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Our software helps create a HACCP Plan to meet legal requirements

  • Get your HACCP Plan 500x faster without filling in loads of papers

  • Your Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points, Flow chart, and SOPs will be created automatically

  • Answer a few questions and watch as our AI compiles the essential HACCP documents for compliance


Have you ever felt puzzled about HACCP documents?


Our customers have shared the biggest problems they had before joining us:

  • I am afraid of food inspection.

  • I am busy doing everything else, so it's hard to find time for food safety.

  • I feel helpless with all the legal requirements to get HACCP certified.

  • HACCP plan and food safety seem to be complicated.

Why choose our HACCP software?

  • Become compliant by creating your HACCP Plan on your own, just answer the questions prepared about your business

  • You save time - FoodDocs HACCP builder is 500x faster than any other solution in the market.

  • You save money – You get your HACCP Plan 15x cheaper than it was possible before FoodDocs.

  • You can edit, store, and download your digital HACCP plan at any time.

  • Local and international businesses – We cover all the primary food safety standards.

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HACCP Plan software that helps grow your business

Save 120 hours

Get your HACCP Plan in 1 hour

You can sign up, create, and download your HACCP Plan in less than 1 hour.
Edit or download your digital Food Safety Plan at any time.

15x cheaper

Costs less than the average HACCP Plan price
AI-powered HACCP builder saves more money than any other solution in the market.
That's why FoodDocs is the first HACCP Plan software in the world.


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Our customers always rate us highly. The key values are saved time, money, and excellent service.

Find out why FoodDocs is perfect for you

Top business types:

  • Central Kitchen
  • Ready-to-eat Food Production
  • Frozen Foods Production
  • Pasta Production
  • Beverage Production
  • Dairy Processing
  • Bakery
  • Butchery
  • Fishery
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The most valuable tools:

  • Fast setup to create your All-in-One Food Safety Monitoring and Traceability System in minutes
  • Customizable monitoring tasks that meet even the most specific operations and standards
  • A smart appwith notifications that can help your team fill daily monitoring tasks
  • Educative instructions will train your team to fill tasks correctly
  • Verification of completed tasks to control staff activities
  • Digital audits to stay compliant with standards
  • A smart traceability app that saves your team time in completing traceability logs
  • A detailed search that saves time in finding ingredients' and products' data in case of recalls
  • A real-time dashboard that saves 20% of your time on supervision
  • Safecloud storage for food safety-related documents
  • A built-in HACCP Plan that is easy to set up, customize, and download
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Top business types:

  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Hotels & B&Bs
  • Schools & Childcare Centres
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Catering
  • Events Catering


food production fooddocs

The most valuable tools:

  • Fast setup to create your Smart Food Safety Monitoring and HACCP System in minutes
  • Customizable monitoring tasks that meet even the most specific operations and standards
  • A smart app with notifications that can help your team file daily monitoring tasks
  • Educative instructions will train your team to fill tasks correctly
  • Verification of completed tasks to control staff activities
  • Digital audits to stay compliant with standards
  • A real-time dashboard that saves 20% of your time on supervision
  • Smart recipe book with allergen management
  • Safecloud storage for food safety-related documents
  • A built-in HACCP Plan that is easy to set up, customize, and download


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Benefits you'll find with our HACCP software

FoodDocs app Haccp

Create your HACCP Plan in just 1 hour

  • Answer simple questions about your business profile and see how the software does all the work for you
  • HACCP Plan software creates your HACCP according to local regulations and similar companies' statistics
  • You don't need excessive knowledge about food safety or hiring somebody to become compliant

Customize your HACCP Plan according to your needs

  • HACCP Plan content is fully customizable according to your company's needs at any time
  • Add or remove food safety hazards, change risk levels, or even the wording according to your company's specifics
  • After getting feedback from your local authority, log in and make the needed changes right away
FoodDocs app Haccp
FoodDocs app Haccp

Critical Control Points (CCPs) will be defined automatically 

  • After selecting your company's processes, your CCPs will be defined according to a Hazard Analysis via Hazard Matrix Method
  • Customize the risk level according to your business when needed -  whether it's a CCP or not
  • For each CCP, the software provides Critical limits, Monitoring processes, Corrective actions list, and verification activities

Flow chart will be created automatically 

  • After selecting your company's processes, your flow chart will be created by the software
  • Customize your flow chart according to your business operations when needed
  • You can add as many flow charts as you need, whether product- or product-line-based
FoodDocs app Haccp
FoodDocs app Haccp

Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) will be created automatically

  • After setting up your company's account, 15+ of the most essential SOPs for your operations will be created by the software
  • Customize your SOPs according to your business when needed and download
  • SOPs save time in training your team in food safety

Prerequisite Programs (PRPs) will be created automatically

  • After setting up your company's account, the software will create 10+ of the most common PRPs
  • Customize your PRPs according to your business when needed
  • PRPs help your team in completing high-risk food safety tasks correctly
FoodDocs app Haccp
FoodDocs app Haccp

Create your layouts and floor plans with our easy tool

  • After setting up your address, the software creates a location plan automatically
  • Drag & drop method enables you to build all needed layouts and floor plans in minutes
  • Improve your layouts and floor plans as often as needed, and store them online

Cloud storage for official documents

  • Find historical data with a few clicks
  • Keep your compliance documents for food inspectors and customers in one place
  • Download and analyze data anytime you wish
FoodDocs app Haccp

Set up your HACCP Plan in 1 hour

Step 1
Set up your account

What is the first step in developing a haccp plan?
Sign up and answer simple questions about your food establishment.
The software automatically generates HACCP plan documents using local regulations and similar companies' statistics.

Step 2
Customize and confirm

Step 2 Haccp Plan
Your HACCP plan is fully customizable - edit it according to your business needs or the inspector's feedback.
Your Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points, and Flow chart will be ready in an hour.

Step 3
Download your HACCP plan

HACCP certification
Download your HACCP Plan and print it out any time you need.
Store your Food Safety Plan digitally for later improvements.

Food Safety Compliance Software for Quality Managers

Comply easily with standards and maintain healthy food safety practices.

  • Monitoring, traceability and recall procedures
  • Smart food safety app notifications
  • Instant overview and control by verification
  • Internal auditing and instructions
  • Easy file storage and Food Safety Plan creation

How can FoodDocs save your time in monitoring?

  • Never miss a task

  • Real-time overview

  • Easy setup


Get notifications about your daily food safety tasks

  • Receive intuitive notifications and reminders from the FoodDocs app
  • Monitor all your daily tasks with our Food Safety App
  • Get a real-time overview of all filled or unfilled monitoring checks for continuous monitoring

Save 20% of your time on supervision

  • Monitor your company's compliance remotely with a look
  • Get a detailed overview of completed tasks
  • Maintain consistency in food safety task completion


Your Food Safety Monitoring system is already set up

  • Customize pre-set tasks according to your needs
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Adjust the monitoring system and tasks any time you need

Frequently asked questions

Can I download and print the HACCP plan during the free trial? How about as a paying customer?

For the duration of your free trial, you can create and view your full HACCP plan. But you cannot download it.

When you become a paying customer with an annual plan (i.e., Basic, Standard or Professional), you can download a PDF version of your HACCP plan and print it at any time throughout the year. That way, you can improve your HACCP plan at any point and print it out again. The same applies to your monitoring records in CSV format.

Is the digital HACCP plan compliant with location's regulations? Can you guarantee that?

FoodDocs' food safety software is a tool that helps you to create your HACCP plan faster, using data from states’ regulations and data/feedback from companies similar to yours. Our food safety solution uses machine learning to learn from previous users’ data to become smarter and get more precise with every new user.

Today, we have more than 30,000 users from the foodservice and production sector, mostly from the US and UK, who use FoodDocs for creating and maintaining food safety compliance docs. That said, there are always differences from business to business because each one is unique in how it operates.

The reality is that authorities may also interpret regulations differently. That’s why our HACCP plan is fully customizable; after creating and confirming your HACCP plan, you can always improve upon it.

So what we can guarantee is that if your inspector or food safety consultant asks to add any additional requirement or makes a comment about any content in your HACCP plan, it's super easy and fast to change or add it into your plan.

What is the monitoring system for HACCP?

HACCP monitoring system refers to the food safety management system used in the food industry to prevent the loss of control of food safety.

The HACCP system revolves around three significant factors: food handling practices, monitoring procedures, and record-keeping activities.

Using our HACCP monitoring system you can get a complete and comprehensive digital HACCP plan with the following components:

  • Hazard analysis
  • Critical control points
  • Critical limits
  • Monitoring procedures
  • Corrective action plan
  • Verification procedures
  • Record-keeping

In addition to the major components of a HACCP system, our digital solution also covers the documents needed for prerequisite programs that include the following plans:

  • Waste management plan
  • Pest control audit
  • Laboratory tests
  • Allergen and consumer information
  • Cleaning and disinfection

Start your 14-day free trial now to try the software.

How do you create a HACCP system?

FoodDocs has made a HACCP system creation easy for food businesses. Our digital solution uses your answers to some of our basic questions to create a comprehensive HACCP Plan built specifically for your food business in less than an hour. 

A HACCP system involves a detailed description of how you do things, what you produce, who is involved, and how you control the safety of food products.

To fulfill these objectives, you need to follow these preliminary steps to make a HACCP system:
1. Create a HACCP team
2. Describe your product and its distribution channels
3. Define the product's use and target market
4. Create a flow chart of your entire food processing operation
5. Verify all preliminary documents and flow diagrams

The HACCP system itself is most widely known for having seven key principles that aim to identify and address all potential hazards in a food business or food processing plant

The seven principles of the HACCP system include the following:
1. Identify all hazards and conduct a hazard analysis
2. Establish critical control points (CCPs)
3. Establish critical limits
4. Create monitoring procedures.
5. Set up corrective actions
6. Implement verification procedures
7. Establish record-keeping methods

You can easily cover all those steps with the help of FoodDocs' HACCP software. 

Read more about how to create a HACCP system.

How do you verify a HACCP system?

HACCP system verification is performed to determine if your system is effective enough to control the hazards that you've identified in your establishment. You can verify your HACCP system through on-site visual inspections and by regularly reviewing your recorded food safety documents. 

One way a manager can verify that the HACCP system is working is to perform an internal audit.

To fulfill verification procedures, complete documentation of monitoring records and the HACCP plan is required. 

Does HACCP expire?

In short, yes.

A HACCP system is a continuously changing and improving system. As your food business grows and adapts to the trends and regulations in the food industry, so should your HACCP plan. As such, your HACCP system must be flexible enough to accommodate revisions and improvements after a thorough review.

The next question is, when should you review your HACCP system? A successful HACCP system requires regular updates (e.g., once every year) for the following reasons:

  • After a major food safety inspection or internal audit.
  • In case of food recall or occurrence of a food safety issue from your establishment.
  • If a new production process is introduced, the layout of production, or changes in product formulation.
  • Compliance with new food safety laws.

At least once a year, your HACCP team must schedule a HACCP internal audit and review. This frequency is enough to keep your system up to date and give you the ability to adapt on time to the most important trends in the food industry. 

Which food safety standards does FoodDocs software cover?

FoodDocs helps you comply with most of the common standards, such as FSMA, BRC, GMP, SQF, GFSI, HACCP, ISO 22000, GFSI, and more. See our standards compliance page to learn more. 

Which business types can benefit the most from FoodDocs?

FoodDocs software is perfect for production and food service businesses, including those in the healthcare sector. More specifically, central kitchens, ready-to-eat-meals producers, butcheries, bakeries, fisheries, hospitals, care homes, restaurants, cafes,hotels, schools, and catering companies can all benefit from FoodDocs. However, since our Food Safety Management System is fully customizable, it can be easily used by any business that produces, serves, or sells food. 

How can I try the FoodDocs software?

All food businesses can sign up for  our free 14-day trial to try the software. It’s important to try both the dashboard for the setup and overview and the app for daily monitoring.

To get a quick overview of how our smart features can benefit your business, you can also book a free 30-minute demo. You’ll see the software in action and will get all the answers to your questions.

What does the 14-day free trial include?

During the signup, you will need to answer a few questions about your business, which  will take less than a minute. After creating a profile, you get access to the HACCP Builder and  monitoring and traceability logs, which are set up according to your business type. You can customize everything according to your specifics.

During the next 14 days, you can test the full functionality of the software, including: 

  • HACCP plan creation (downloading the PDF is not available with the free trial)
  • Customizing tasks according to your needs and assigning them to team members
  • Smart app with notifications and educative instructions
  • Traceability system to manage and track your production
  • Conducting audits to meet higher food safety standards
  • Inviting your other team members to try the software

Is the FoodDocs software secure?

FoodDocs uses industry-standard cryptographic authentication methods to keep all your account and company data secure.

It creates daily backups of your data, which are stored for one week by default. Your company data is accessible to only users authorized by your main user. Your company's main user has an overview and control over all access rights granted to other users. 

FoodDocs also uses Amazon Web Services for all infrastructure purposes. Our servers are distributed between multiple Central European Availability Zones for improved performance and stability purposes.

Is digital monitoring compliant and acceptable for food safety inspectors?

Yes, digital food safety monitoring is compliant with regulations and acceptable for inspectors.

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service’s Compliance Guidelines for Use of Video or Other Electronic Monitoring or Recording Equipment, it states: “If an establishment determines and designates a video or other electronic monitoring or recording equipment to record the required HACCP information, this information is to be included as part of its recordkeeping system description.”

Furthermore, in a December 2023 issue of the journal Food Control, competent authorities (CA) across 15 European Union countries reported that they’ve incorporated digital environments to some extent during their food safety inspections. In fact, “62.5% (55/88) used a digital environment during inspections, the majority to standardize data collection and reporting. CAs autotomize processes through digital technologies related to the management of official control and generation of inspection results, but to a lesser extent to automatize decision-making during inspections.”

The Government of Canada's article about record keeping for your preventive control plan also confirms that, based on their definition of "record", digital food safety records are compliant and acceptable: "A record is a type of document that permanently captures information demonstrating that an action was taken. It can be in either hard copy (printed) or electronic (digital) format. The information can take various forms such as text, figures, graphics, data pictures and videos."

How much does the FoodDocs Food Safety Management System cost?

You can check the different plans we offer and compare their features on our pricing page.

Does FoodDocs offer consulting services?

FoodDocs is not a food safety consultancy. FoodDocs is a software company that provides the tools to quickly and easily create a HACCP Plan based on existing regulations, industry data, and questionnaire info that you provide upon account creation. Each region has its own specific set of regulations, depending on the profile of your business.

If you have any questions about the content of the HACCP Plan that FoodDocs generates for you, it's best to reach out to your local food safety inspector or food safety consulting company.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. To make is easier, you aren't required to sign any contracts. You automatically become a customer as soon as you successfully pay for a FoodDocs plan, as per our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Learn how to do it here.

Where is FoodDocs based?

FoodDocs has three head offices: in the US, UK, and Europe. The development team is in Europe. The US and UK sales & support teams are both on-site in NY and London, respectively.

Want to create a full HACCP Plan in 1 hour?

Try our HACCP Plan Builder to meet legal requirements. Your Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points, Flow chart, and other needed documents will be created automatically.


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