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A food handlers test is an evaluation tool for food handlers to gauge their aptitude in handling food and food safety. ...

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  • A food handlers test is an evaluation tool for food handlers to gauge their aptitude in handling food and food safety.

  • Depending on the food safety policy of a state or country, food handlers are required to take a food handlers test every 5 years to renew their license.

  • The easiest way to get a food handlers test done is to regularly train them on the most essential food safety concepts.

Food safety is a very broad topic that requires hours, years even, of training and learning. Food service workers must learn the most efficient ways to maintain safety in the food handlers industry through proper food handling operations to prevent serving any hazardous food. There are currently thousands of food safety regulations that need to be learned by every food handler to keep the community safe from any foodborne illness. To help food handlers learn about these regulations, they must go through the necessary food safety training. An effective way to practice and gauge the knowledge of food handlers when it comes to food safety is through a food handlers test. This test helps food handlers learn or refresh their knowledge of food safety. The food handlers test answers and score report reflect the level of understanding of food handlers in terms of proper food safety practices. 

Consistent food safety training is an invaluable ingredient of comprehensive management for food safety. It is an essential step to teach food handlers how to control hazards and reduce the occurrence of foodborne illnesses in the community. As a food business entity owner, it is part of your task to provide the necessary training for your food handlers and teach them effective study practices. 

Learn how helpful a food handlers test can be in training food handlers for safety compliance in a commercial restaurant.


What is a Food handlers test?

A food handlers test is an evaluation tool for food handlers to gauge their aptitude in handling food and food safety. This type of test aims to determine how well a food handler understands the principles and categories of food safety when preparing, processing activities, packaging, and storing foods.

A food handlers test consists of food safety-related questions that help train food handlers to fulfil a food defense plan. It can be used as a preparatory tool for more intense food safety training in manufacturing practice or as a refresher course for food handlers. The test includes common questions included in food safety training examinations. 

The topics of a food handlers test may include questions on personal hygiene practices, handling of raw foods, storage conditions, cooking procedures, internal temperature control, the significance of allergens, hazard analysis, forms of contamination, sanitation of food contact surface, and other food protection questions. They may also include topics on food contamination, preventive controls for human food, and other factors that make food unsafe in any retail food establishment.

Successful completion and a good score on a food handlers test are indicative of a good understanding of food handling practices. Food safety training is an important component of all food safety plans.


food handlers test questions answers


Who needs to complete the Food handlers test?

Individuals working or those who intend to work in a food establishment may benefit from taking this food handlers test. Food handlers have direct and indirect contact with food for consumption, making them a potential source of contamination in the kitchen. This means that employees who prepare, cook, pack, and transport food must take this test administered by an accredited third-party certification program. It can become a food practice course for mandatory food safety examinations both in the United States and the United Kingdom. The great thing about this test is that food handlers will not be pressured to finish the exam as it offers sufficient time. In a food business entity, at least one qualified individual with knowledge as a food safety manager must be present for every shift.


How often do you need to complete the Food handlers test?

In general, a food handlers test is administered by an accredited food safety authority and issues a license to food handlers who passed. Depending on the food safety policy of a state or country, food handlers are required to take a food handlers test every 5 years to renew their license.

The renewal process aims to update the information on food safety for food handlers and maintain adequate food safety knowledge. Additionally, the process will refresh food-handling skills and help remind food workers of important food safety principles. 


What is the easiest way to get a food handlers test done for my employees?

As mentioned, a food handlers test is composed of basic and advanced questions about handling practices of raw and cooked foods and other food safety rules. The easiest way to get a food handlers test done is to regularly train them on the most essential food safety concepts.

These basic categories of food safety topics that an employee must learn as part of human food safety requirements include:

  • Inspection of food products and supply (e.g., raw material receiving)
  • Food preparation
  • Food laboratory protocols
  • Proper food storage (e.g., ambient temperature and cold food storage)
  • Food supply management
  • Cooking techniques (e.g., operating temperature and adequate temperature control)
  • Food additives and food preservation techniques
  • Food hygiene
  • Food transportation operations, control of the vehicle for food transportation, and sanitary transportation practices.
  • Food defense monitoring procedures
  • Allergen management
  • Alcohol laws and alcohol safety training
  • Pest management
  • Preventive controls for animal food and human food rule
  • Cleaning and food sanitation rules.


This list only includes some of the major topics in a food handlers test and core procedures for food defense. Before taking the exam, they must undergo a series of lectures regarding these topics. The test is an assessment for food handlers to determine if they are capable of protecting consumers through proper food handling procedures.

Food business owners or food service managers are required to train their food workers regarding these tasks before allowing them to participate in the production process. The constant acquisition of basic food safety knowledge through training will help food handlers finish an exam in no time. Appreciation and understanding of food safety topics would result in better food handlers test answers and make the process easier.


How can I help my team complete the Food handlers test?

Failing the food handlers test is not as uncommon as you might think. The certification exam consists of a very broad range of topics and can be overwhelming for new food handlers. Since the best way to help your team pass a food handlers test is to train them in food handling, we've come up with a solution at FoodDocs.

We have developed a food safety quiz, which can be used as a smart study tool or practice materials to train food handlers and gauge their basic knowledge of food safety. Our free tool consists of 50 practice questions and can be answered through multiple choices. The system shows the correct answer once the examinee chooses an answer for the sample questions.


FoodDocs food safety system-1


This food handlers test is a very useful tool that you can use with your team to refresh or train their basic food safety knowledge in the foodservice industry. You can take the test as many exam attempts as want to prepare food handlers. Try your best to achieve the minimum score required for the online assessment or even perfect it.

Our team regularly updates the questions to adapt to the new food safety laws and practices in the food industry as part of exam development. This routine makes the information always fresh and useful for all food handlers.


Need more information about food handlers test and getting a permit? Here are some frequently asked questions about the topic:

How many questions are on the food handlers test?

Depending on the administrator of the food handlers test, there may be around 40 to 90 multiple-choice questions. Our free tool food handlers test at FoodDocs is composed of 50 sample test questions from the different fields of food safety.

How do I get a food handlers test and a certificate?

A food handlers test and food handlers certificate of completion are administered by an accredited third-party certification body. The certification process requires a food handler to undergo a series of online training programs or online food safety course and finish food safety modules. The food handler must pass a primary exam after completion of the training program with a minimum passing score to gain a food handler certificate. A food handler certification program is part of the regulatory requirements in some states.

How do I get a food handlers card?

A food handler safety training card is an identification document awarded to food handlers who have achieved a passing score from the assessment exam. The food handler card is awarded by state food safety agencies and the health department that are considered accredited third-party certification programs. Some states require a renewal or another evaluation to award a food handler another card as part of food facility registration requirements. Demerits for food handlers can be issued in the absence of an official card.

How much is a food handlers test?

Accredited food safety agencies administer food handlers tests along with food safety training programs for as low as 10USD to 300USD for more advanced exams and modules.


What's the best way to train my team in food safety?

HACCP food handling training is one of the hardest parts of food safety and the food handlers test is one way how to educate your food workers. It is an invaluable program that every food handler must go through. In some states, an employee cannot work in food service businesses without proof of proficiency or passing food safety training.

Food safety training of food handlers is not a one-time process and will need to be refreshed and revisited at least once a year. It is a continuous task that every food service establishment owner must provide to their food service employees. To help you train your food safety team, our team at FoodDocs has come up with smart, digital solutions.

With our digital Food Safety Management System, your team can get a more focused food safety system and learn more about the specific tasks assigned to them. It is an exam with practice tests question. Our digital solution offers features such as:

  • Automatically generated digital monitoring forms equipped with an auto-fill feature. Using this feature, food employees can focus more on the task at hand and would only need to verify logged results. Our system's auto-fill feature does the repetitive task of logging data on the forms.


Food handlers test answers

Automatically generated digital monitoring forms at FoodDocs

  • Smart notification system. To always remind food handlers of the food safety tasks that need to be done, our system sends out intuitive alert messages to assigned employees. This feature can help them adapt to new food safety tasks and remind them of their importance.

In addition to these smart tools, our system also provides food business owners with the following features to help in managing the team:

  • Real-time dashboard. You can use this feature to save at least 20% of your time from supervising all food safety tasks. With this dashboard, you can get an overview of your progress and identify which areas need more attention.
  • Cloud storage. You can store all digital documents in one place to make organizing and accessing more convenient for your whole team.

In addition to being a smart and intuitive solution for your food safety team, it takes only 15 minutes to switch to our digital solution. All you need to do is to answer a few basic questions, and our system will automatically generate the digital documents for you! The questions will not be as hard as the food handlers test! They are only meant to describe your operations to our system.

Our automatically generated monitoring forms can even accommodate improvements and personalization to better fit your food establishments. With our digital solution,  food handlers can learn more efficiently while effectively maintaining food safety. 

Experience all of these features yourself by availing of our free, 14-day trial now



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