Food safety

TCS food meaning & tips

TCS foods are a group of products that require the factors of time and temperature to control the growth of microorganisms that are related to them.

Food safety

What is cross contact? How does it happen?

Cross contact can occur in many different ways. It can be direct contact with an allergenic food or an indirect contact through an uncleaned utensil.

Food safety

Why are food regulations important?

Food safety regulations also lay standards for the importation of foods to protect the economy and consumers of a nation.

Food safety

What is food contamination?

Food contamination can be categorized as biological, physical, and chemical, depending on its nature and origin. Its effects can become far-reaching.

The "correct" ways to call HACCP

Our team at FoodDocs has encountered many different “interpretations” of how the most famous food safety program is spelled (and pronounced).

Food safety

How to prevent foodborne illness?

In addition to serving quality foods, learning how to prevent foodborne illnesses from occurring is part of the responsibility of food handlers to...

Food safety

HACCP Compliance: What is it & how to achieve it?

HACCP compliance opens several doors to HACCP compliant companies for international trade associations. Learn more how to get HACCP compliant.