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What is a kitchen safety poster for?

A kitchen safety poster can be about different things about any food safety practice inside a kitchen. The point is to inform everyone about the importance of a process as well as remind everyone about it every day by sharing safety messages. Different posters can help food hanlders address kitchen safety hazards effectively. A kitchen safety poster can be posted on a bulletin board around the preparation area for everyone to see.

These kitchen safety posters can be, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Food allergen poster
  • Proper holding temperatures for foods poster (cold holding or hot holding)
  • Proper kitchen cleaning
  • Adequate cooking temperatures for different types of meat
  • Foodborne illness risk factors poster
  • Danger of cross-contamination 
  • How to avoid contamination poster
  • Proper hand washing poster
  • Food allergies guide
  • Cold storing common foods poster

A kitchen safety poster can be a simple poster showing instructions on how to properly wash your hands or the correct temperature for cooking raw meat to keep customers safe. It serves as a reminder about the finer details of the step-by-step process of some operations such as hand washing should at least take 20 seconds of scrubbing to increase effectiveness and prevent the spread of illness. During this time, all sides corners of the hand and nails must be scrubbed. Additionally, kitchen safety posters can also remind food service operators about food safety practices on what to do when they are feeling sick. This type of poster can offer simple steps that can be taken such as immediately reporting to the supervisor, wearing a facemask, and even the dangers of working in a foodservice environment while not feeling well. Posters can be used to show how employee health and hygiene affect the production area.


Benefits of using a food safety poster

Food safety posters can become an integral part of your food safety management program. These visual aids help remind everyone of the proper food safety practices that are most applicable to your food business. A food safety management system must be applied every day to work properly and these posters can be a good tool to implement it every day.

Specifically, here are some benefits of using food safety posters:

  • Reminder. To ensure that your team performs according to specific food safety and food hygiene practices, a food safety poster can help remind everyone. Do your employees often forget to pull out the older stocks first before the newer ones? Add the First-In-First-Out poster to your list of food safety posters. Additionally, these food safety posters can become a reference for everyone should they forget any specific food safety reminder. Not sure what is the temperature danger zone range? Then use a food safety poster as a reminder in your foodservice establishment.
  • Save time. Food safety posters are meant to be placed in visible areas where everyone can review them anytime. This makes everything easier and faster than flipping through manuals just to get the safe cooking temperature for beef. In addition, the accessibility of food safety information can prevent issues from happening and save everyone time from dealing with them. The best example would be placing a proper handwashing poster at handwashing facilities.
  • Makes complicated information easier to understand. Food safety posters are made with brevity because limited information can be fit into a single poster. To achieve this, food safety posters are usually made using graphics and illustrations that can easily deliver the message to everyone. These illustrations can be in the form of signs or cartoons. The point of having a food safety poster is for everyone to understand it. If you are going to put too much wordy information on the poster, then it may be difficult to understand especially for the customers.
  • Promote and encourage food safety. As it is a reminder, a food safety poster promotes practicing food safety procedures in the workplace. Its visibility encourages everyone to do things hygienically. It also helps employees improve their food safety skills. Posters can become a part of food safety training materials. 
  • Basis of safety awareness. Some food safety information usually is forgotten or some of your new employees may not be well-acquainted with the correct food safety practices. As a solution to this, food safety posters can be put up in your restaurant area as a form of food safety education. Using these food safety posters, new employees and some customers can become more informed about how food safety works and some food hygiene topics. Additionally, these posters can also be digitally sent to all members of your food business as reminders. If you are a health inspector, these posters can become great reading materials for food businesses you have observed.

Any idea how to make or where to find great food safety posters for your food safety program? At FoodDocs, we prioritize the implementation of your food safety plan most efficiently and effectively possible. Our Food Safety Management System can provide you with the most important documents and processes to keep your food safety levels at peak shape. We feature loads of downloadable food safety posters that you can use as part of your food service operation. 

Food safety poster

How to make a food safety poster?

Aside from being informative, an effective food safety poster must also be concise and attractive. To catch the attention of your customers and staff, it must be noticeable. A food safety poster must combine all of these characteristics to become an effective tool. Here are some elements that every food safety poster must have to become effective.

  • Informative. One of the main objectives of a food safety poster is to inform everyone about correct food safety practices and how to maintain the highest standards of food hygiene. The posters can be considered as educational and training resources that must have complete information about the topic it wishes to portray. Most topics for food safety posters are important and may cause food safety issues if not followed. Some posters also help customers make informed choices.
  • Accurate. To become effective, your food safety poster must contain accurate and factual information. Minimum food safety standards according to food safety regulations and laws must be indicated and where personal standards are applied, a disclaimer must be included. Some food safety posters include QR codes or links as references to the information they contain for further reading. Inaccurate information such as for a cooking temperature poster would pose a great food safety risk. Improperly labeled standard internal temperature for cooking may render the processes ineffective or inefficient. This inaccuracy may lead to food safety illnesses.
  • Brief yet concise. A food safety poster is usually printed to a size of a regular office paper, although sometimes bigger. A designer cannot fit all information about a topic into the poster if they will use all the descriptive words of the topic. As such, keywords or summaries are used instead of whole paragraphs. Alternatively, food safety posters can be made with informative illustrations to make the information more understandable for everyone. Some people respond better to graphical representation than words.
  • Attractive. Some food safety posters can be placed outside the kitchen and within the service area. This means that some posters will be accessible by customers. These posters can become reading materials for consumers. To attract customers into reading the posters for awareness, they can be made with attractive designs and color combinations that invite readers without being too straining to the eyes. 
  • Up-to-date. The food industry's food safety standards are continuously being improved for the benefit of the whole food supply chain. As such, there may be some changes that need to be applied to your food safety posters now and then. Make sure that the information you have is up-to-date and correct. Your posters may also vary depending on the current food safety topics that are featured in food safety news updates from food safety agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration or the Food Standards Agency. An example of this is a poster made for Food Safety Month every September as declared by the World Health Organization.

Get the most useful and updated food safety posters from our services at FoodDocs. This feature is a part of our goal to promote food safety practices in all food businesses and customers. Our Food Safety Management System also offers other monitoring forms and food safety features such as a traceability system and mobile food safety tracker. 


Examples of food safety poster

Our list of food safety posters at FoodDocs is part of our Food Safety Management System feature created by food industry experts. This feature has built-in checklists and monitoring systems for all your daily food business tasks so you can observe all your tasks in real-time and never worry about non-compliance.

These food safety posters we offer are great tools for maintaining food safety control. They can become vital components of your food safety management. Despite this, there is a more efficient and effective way to remember all food safety tasks and train your whole team on how to address food safety issues. Our digital food safety management system offers several benefits to improve your approach to food safety.


Here are some of the downloadable food safety posters we have in line for everyone:

We strive to continuously provide high-quality food safety posters for all our valuable customers. As part of our commitment to making food safety accessible for food businesses, we also offer a wide range of monitoring form templates for every task you may have in your food business. Get free, customizable monitoring forms, checklist templates, and downloadable posters for tasks such as pest control, waste management, food temperature, traceability program, and many more! Check out all of these features and other important monitoring forms in our templates hub. To keep you updated at all times, we will send copies and notifications of our newest food safety posters to you as you provide us with your email address.

Food Safety Management System

Go digital with your food safety management plan

Our list of food safety posters at FoodDocs is part of our Food Safety Management System feature created by food industry experts. This feature has built-in checklists and monitoring systems for all your daily food business tasks so you can observe all your tasks in real-time and never worry about non-compliance.

These food safety posters we offer are great tools for maintaining food safety control. They can become vital components of your food safety management. Despite this, there is a more efficient and effective way to remember all food safety tasks and train your whole team on how to address food safety issues. Our digital food safety management system offers several benefits to improve your approach to food safety.

Here are some advantages when you go digital with FoodDocs:

  • Easy to use. Never be afraid to go digital with the help of FoodDocs. Switching to a digital approach with us would only take you 15 minutes. We can even provide you with customer support to walk you through the process. All monitoring tasks and other food safety concerns are automatically generated based on the information you provide us with and are ready to use after the signup process. It's that easy!
  • Help all of your team members remember all daily tasks. Using our FSMS application, you can get notified when a task is due and monitoring needs to be done. Never miss any monitoring task, audit deadline, routine inspection, or any important activities related to your food business using our FSMS mobile application. It can become your online partner to keeping food safe.
  • Save time. Our system automatically prefills all your monitoring tasks based on previously inserted data. All you have to do is review all logs and let us do all tracking processes every day.
  • Focus on managing. Our system can even make a progress report for you. Our real-time food safety dashboard generates all the information logged within the day and comes up with a report for you. Help everyone on your team get things done in time without the hassle and save at least 20% of the time you spend on supervising. 

The process of switching from your traditional FSMS to a digital platform would only take an average of 15 minutes with us at FoodDocs. All you have to do is to answer a few basic questions about your operations and our system will automatically generate a comprehensive program based on your services.

Going digital with the help of FoodDocs allows you to save more time from monitoring your activities, doing all the paperwork, and updating your food safety management system. Through our services, you can cut time from doing the routine food safety tasks from your food business and store and manage all information using our dashboard or mobile application. Additionally, our digital Food Safety Management System can help your business become more sustainable by switching to a digital platform instead of using paper-based monitoring.

Switch to our digital food safety services with a free, 14-day trial and get your food safety management system up and running at once!

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