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Food Safety and Sanitation Poster | Download Free Template

Food safety and sanitation poster

Food handlers are always expected to hold very high regard for food safety and proper handling practices. Food businesses continue to thrive in their niche when their dedication to food safety is comprehensive and effective. Foodservice customers can only be fully satisfied with the food they get when the quality is outstanding and their safety is preserved. These qualities build consumer confidence and increase the likelihood of a repeat purchase. To maintain customer satisfaction, food handlers must always consider food safety and sanitation. 

Although different food establishments may have their unique operations, there are basic food safety requirements that apply to all businesses in the food industry to prevent food contamination. As a food business manager, it is one of your duties to ensure that food handlers are well equipped with the necessary and adequate food safety knowledge and training to minimize the occurrences of foodborne illness. You can use effective tools to orient them with the proper food safety practices in your food business.

Find out which tool is most effective to use for training your employees about food safety and sanitation.


What are food safety and sanitation?

Food safety is any proper food handling practice observed and applied at any point of the production process from harvesting to the distribution of food items that aims to prevent and control food safety hazards. Sanitation is part of a food safety plan and refers to assuring that food contact surfaces are free from any foodborne pathogens such as harmful bacteria. Both operations protect customer safety from the potential harms of foodborne illnesses and the food service business itself from complaints. They aim to create a safe environment to keep food safe from common food hazards.

In addition to sanitation, food safety includes simple operations such as the following:

  • Thoroughly cooking foods to the correct internal temperature. Check using a clean food probe thermometer and follow directions for cooking.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all food contact surfaces as well as floors, walls, and other areas that can come in contact with food. As well as practicing food sanitation and personal hygiene.
  • Using separate food processing equipment and cooking tools (e.g. separate cutting boards and knives) to prepare raw and ready-to-eat foods. Keep ready-to-eat and raw food separate from each other.
  • Store any food item in a clean area with properly maintained temperatures.

These basic food safety practices are applicable to all kinds of food businesses. Other basic food safety practices include properly washing hands with soapy water, using only a clean towel for wiping surfaces, and not attending service when sick. Regardless of the size, nature of the food service operation, and target consumer, food safety practices must always be maintained. To ensure that any food safety regimen is always observed, proper orientation and regular monitoring must be implemented.


What is a food safety and sanitation poster?

Food safety and sanitation poster is an effective tool guide for reminding food handlers of the most significant food safety and sanitation practices. Each year, an estimated count of 600 million cases of foodborne diseases occur every year. A large portion of these cases occurs because of improper food handling. The number of these cases only proves how important it is for food handlers to always keep food safety and sanitation in mind.

This food safety and sanitation poster contain the most basic yet most important practices to keep your food business operations safe for public health. These practices help prevent contamination of foods at a minimal occurrence at any food service establishment. These contaminations can be physical, chemical, and biological in nature. When food safety hazards are effectively controlled, food businesses can save up from costs and gain more loyalty from consumers. 

In addition, the food safety and sanitation poster also features the importance of sanitation. Contrary to cleaning, sanitation procedures are much more stringent. Operations for this practice requires sanitizing solution and contact time to become effective. A food safety poster can be used as training material for orienting all food handlers.


Who needs a food safety and sanitation poster?

All food service establishments would benefit from a food safety and sanitation poster. Restaurants, cafes, food trucks, retail stores, or even food warehouses require proper food safety guidelines to maintain the safety of their food items. In addition, home cooks can also use this tool for family meal preparation to keep every family safe from food poisoning. It can be a great reminder for everyone to always practice good food handling practices. Restaurants and home setups are two of the most common sources of foodborne illnesses. This fact can be reduced or controlled given proper orientation and guidance.

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What are the benefits of a food safety and sanitation poster?

In keeping the safety of your foods, all food handlers must be aware of the consequences of potential food risks. In doing so, you also have to introduce how to control them and the significance of each food safety operation. A food safety and sanitation poster can also be used to refresh the information translated to food handlers. This poster can become an invaluable part of your team's food safety programs and offer the following benefits.

  • Reminder. Food safety and sanitation practices are not that very generic. There are food processing operations that can be very specific to target a food safety hazard. This fact tends to make the list of food safety practices very long. With all other tasks inside a food establishment, the risk of forgetting some of the food safety and even sanitation practices is very high. As such, a food safety and sanitation poster can serve as a useful reminder for all food handlers.
  • Food safety training material. Prior to opening food establishments, employees are required to undergo significant a training program. This program aims to orient and teaches food handlers on how to properly execute food safety operations, when to do them, and their significance. Food safety and sanitation poster can become an informative representation of what are these food safety practices. Additionally, having them around the kitchen environment can serve as a reference for everyday operation. 
  • Cost-saving. When food safety and sanitation practices are always observed, the foods you produce are most likely always safe for consumption. This can help your food business stay away from food safety issues such as complaints, foodborne illness cases, or even lawsuits which can be very bad for your brand image. 
  • Promote food safety. Using a food safety and sanitation poster, all food handlers, including home cooks, can be aware of food safety practices. Its mere presence as a reference can encourage food handlers to always observe the operations mentioned in it.

In addition to regular observance, these food safety and sanitation operations must be regularly monitored to maintain effectiveness. To do this, adopt a comprehensive food safety management system (FSMS) in your food business. Embrace the most recent innovation in the food industry by using our smart and digital Food Safety Management System at FoodDocs. With our digital FSMS, you can save time from repeatedly filling up monitoring forms and ensure that you will never forget any food safety task.


How to create a food safety sanitation poster?

To properly translate the intended information, a food safety and sanitation poster must be complete, accurate, and clear. The safety of your consumers and the status of your brand image can be significantly maintained or improved using this poster.

Here are some of the key elements in making a food safety and sanitation poster:

  • Complete. Your food safety and sanitation poster must have all of the essential food safety and sanitation tasks. Make sure to include the most important operations such as the 4 C's of food safety which includes cleaning, cooking food, chilling, and avoiding cross-contamination. Further and if possible, add more specific instructions in your poster to improve the clarity of which tasks need to be done.
  • Accurate. When stating information in your food safety and sanitation poster, always make sure that the parameters you put are accurate. For example, if you are going to put the recommended hot and cold holding temperatures, make sure to use a trustworthy reference. Additionally, a food safety and sanitation poster can also contain accurate concentrations of sanitizing solutions for food preparation surfaces.
  • Informative. The objective of a food safety and sanitation poster is to teach or remind food handlers of proper food safety practices. Your poster must at least have some of the basic principles of these practices to promote the regular practice. Additionally, your poster must contain proper steps on how to conduct these food safety practices.
  • Clear. When making a food safety and sanitation poster, you can add images to help facilitate recognition of the operations. Just make sure to use representative images that will not contribute to confusion.

Making a food safety and sanitation poster can be a bit more challenging than other posters. To make the task easier, download our free food safety and sanitation poster and use it for your food business. Download more food safety posters from FoodDocs. You can also find other useful food safety tools such as checklists, posters, and consumer advisory templates from our HACCP template hub.

Food Safety Management System

Monitoring food safety and sanitation with FoodDocs

Together with a strong food safety culture, regularly monitoring food safety tasks is a key ingredient in ensuring that your food safety management system is working. At times, with all of the food safety operations required to be done, some tasks tend to be left out or forgotten. At FoodDocs, we offer more than just food safety posters that can serve as reminders. We understand how hectic it can be in a food establishment. As such, we have developed a smart, digital Food Safety Management System to resolve these problems.

Our digital FSMS can make your monitoring system more efficient and effective. Switching to our digital platform does not even take that much time. In an average of 15 minutes, you can get a comprehensive digital FSMS built for your food safety operations! The whole process would only require you to answer a few questions based on your everyday operations. After finishing, our system will automatically generate your digital FSMS.

What will you get when with our digital FSMS? Here is a list:

  • Digital monitoring forms are built specifically for your most important operations. These digital forms can be set to autofill and our system will take care of filling your forms based on your recent data entries. All that is left to do for your employees is to verify the information.
  • Smart notification system using our mobile application that will alert food handlers of any of their assigned food safety tasks. Never forget a task as our system will remind you to do them on time.
  • Real-time food safety dashboard to give you a quick overlook of your food safety operations. You can identify which areas need improvement and may become a source of any issues.
  • Cloud-based storage to keep all digital documents neatly stored and organized.

With our digital FSMS solution, food managers will always be assured that proper food handling practices are observed and properly executed. Your business can reap the rewards of consumer confidence with your business with food safety at your side.

Take that 15-minute switch and move your FSMS to our digital platform. Let our team help you stay compliant and free from food safety hazards at all times. Find out more about our system and test our services and features using our free, 14-day trial.

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