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In this modern day of technology, businesses that choose to leverage the use of technology get to experience faster progress. Food safety apps are quickly becoming the go-to solution for food businesses, whether food service establishments, food manufacturers, or retailers, wanting to streamline their food safety compliance.

One of the primary benefits of a food safety app for food businesses is the simplification and automation of food safety protocols, making it easier to address food safety concerns. These apps provide a centralized platform for managing and monitoring various aspects of food safety, such as inventory tracking, temperature monitoring, and sanitation schedules.

With FoodDocs Food Safety App, all smart food monitoring sheets can be filled efficiently and conveniently on any mobile device or tablet. Smart notifications can also be set to remind the team about upcoming tasks. 

In this article, we go through the benefits of the features and the process of switching to a food safety app. If you have already decided to take the FoodDocs app into use, navigate right to the implementation part.

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Food Safety App – one tool for all food safety tasks

Our revolutionary FoodDocs Food Safety App takes food safety compliance to the next level. This health and safety application was designed to make food business owners' lives easier when complying with food safety regulations

Let's start with the essential features of a great food safety app like FoodDocs set for food businesses:

  1. Easy monitoring to save time
  2. Customized features with instructions to make monitoring accurate
  3. A sustainable solution to help save the planet
  4. Intuitive design to help employees use the app with ease
  5. Quick overview to provide real-time information
  6. Smart features to save even more time
  7. Traceability to improve transparency 
  8. Cloud-based storage to save physical space and keep files organized
  9. Team management to help maintain compliance with food regulations


1. Easy monitoring to save time

One of the main advantages of using a food safety app is that it digitizes monitoring processes by eliminating manual paperwork. The whole operation gets done faster, saving more time for other urgent tasks.

It is important to ensure that all critical aspects of food safety and food hygiene are tracked and properly documented for consistent food quality and safety. For example, all cooking temperature logs and strict food sanitationcan be used and implemented to monitor food safety practices in the FoodDocs app. 

Our team of food safety professionals and technology experts understands how important it is for every food business to protect consumers from food safety risks and to make food safety simple.


2. Customized features with instructions to make monitoring accurate

Using our Food Safety App's flexible solutions, existing workflows can be seamlessly integrated into our essential food safety software solution.

Set up personalized checklists or create a detailed task that needs to be monitored. Below are more customizations that can be done by using the Food Safety App:

  • Adjust standards for food safety
  • Tailor food safety procedures for monitoring
  • Set up digital checklist features
  • Upload instructional videos
  • Incorporate brand-specific proper control measures

All food safety monitoring logs and checks are equipped with educative instructions on performing and monitoring the tasks. Learn how to calibrate a thermometer using approved methods, sanitize surfaces properly, and read thermometer measurements correctly with these instructions.

In addition to the instructions, all monitoring logs have automatic corrective action management alert suggestions to help address food issues.

FoodDocs HACCP app


3. A sustainable solution to help save the planet

By digitizing monitoring tasks, food safety apps remove the need for paper-based records. This aspect reduces the need for manual monitoring resources, such as papers and pens, and reduces waste generation.

Businesses can minimize environmental impact by embracing digital solutions for monitoring and record-keeping.


4. Intuitive design to help employees use the app with ease

The major concern of traditional food businesses in switching to a digital platform is being unable to keep up with technology, which is not an issue with the FoodDocs food safety app.

The intuitive design and user-friendly interface of our Food Safety App minimize the learning curve for all food employees and encourage full user adoption within the company. The app was designed to prioritize customer experience and ease of navigation.

A food business environment is busy enough as it is; therefore, we made sure that it won't be hard for food handlers to use our app.

The app's customizable user interface with no complex operations is part of our commitment to user experience. It also helps to make the onboarding process for active users easier, allowing businesses to integrate our Food Safety Program smoothly. 


5. Quick overview to provide real-time information

Food safety app help to consolidate all the critical information in real-time. A faster response can be executed with real-time information and save the team from dealing with bigger issues. The FoodDocs Food Safety App is built to reflect instant information with a comprehensive overview.

In case of a poor internet connection, offline access to the app is still possible, and the logged information will be uploaded with our automatic sync feature. Access records anytime. 


6. Smart features to save even more time

The most useful food safety apps like FoodDocs incorporate smart features, such as automated alerts and prefilling monitoring logs, that can help speed up monitoring. These intelligent solutions help identify potential risks or issues before they escalate, enabling businesses to address them proactively.

At FoodDocs, when we say smart solutions, we really mean it. Right after signing up and answering the basic questions provided, automatically generated monitoring logs, checklists for food safety, and food safety management tools can be accessed through the Food Safety App.

Digital solutions, such as prefilling functions, are featured to support food safety compliance further while solidifying the accuracy of gathered information. Our prefilling solution can help save time from manual recording of all data and minimize errors.

By integrating such smart digital solutions, a food safety app empowers businesses to optimize their food service operations, minimize administrative burdens, and focus more on proactive food safety measures.


Smart notifications sent through the FoodDocs Food Safety App 


7. Traceability to improve transparency

Our mobile application also acts as a Food Traceability App. Manage information about batches of food products, track food movement, and monitor shelf-life through our comprehensive Food Traceability solution. 

Access historical data about a batch of food products, including production batch, quantity, and employees in charge of production. 

In case of a food recall, use our Product Recall Log through the Food Safety App. Make food recalls more efficient and properly monitored using our Food Safety App.

Log critical information, including the following:

    • The affected stores
    • Item manufacturer
    • Amount of affected times
    • The reason for the recall
    • The corrective food safety-related actions taken

Share the guidance documents with food inspectors from the food recall app or the affected manufacturer for a seamless recall process.


8. Cloud-based storage to save physical space and keep files organized

Another great thing about food safety apps is that there is no need to acquire more space for logs, food safety certificates, and analysis report storage. Our Food Safety App offers a secure space and instant access to critical information in the food business. It helps create a transparent food safety system.

Whether it may be monthly, quarterly, or yearly audits, make any in-house auditing process easier through our Food Safety App. The user can utilize the pre-uploaded food safety inspection templates, upload an audit list, or create a food safety audit checklist from scratch from our desktop app and implement the inspection through the Food Safety App for a more efficient inspection process.

Easily integrate food safety department health and safety inspection routines to ensure that everything is up to code. Quickly present documents for food inspectors and prove that the business is always prepared for health inspections.

In addition, secure individual reports, such as water analysis tests, sanitizer concentrations, microbial analysis, and toxin screening, by uploading results through our food safety mobile app.


9. Team management to help maintain compliance with food regulations

Of course, the food safety app's main goal should be helping businesses achieve and maintain compliance with food safety requirements. Using our food safety app, food business regulation compliance becomes easily manageable.

With monitoring, documenting, and auditing solutions, food businesses can ensure compliance with set local, national, and international regulations.

Review the status of the team's license and permits, food safety inspection reports, audit reports, food analysis reports, food safety hazard analysis results, and product information through our Food Safety App.

Use the mobile app to note standard training courses taken by a food handler and synchronize renewal dates with our smart notification system.

Use this dedicated feature to ensure that the team's food safety knowledge is always up-to-date.


Comparison table: HACCP app vs Paper-based monitoring

While paper-based systems have long been the traditional monitoring method, HACCP-based apps offer a more efficient, accurate, and comprehensive approach to ensuring food safety.

Food safety apps help digitize and streamline the monitoring process while increasing security measures for critical business information.

We created a comparison table of the HACCP-based Food Safety Monitoring App and a paper-based monitoring system to show how many benefits switching to digital would provide. The table is created based on our own FoodDocs' cloud-based Food Safety Management System Food Safety App features and capabilities.

Parameters HACCP-based App Paper-based monitoring
Data accuracy
  • Ensures accurate data entry with prefill solutions.
  • Less human errors.
  • Prone to human errors.
  • Requires clear handwriting.
  • Data entry mistakes.
Compliance monitoring
  • Tracks and monitors compliance with food safety and personal food safety standards.
  • Maintains consistency in entire food operations and regulatory requirements.
  • Manual tracking makes consistent monitoring hard.
  • Requires different employees to fill, verify, and compile files.
Real-time notifications
  • Reminds employees to do tasks with additional features.
  • Relies on manual checking and human memory to remember.
Documentations of food safety
  • Has a digital storage cloud for food safety records.
  • Accessing information only requires a few clicks.
  • Accessible 24/7.
  • Requires manual effort to find food safety compliance docs and create a system to locate information.
  • Accessing information takes time.
  • Information is prone to tampering and theft.
  • Requires paper and pen.
Collaboration and onboarding
  • Can be used by anyone on the team.
  • Allows role-specific assignment.
  • Features clear steps for onboarding.
  • Can be shared with health departments and food safety auditors.
  • Requires physical documentation and manual training for use.
  • Has a high potential for miscommunication from messy paperwork.
  • Integrates with smart machines with IoT sensors for automatic monitoring.
  • Has no integrations.
  • Streamlines food safety processes.
  • Saves time in monitoring and verification of critical task completions.
  • Very time-consuming.
  • Requires manual data entry and filing.
  • Adaptable to the size of the food service company.
  • Scales with business growth, accommodating additional locations and users.
  • Limited adaptability of a paper-based system.
  • Expansion requires more workforce and harder to analyze points for improvements.
  • Ensures consistency across locations.
  • Facilitates incorporation of unique branding processes.
  • Prone to variations in different locations.
  • Requires manual implementation.
Cost efficiency
  • Saves time significantly and improves productivity.
  • Allows team members to improve on other aspects of the food business.
  • Very time-consuming and requires much attention from managers.
  • Generates consistent cost for printing and storage space for documents that must be retained.


How to implement the FoodDocs app? 

Using FoodDocs and switching to our digital platform is as easy as just a few clicks. Here is a quick guide on how to implement the FoodDocs app.

Step 1. Sign up

In the FoodDocs Home Page, click Sign Up. We offer a 14-day free trial. Insert your contact information and answer questions about your food safety operations. Our system will automatically generate key monitoring tools, such as powerful custom forms, relative to your answers.

Step 2. Download FoodDocs App for free

After signing up, download the FoodDocs App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free.

Step 3. Start monitoring

Use pre-set monitoring tasks or create monitoring checks based on your previous paper forms from the desktop application.

That's it! You are all set and ready to start filling the monitoring tasks for upgrading your food safety level. Begin orienting the team about new food safety standards and digital ways to monitor them. Thoroughly explain the significance of shifting to a digital platform and its benefits to your team.  

Start your digital monitoring journey with some of the most popular monitoring tasks our customers use after downloading the app: 

Fridge temperature log. Used to log the correct cold storage condition and temperature of freezers and refrigerators in the kitchen.
  • Sanitation and cleaning checklist. Used for cleaning tasks and proper food storage.
  • Receiving chilled goods log. Used to log food supplier information, condition of deliveries, and standard food temperature of supplied chilled goods.
  • Thermometer calibration log. Used to record temperature readings during the thermometer calibration process.
  • Temperature monitoring log. Used for monitoring the storage temperature of different dishes.

    safe refrigerator temperature

Temperature log of the FoodDocs Food Safety App


All automatically generated digital forms and hazard control checklist templates can be accessed through our food safety app features. All customizations are done through the desktop version and will automatically be featured in the mobile app.

Log information, verify data entries, upload images for verification, and create one-off daily tasks using our Food Safety App.

Maintain complete control of potential hazards and monitor standard operating procedures and process controls using these tools. 


Also, do not forget to allow the app to send reminders about upcoming food safety tasks by activating our smart notification system. Food chain operators in your business can receive alerts in the following instances:

    • When there is a food safety task that must be done on time
    • When a certification, license, or permit is about to expire
    • When a batch of a food item is about to expire
    • When data monitoring from integrated sensors is non-compliant


In addition, you can upload your own versions of photo or video instructions to help your team in the onboarding process. You can also activate the prefilling solution for your temperature monitoring logs through the desktop app.

FoodDocs' Food Safety App is a revolutionary tool that can help food businesses maintain commercial food safety compliance. With the app's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, every food establishment team becomes more empowered to maintain high food industry standards.

Make compliance enjoyable and choose our digital Food Safety Management System with a powerful Food Safety App today! Promote transparency, accountability, and performance efficiency in the team and experience our advanced features by using our digital technology solutions to bridge the gaps in food safety.

Start your digital food safety journey now by signing up and downloading the powerful app we introduced to you for free!


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