The "correct" ways to call HACCP

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Working with companies and helping them achieve and maintain food safety compliance, our team at FoodDocs has encountered many different “interpretations” of how the most famous food safety program is spelled (and pronounced). We get it, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is not the easiest to remember.

That’s why the food industry came up with a shorter term,  HACCP. Although, the acronym still doesn’t stick to people that much. When you think about it, the term can really be confusing. How would anyone new to the food industry know that there are two C’s hiding in between those letters

We’ve rounded up some of the most common (and hilarious) takes on how HACCP plan has been misspelled. We’ve categorized our list to UNDERSTANDABLE, FORGIVABLE, and JUST NO to show how these misspelled terms to rank.


the correct ways to call HACCP

*Before we give you this list, we would like to note that this article is purely for fun. We understand how hard it is to memorize the whole meaning, let alone the acronym, of HACCP. We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to this list. Because of you, our team had a good laugh.

Here we go!




Okay, okay. Not too bad. Just one letter off the correct acronym. If you look at your keyboard, you will understand how this one came up. (Go ahead, take a look).


This one can raise a few questions. The letter A is a bit far from C on your keyboard. At this point, you’ll start asking whether you really know the meaning of HACCP? Is it Hazard Analysis and Critical – nope you have to have two C’s in there – see next…


With this term, things start to get a bit blurrier. Is HACCP really correct? Shouldn’t it be HAACCP? What is the meaning of HAACCP? Is it even real or did the Illuminati make it up? Is it Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Point? 




Hazard Critical Analysis and Prevention? We don’t know the exact origins of this acronym but it sure does sound something you’d use in your food business. So, we say forgivable.


First of all, we can’t blame people who spell the program like this. They know that the HACCP program is complex enough to put two “S” on the acronym and the way some people call it is “HASSAP.” Maybe we were wrong all along? At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone spelled it as HASSIP.


Now, things are getting a bit weird. What would “U” mean? Understand? Under? Umbrella? We can’t think of any reason why would that letter be there.


Before we get into the last part, we just want to clarify that these terms literally passed by our screens at one point in our service at FoodDocs. That means that someone really said them. That being said, no one prepared us for the last two terms we saw. 


Just, no


If we could, we’d like to talk to the person who came up with this term because we’re not sure if they are looking for a food safety program or a doctor. We can help you with stuff about food safety, but to cure a hiccup, here’s a link to that.


FoodDocs Representative: I… we… Why? *Cries in 24 different languages while helping the customer out*


funny salad


There sure are a lot of terms that suddenly come up from this topic. Some are understandable, whereas some could literally make you question the meaning of life. If you’re not sure how to spell or let alone do a HACCP plan, FoodDocs is here for you. We offer a list of the most informative reading materials from our food blog. If you want to set up your digital HACCP plan in the fastest way possible (in just 1 hour!), we’re the team for you. Learn how to spell and the real meaning of HACCP with us and get HACCP compliant in just 1 hour.

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