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Food traceability with 4 clicks. How is it possible?

Everyone who works in the food industry knows that food traceability is not only one of the most important, but also ...

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Everyone who works in the food industry knows that food traceability is not only one of the most important, but also one of the most challenging areas in food safety. Frequently, food safety duties and responsibilities are not correctly carried out due to the lack of time. This is why food recalls are getting more common. Consequently, it can be a very thorough and time-consuming process. In this article, we look into the food traceability.


Why food traceability is important?

Food traceability helps you to record, track and verify product’s history, but it also gives you the tools to perform food recalls. In other words, every company should have the ability to track the movement of food items, forward and backward (commonly referred to as “one-up, one-back” record-keeping). As a result, many foodborne illness outbreaks occur because the business’ owners don’t even realize how essential food traceability system is. 

What is contaminated food? For example, food that contains dangerous additives (allergens that are not marked on the packaging label or foreign object found in food). Contaminated food can make you very sick, and lead you to food poisoning.

Who should monitor food traceability? 

Traceability standards vary in different countries and food industry sectors. For example, in Estonia, food traceability applies to raw materials in food production companies because of the large volumes; while in food retail - it applies only to raw materials of animal origin. However, in the UK and Germany, food traceability standards are the same for all raw materials, regardless of the food industry sector.

food traceability

How can you manage food traceability with 4 clicks?

FoodDocs’ digital solution helps to track and trace and makes it easy to quickly identify where the problem occurred. Since our traceability solution is digital, the recall process is a matter of seconds.  

With FoodDocs’ app, you can track and trace with 4 clicks:

  1. Choose a product
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Select the shelf life period
  4. Save

FoodDocs app production traceability

Different department/employees can log the products at the same time.

Food traceability overview can be viewed through the main dashboard. All products and raw materials are stored in the same place that makes the recall process easier, less costly and reduces the time.

What other software can be integrated with FoodDocs?

Food traceability process is time-consuming, and electronic traceability can ultimately save time. Consequently, FoodDocs’ customers can integrate other software with our food traceability solution to reduce the time employees spent on searching the products in the system. For example, many retail stores use QR codes, barcodes or NFC codes - all of these can be integrated with FoodDocs’ food safety management system.

How much time and money can FoodDocs help to save?

FoodDocs digital solution can save considerable time and money for increasing employee productivity and reducing human errors. Our clients say that FoodDocs helped to reduce the time spent on managing food traceability by 30%. Moreover, some retail stores managed to save up to €2000 monthly.

We can’t wait for all food operators to join FoodDocs, so you can see how we solve complex issues and change the way you deal with food safety. Time costs money, FoodDocs helps to save both time and money!

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