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FoodDocs was established by two female HACCP consultants in 2017. With more than 30 years of shared experience in the food industry, the two women were well aware of one of the biggest problems in the food industry: managing food safety management systems, including creating a HACCP plan. After seeing thousands of companies and food businesses in trouble with their compliance documents and questions like What is HACCP; What is the HACCP process; What is HACCP certification, etc, they decided to make food businesses' life easier. This is why FoodDocs HACCP software was created – to help business owners create their HACCP plan and manage their food safety management systems more easily. 
Thanks to a software development grant from government institutions, FoodDocs has included machine learning in their HACCP software. This ensures food safety compliance and includes the regulations for all countries including the US and the UK.
We are extremely happy to welcome you into the digitalized food safety world and being part of the food safety revolution.

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Eleri Lipping
Sales Representative
Europe, Africa & Asia

 I love what I do, and I love the supportive and loving team we got in here – FoodDocs.





Galina Muižnieks
Account Executive
Europe, Africa and Asia

An effective and comprehensible food safety management system is the key to delivering safe food to all of us. I’m excited to be part of the FoodDocs movement.



Eva Maria Hanson
Digital Food Safety Specialist

I aim to reverse the people's misconception of food safety as the most boring or scary topic in the business. I educate and inspire people on the topic of food safety.



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Easy app for monitoring to have an instant overview

  • Implement your Food Safety System in 15 minutes
  • Easy app for monitoring to have an instant overview
  • Ready-to-use HACCP Plan in 1 hour