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How to compose a pest control inspection checklist?

A pest control checklist is an important food safety checklist that assists you when completing a periodic pest control inspection. Your inspection plan and period are set in your Pest Management Plan. You can find all the needed HACCP plan examples from our free HACCP plan template hub.

For food businesses, weekly and monthly pest control inspections are common, but some companies with higher risk inspect even more frequently. These inspections should focus on areas where pests are most likely to appear – receiving docks, storage areas, wardrobes, break rooms, sites of recent ingredient spills, etc.

Use this pest control checklist during your pest control inspection to identify or look for signs of pest activity in the property and determine whether these areas need treatment.


Maximize use by the following points:

  1. Conduct visual pest control inspection around all rooms and areas on your premise
  2. Mark the date of the inspection.
  3. Mark if everything is correct or not.
  4. Take notes in the comment section of any issues found during the inspection. Also, add, what was the corrective action.
  5. Add your name and signature to the report.

Pest control checklist template


Save all your pest control inspection checklists with your other HACCP plan documents and all other food safety checklists. Your pest control documents have to be ready for the food safety audit at any time.


Not sure where to start with your food safety checklists? Don't have enough time? FoodDocs platform can direct you through the HACCP  process and get your pest management documents done in no time so you can focus on what you really need to – managing your business. 

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