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Easily comply with HACCP, GMP, SQF, FSMA, GFSI,  ISO 22000, and BRC standards. 

  • Food safety compliance software for GFSI.
  • Food safety compliance software for FDA's FSMA rules.
  • Food safety compliance software for GMP.
  • Food safety compliance software for FSSC 22000.

FoodDocs' food safety compliance software helps you comply with standards such as:


FSSC 22000

ISO 22000









USDA Organic

GFSI compliant pastry chef using food safety compliance software.


Become compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative and its related certifications using FoodDocs. Most GFSI-recognized schemes (e.g., FSSC 22000, SQF, BRCGS, IFS) require businesses to implement and maintain a complete Food Safety Management System.

FoodDocs’ smart food safety compliance software will enable you to easily and quickly create a complete food safety plan and gap assessment, as well as monitoring and traceability system for your entire production process – all accompanied by organized, easy-to-access documentation.

Key GFSI compliance features:
  • Educational instructions to train staff
  • Traceability and recall procedures
  • Internal auditing and corrective action plan
The GFSI food safety standards cover farming, packaging, storage and distribution.


FSSC 22000

FoodDocs makes it easy for food businesses to gain and maintain compliance with FSSC 22000, a Food Safety Management System certification that enables them to show how they’ve eliminated external and internal hazards related to food contamination.

There are many technical specifications and accompanying documentation required to become FSSC 22000-compliant. From food safety plan creation and food monitoring protocols to allergen management programs and corrective actions, FoodDocs helps you fulfill all of FSSC 22000 requirements.

Key FSSC 22000 compliance features:
  • Support ticket submission
  • Organize team members and assign roles and responsibilities
  • Educational instructions to train staff

The FSSC 22000 food safety standard is for organizations of any size or complexity in the food-feed supply chain, including manufacturers of all food and beverage types, ingredients/additive manufacturers, pet and animal feed manufacturers, and packaging manufacturers.


FSSC 22000 compliant beverage manufacturer using food safety compliance software.
Food Safety Standards Compliance ISO 22000

ISO 22000

The International Standards Organization 22000 certification proves that a food business has implemented a functional food safety management system according to its standards. These standards include requirements to ensure that your FSMS comprehensively covers the entire food supply chain (ISO 22000:2018), enables the traceability of ingredients and food products in that chain (ISO 22005:2007), and that you can effectively implement it (ISO 22004:2014).

FoodDoocs aligns with the objectives and benefits of ISO 22000. With the help of our smart food safety compliance software, establishing a monitoring program based on a comprehensive food safety system is simple. Powered by artificial intelligence, our system will automatically generate customizable monitoring tasks, complete with detailed instructions.

Key ISO 22000 compliance features:
  • Internal auditing and gap analysis tools
  • Pre-set and customizable monitoring and traceability tasks
  • Easy and organized file storage for SOPs, prerequisite programs, etc.
The ISO 22000 food safety standard is for all types of producers.



FoodDocs allows you to become compliant with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point standard, the most internationally recognized systematic approach to preventing the risk of foodborne illnesses. Once you answer some simple questions related to your food business, in one hour or less you’ll get a comprehensive HACCP plan that will put you on a path not just to compliance, but certification.

You’ll always have complete control to customize your HACCP plan according to your needs, specify Critical Control Point risk levels, as well as update your flow chart, SOPs, and prerequisite programs based on your business operations. FoodDocs also gives you the ability to create, adjust, and complete personalized food safety tasks with ease. With fully customized monitoring tasks, accompanied by educational instructions, you’ll be able to save 20% of your time on supervising with a real-time dashboard that gives you an instant overview (and the ability to do task verification).

Key HACCP compliance features:
  • Smart HACCP Plan builder that lets you meet legal requirements in less than one hour
  • Easily define Critical Control Points based on local regulations
  • Automatically set up monitoring tasks
The HACCP food safety standard applies to food processing plants, retail food stores, and food service operations.


Food Safety Standards Compliance HACCP
PCP compliant farming business using food safety compliance software.


Similar to the HACCP standard, FoodDocs makes compliance with a Preventive Control Plan (PCP) easy. PCPs are written documents that demonstrate food businesses identify and prevent as well as eliminate or reduce food hazards to an acceptable level. Once your business has the written document, you can digitize and store it in FoodDocs app along with other critical food safety files.

Businesses that make food for national trade or international export, store and handle imported edible meat products, or slaughter animals all have specific PCP requirements that FoodDocs’ food safety compliance software can help ensure you're meeting with food safety standards.

Key PCP compliance features:
  • Customizable tasks and logs for sanitation, pest control, equipment maintenance, receiving, and more
  • Step-by-step instructions for employee training and hygiene
  • Food traceability system with task history

PCPs are for businesses that hold a licence to manufacture, process, treat, preserve, grade, package or label food for interprovincial trade; grow or harvest fresh fruits or vegetables for interprovincial trade; hold a licence to import food.



FoodDocs helps businesses cover every aspect of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines to ensure food safety throughout the manufacturing process. This includes, but is not limited to, creating standard operating procedures, preventing food contamination, as well as establishing allergen, monitoring, and traceability programs.

Performing your daily GMP checks on our digital platform will save quality managers time, eliminate the risk of improper or missed food safety monitoring tasks, and allow businesses to maintain the five components of Good Manufacturing Practices (i.e., People, Processes, Premises, Products, and Procedures or Paperwork).

Key GMP compliance features:
  • Sanitation, hygiene, and pest control logs
  • Receiving and transportation logs
  • Task verification, record-keeping, and internal auditing
GMP regulations are mandated by manufacturers’ respective national governments to regulate the production, verification, and validation of manufactured products.


Food Safety Standards Compliance GMP
FSMA compliant food producer using food safety compliance software.


FoodDocs simplifies the process of becoming and remaining compliant with all seven of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules. It’s important to proactively prepare your food business for FSMA compliance by having a food safety plan, preventive and corrective controls, supply chain program, food recall plan, as well as monitoring and verification procedures in place.

This is especially true in light of FSMA 204 (Food Traceability Final Rule), which establishes further requirements for traceability record-keeping when manufacturing, processing, packing, or holding foods included on the Food Traceability List. FSMA 204 compliance will allow businesses to more rapidly identify and remove potentially contaminated food from the market, which means fewer foodborne illnesses and deaths. 

With FoodDocs, all of your monitoring programs, critical control components, an overview of your whole manufacturing status, and food safety data are all safely stored in one safe, easy-to-use food safety software.

Key FSMA compliance features:
  • Monitoring and verification
  • Corrective actions and preventive controls
  • Traceability system and recall plan
All food producers, including manufacturers, processors, packers, and distributors, must comply with general FSMA requirements unless otherwise exempted, with the exception of USDA regulated meat, poultry, and egg producers.



FoodDocs helps you stay compliant with another recognized Global Food Safety Initiative called the International Featured Standard (IFS). It’s a certification that enhances brand recognition, establishes or improves consumer safety and confidence, as well as the safety and quality of food products.

Our food safety compliance software satisfies IFS requirements and gives food businesses the ability to accommodate and complete checks related to, for example, Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.

Key IFS compliance features:
  • Real-time food safety monitoring dashboard
  • Customizable tasks with step-by-step instructions
  • File storage for training and audits

The IFS food safety standard applies to businesses engaged in manufacturing, processing, or handling food or food ingredients.


IFS compliant food business using food safety compliance software.
Food Safety Standards Compliance SQF


Because the Safe Quality Food (SQF) is GFSI-benchmarked certification program and built on a solid food safety system foundation, FoodDocs is a perfect food safety compliance software for businesses that want to satisfy all of its requirements, at any one of its levels.

FoodDocs helps you establish a comprehensive food safety plan, which is what the SQF program requires. With our food safety management system, you’ll be able to intuitively and efficiently document all food safety policies and tasks – from auto-generated monitoring logs and schedules to internal audit checklists that you can conduct to prepare for your SQF assessment.

Key SQF compliance features:
  • Easily organizable and accessible food safety records
  • Assign team members’ specific food safety tasks
  • Internal auditing based on global or national standards

The SQF food safety standard is for all sectors of the food supply chain – from the farm all the way to retail stores.



The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is the leading trade association in the UK that developed the BRC Global Standards (BRCGS). According to the GFSI, the BRCGS certification is one of the longest-running benchmarked standards and ensures that your business is holistically safe from food safety hazards and other key issues in the food industry.

FoodDocs makes it easy for businesses in the food safety, packaging, storage, distribution, and consumer product sectors to comply with and obtain your BRCGS certification. FoodDocs’ customizable monitoring system sets clear guidelines to stay compliant; its all-in-one traceability system simplifies ingredient management and product movement; our food safety audit tools help evaluate compliance on an ongoing basis.

Key BRC & BRCGS compliance features:
  • Customizable monitoring tasks and traceability logs
  • Smart recipe book with an automated allergen matrix
  • Internal auditing customized to BRC standards
The BRCGS food safety standard applies to businesses within the food manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution industries.


Food Safety Standards Compliance BRC and BRCGS
Food Safety Standards Compliance GAP


Farms and produce handling facilities can ensure and maintain Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) compliance with FoodDocs. GAP is a voluntary certification program which verifies that agricultural businesses are practicing sound food safety with the help of an independent third party auditor.

The first step in becoming GAP certified is developing a food safety plan, which is a major reason why our food safety compliance software is a great fit. When your farm or facility implements its food safety plan along with its digitally stored guidelines, policies and standard operating procedures, you schedule a GAP audit. With the built-in FoodDocs Audit feature, you can create one with GAP-specific questions and checks to ensure you’re set up for success when the inspector performs the certification audit.

Key GAP compliance features:
  • Sanitation, cleaning, hygiene, and pest control logs
  • Customizable monitoring tasks for equipment
  • Food traceability system with task history
The GAP food safety standard applies to the production processes or products of farms.


USDA Organic

The USDA Organic label is a critical indicator which shows that your business has processed food products in compliance with strict organic standards. FoodDocs can help food producers monitor and produce traceability information to make the process of obtaining their USDA Organic label certification more efficient.

Using our intuitive food safety compliance software, producers and other food businesses can automatically get monitoring tasks that can help record essential production information. You can further customize these monitoring tools according to your unique business operations.

Key USDA Organic compliance features:
  • Customizable monitoring tasks with instructions
  • SOPs and food safety file storage for compliant record-keeping
  • Internal auditing tools to verify compliance
Producers and handlers of organic crops, wild crops, livestock or processed food, feed and personal care products can apply for the USDA Organic label.


Food Safety Standards Compliance USDA Organic

Additional standards and certifications ensured with FoodDocs:

  • FSEP
  • Gluten-Free
  • EU Organic
  • Plant based / Vegan
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Sugar-Free & No Sugar Added

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Preview of setting up a monitoring task in FoodDocs' food safety compliance software.

Customizable food safety compliance software that fits your company’s specific monitoring processes

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  • Train your team and ensure compliance with educative instructions

  • Save 20% of your time on supervising with a real-time dashboard that gives you an instant overview


Frequently asked questions

Which business types can benefit the most from FoodDocs?

FoodDocs software is perfect for production and food service businesses, including those in the healthcare sector. More specifically, central kitchens, ready-to-eat-meals producers, butcheries, bakeries, fisheries, hospitals, care homes, restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, and catering companies can all benefit from FoodDocs. However, since our Food Safety Management System is fully customizable, it can be easily used by any business that produces, serves, or sells food. 

Is digital monitoring compliant and acceptable for food safety inspectors?

Yes, digital food safety monitoring is compliant with regulations and acceptable for inspectors.

In a December 2023 issue of the journal Food Control, competent authorities (CA) across 15 European Union countries reported that they've incorporated digital environments to some extent during their food safety inspections. In fact, "62.5% (55/88) used a digital environment during inspections, the majority to standardize data collection and reporting. CAs autotomize processes through digital technologies related to the management of official control and generation of inspection results, but to a lesser extent to automatize decision-making during inspections."

Furthermore, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service's Compliance Guidelines for Use of Video or Other Electronic Monitoring or Recording Equipment, it states: "If an establishment determines and designates a video or other electronic monitoring or recording equipment to record the required HACCP information, this information is to be included as part of its recordkeeping system description."

Can I verify my monitoring tasks with FoodDocs software?

Yes, FoodDocs has a verification feature for all monitoring tasks you have set up in the system. You can assign it to yourself or a supervising team member. This feature ensures that your staff completes their activities according to food safety requirements.

How can I try the FoodDocs software?

All food businesses can sign up for  our free 14-day trial to try the software. It’s important to try both the dashboard for the setup and overview and the app for daily monitoring.

To get a quick overview of how our smart features can benefit your business, you can also book a free 30-minute demo. You’ll see the software in action and will get all the answers to your questions.

Is the FoodDocs software secure?

FoodDocs uses industry-standard cryptographic authentication methods to keep all your account and company data secure.

How much does the Smart Food Traceability System cost?

You can see the different plans on our pricing page.

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