to monitor everyday tasks. With at least 20 years of experience in food service, a manual monitoring system proved to have significant room for improvement. 


Bal Gill and his paperless food safety system-2

Bal and his team faced numerous errors like mismatched inventory and final product stocks. Using the old system, Bal had to manually backtrack what may have caused the problem, which was a waste of time he could have spent focusing on production.

At the end of the day, all monitoring and production tasks still fall into Bal's table for verification. 


In an interview with one of FoodDocs' co-founders, Bal highlighted three major problems they had:

  1. Standardizing and organizing records
  2. Difficulty in monitoring tasks and keeping track of all employees
  3. Piles of papers but still unable to backtrack quickly if needed

In the bigger picture, the company needed to be more productive. With the current shortage of labor power in the UK, hiring more people was not the best solution. Instead, the team needed a way to reduce the time they spent on recording regular tasks and documentation regarding compliance.


Even before the creation of V-Giyan in 2019, Bal, owner of V-Giyan, and his team have been searching for a more innovative monitoring system that is less prone to errors, easy to use, and reliable. 


“The team at FoodDocs was very proactive from the moment I arrived on the website, I was well looked after. Customer service is exceptional, and you do not feel like you are just using software but feel the presence of the team throughout.”


V-Giyan finds FoodDocs to be the best Food Safety Management System in the market

The company owner's experiences with previous platforms made it harder for him to look for digital solutions again. Previous generic systems did not fit the company's needs and were not intuitive enough for smoother production.


Like any other strategic food business owner, Bal searched for the best digital solution for the company's production. 

During the company's transition to a new location, Bal decided that things had to change if they wanted to progress more. He envisioned that the company could focus on producing more variety with a more organized solution. Growing in a fast-paced industry like food service called for a solution that can adapt easily and make tasks more efficient. 

In Bal's second encounter with FoodDocs, he finally embraced the digital food safety management systems (FSMS).




What does V-Giyan value the most about FoodDocs?

“FoodDocs' solution was a 2 in 1 answer with its HACCP plan builder and digital Food Safety Management System software programs. There was no need to use two separate software programs just to get the target results. FoodDocs was the most cost-effective solution for the task.”


Despite the fear of using a more technologically advanced system, V-Giyan's team found the solution easy to use. The team highlighted the efficiency of dropdown menus, which reduced the need for them to input every piece of information manually.


In addition to systematic changes in the business process, the employees of V-Giyan list the benefits of FoodDocs as follows:

  1. A central system for everything. We use only one tool for every task.
  2. Easy record keeping and not having to keep paper files in the kitchen
  3. Accessible through phone or tablet, which makes the processes even faster, organized, and convenient.
  4. Every team member saves at least 1h of time daily on food safety tasks! Using FoodDocs, it is so much faster to keep track of and complete mandatory tasks.


Implementing digital system increased effectiveness 100%


We had an 100% increase in effectiveness and records were no longer incompetent and always done in a timely manner. 

Through the efficiency improvement I believe longer term we have saved the cost of at least 1 FTE. For us, it is a big win.”


For food delivery, it is especially important always to be compliant with food safety rules. As the food passes many steps, transportation stages, etc., the products are more prone to contamination.


Around 8 months after getting started with FoodDocs, we received a 5-star food hygiene rating.


Ready to try FoodDocs for your business as well?

FoodDocs is a modern way to ensure food safety compliance. The software intuitively develops and learns from the user every day using artificial intelligence and a machine-learning program. 


Similar to V-Giyan's experience, food businesses can automate regular tasks, improve the quality of the food safety tasks, and have a real-time overview of their food safety compliance anywhere, anytime, without generating loads of paper documents stored.


Some of the features that helped V-Giyan improve the effectiveness of its food safety tasks include the following:


Real-time overview



Real-time overview of food safety compliance in FoodDocs


Smart app with notifications, instructions, and pre-filling solutions


Task instructions in the FoodDocs app 


Manage and store documents


Cloud storage in FoodDocs

In addition to these features, FoodDocs has many other beneficial features, with which you can familiarize yourself here.

You can also experience these benefits and efficient solutions from our digital Food Safety Management System and digital HACCP plan builder.

We offer a free 14-day trial that you can use to explore our system's features. 



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