Making all food safe to eat

FoodDocs was established in 2018 by two ladies, Karin and Katrin, who have been working in the food industries altogether for more than 30 years. They know that one of the biggest problems in the food handling sector is how to manage your food safety documents, including creating and managing your food safety plan. So they founded FoodDocs, a software program for food handlers that helps them to manage their food safety system.


Enterprise Estonia and TUT have helped us to develop our prototype, more than 6000 food handling companies use our dashboard. Our team has grown from a 2-women start-up to a twelve-membered professional team.

We have received financing from EU €500,000 and from investors €500,000. We are so proud that our clients and investors believe in our doings and we see every day that this is a field that needs to be digitalized and made transparent. Thank you!

Our Team
Katrin Liivat


All people have the right to eat safe food and food safety rules need to be more easy to follow.

Violetta Njunina


I assure that all English speaking customers get their answers as soon as I wake up.

Markko Karu

Design Lead

We are not building software but helping people to make all food safe to eat.

Vladislav Yaremenko


I'm responsible for the stable and proper run of the app.

Karin Repp


My heart starts to beat faster when I see a process that can be made shorter and more automated.

Galina Muižnieks

Head of customer support

Curiosity is my engine. Ideas are my fuel. People are my inspiration.

Keit Reitel

Product manager

Addicted to easy and logical solutions which save time and that’s what FoodDocs is all about!

Siim Plangi


I make sure that your smartphone and food get along

Uku-Rasmus Lind


I make sure that all bugs are fixed and FoodDocs is always up and working

Kirsti Dengo-Metsamaa

Head of Sales

I communicate with customers, listen to their concerns and find best solutions.

Sander Laasik


I am responsible for database and back end development.

Karel Paan


I take care that all our good UX/UI solutions get implemented and work as intended