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Internal temp of hot dog

Aside from the fact that serving warm hot dogs is more appealing, have you ever wondered why hot dogs are usually displayed in a food warmer while endlessly spinning on hot dog rollers? This is a common scenario for hot dog stands in a carnival, food trucks, and pop-up hot dog stores at baseball games. Hot dogs are very popular processed meat products that come with different accompaniments. It can be sandwiched between buns, wrapped in bacon slices, coated with batter, added with your favorite toppings for extra flavor, or just plain skewered hot dogs. Regardless of how they are served, the internal temp of hot dog must first be always followed for cooking as well as storing.

Hot dogs, like other processed meats, are linked to one of the notorious pathogens that cause foodborne illnesses which is Listeria monocytogenes. Despite the severity of the foodborne illness effects of this pathogen, its control and prevention are fairly simple. With proper cooking and hot holding practices, customers can be assured of a safe and enjoyable cooking experience. 

In this article, find out what is the minimum hot holding temperature for hot dogs to maintain food safety and protect your customers.


What is a hot holding temperature chart for a hot dog?

The hot holding temperature chart for a hot dog is a visual tool that shows what the minimum hot holding temperature requirement for hot dogs must be. It can serve as a guide for safe temperatures in food businesses that put hot dog products on display before serving them to customers. 

Hot dogs are processed meats and therefore are considered products under the time/ temperature control for safety food category or TCS food. This food category represents a number of highly perishable products or is very likely to go bad faster than more stable food items. As the category name suggests, the products must be processed and held at the right internal temp of hot dog or they can become a type of hazardous food for customers.

A hot holding temperature chart for a hot dog shows at what temperature must this product be hot held to slow down the growth of bacteria and prevent spoilage and food poisoning. Additionally, the chart shows the temperature danger zone or the optimal temperature range at which foods are most likely to spoil within a 2 to 4-hour time frame.


Who needs a hot holding temperature chart for a hot dog?

A hot holding temperature chart for a hot dog can be very useful for food businesses such as food trucks, gas stations, convenience stores that sell hot dogs, deli shops, or even stand-alone hot dog trucks. This chart can be used by establishments that sell products with hot dogs as the main ingredient. Products such as air fryer corn dogs or traditional corn dog bites stored in a food warmer are a part of this category.

Despite the simplicity of preparing hot dogs, the internal temp for hot dog in terms of any cooking method and hot holding is very critical for food safety and quality. This chart can be an essential guide for your food employees in ensuring that the hot dogs being served at your food establishment are safe foods.

what is the minimum hot holding temperature for hot dogs

What are the benefits of a hot holding temperature chart for a hot dog?

The hot holding temperature of hot dogs is a very critical aspect of selling this product. Hot dogs are products that are most often sold while being displayed in a food warmer rather than being ordered and cooked on the spot. This means that hot dogs spend more time on a warming cabinet rather than on a customer's paper plate. As such, a hot holding temperature chart can help any food service operator in achieving the safest conditions for hot holding hot dogs and avoid serving harmful foods. 

Below are some benefits and a range of applications for a hot holding temperature chart for hot dogs:

  • Guide for food safety. This chart reflects the ideal conditions for hot holding hot dogs as well as precise heating instructions and a step guide for perishable foods. At food safety temperatures of 135°F to 140°F, most foodborne pathogens will not be able to grow and spoil the foods. This hot holding minimum temperature chart can serve as a reminder and guide for any food service operator when monitoring the correct temperature of holding hot dogs and keeping the cooked food warm for an extended period.
  • Cost-saving. When food safety is maintained for products such as hot dogs, there are fewer chances of disposing of products due to spoilage. This ensures that your returns are maximized well. Additionally, serving safe food products ensures that foodborne illnesses are prevented from happening and therefore, customer complaints will be uncommon. This will also help prevent any damaging complaints against your reputation that will negatively affect customer confidence.
  • Food safety training. The internal cooking temperature of hot dog and its hot holding temperature are just some of the many food safety practices that a food handler must be aware of. A hot holding temperature chart for hot dogs can be used to train your employees when it comes to orienting them with proper food handling. It can also serve as a starter for discussing the importance of food safety as well as the consequences of non-compliance.

As mentioned, hot holding is just one of the many food safety practices that need to be upheld in a food establishment. At FoodDocs, we've taken the task of collecting the most important food safety documents that can serve as a guide and help food handlers familiarize themselves with food safety tasks. You can find templates for checklists, monitoring logs, advisories, and food safety posters from our HACCP plan template hub. The best part about these documents is that they are free!


Why should you monitor the hot holding time and temperature for a hot dog?

As the general rule of all food safety agencies, you must keep hot food hot and cold food cold. This operation is part of the many food safety guidelines for the proper handling of foods. Hot dogs or a classic sausage are mostly made out of ground meat, sometimes with texturized vegetable proteins, and a few spices. They are known for their simple flavor, texture, and versatility. Although they are mostly precooked foods, cooking hot dogs to perfection can be achieved through direct heat, frying, grilling, steaming, or other any cooking process. What is important in cooking them is to achieve the correct internal temperature and hold them in a hot environment for safety.

At room temperature, TCS foods such as hot dogs can only last for a maximum of 2 hours without the time and temperature control. Because these products are rich sources of nutrients, they are likely to be contaminated and spoiled by pathogens. With proper hot holding in hot dog roller grills and warmer or any FWE / food warming equipment, their shelf-life can be extended and the risk of causing foodborne illnesses is significantly reduced.

In ensuring food safety, consistency is key. The hot holding temperature must be consistently monitored with a food thermometer and a hot holding temperature monitoring log. Constant monitoring allows food handlers to assess whether the hot dogs are still safe for consumption and when they should apply corrective actions. This operation can help protect consumers with weak immune systems such as pregnant women, the elderly, and children who still want to enjoy hot dogs.

Food Safety Management System

How can you help your team to monitor hot holding?

Hot dogs are very versatile and famous food ingredients that can be served in a number of ways. For some, a hot dog is a family favorite and can be comfort food or something that they look forward to in events such as carnivals and fairs. As food handlers, it is part of your responsibility to ensure that every meal served in your food establishment is safe. For establishments serving multiple types of foods, you would be required to monitor every hot holding temperature as well as cooking time and temperature for every product. This task can take away all of your time and can be confusing at some point.

For food safety practices, consistency and accuracy are keys to compliance. Forgetting one task can increase food safety hazard risks which can even lead to a foodborne illness outbreak. To help food businesses fulfill food safety tasks related to hot holding and proper cooking of foods, on time and accurately, our team at FoodDocs has developed smart software for you. 

Using our system, you can use an automatically generated Cooking temperature logs for hot dogs. You can easily record accurate temperature readings at any time of the day in the palm of your hands. What's more, is that our system is equipped with an auto-fill feature that can help employees save time. Using previously logged information, our system will prefill the logs and would only need to be verified by the employee. These hot holding logs also feature a smart notification system that reminds food handlers of when to perform or verify the readings.

Similarly, our system also features hot holding monitoring logs! The importance of monitoring hot holding every 2 hours is paramount. Food handlers must be able to check the temperature frequently to be able to apply any necessary corrective actions. Using our system's smart notification feature, your team will never miss a temperature reading task. Use these intuitive features to set time for monitoring your hot holding temperatures and the maximum storage time for each product.

You may be thinking that you have a lot of products and there is no way that you can track every item all the time. Lucky for you, our system was built with features that can help with this problem. You can use QR codes assigned for every food product batch and our system will help you track their real-time status. With this feature, you can always stay on top of every food safety operation. 


How digital hot holding solution works?

Using our mobile application, you can easily keep food safe by tracking every perishable item under hot holding. Follow these easy steps to ensure food safety:

Step 1: Select a product or easily find it with the QR scanner;

Step 2Insert the hot holding temperature or use our automated temperature pre-filling solution. If the temperature is incorrect, the app will ask you to insert the corrective action

Step 3Track the hot holding duration with the expiration timer. FoodDocs app will automatically send a notification when the food should be removed from the hot hold.


You do not have to be a tech genius to use our digital Food Safety Management System. In just an average of 15 minutes, you can get a comprehensive and customizable FSMS that is built specifically based on your everyday operations. 

In addition to hot holding-related features, our system also automatically generates monitoring forms for any kind for food safety tasks you might need. These forms can be for recording the correct internal temperature such as for cooking hot dogs. Our digital FSMS monitoring forms are equipped with an auto-fill feature to save your employees' time. This feature improves the accuracy of recordkeeping for your cooking operations.

When food safety operations are performed on time, food handlers also get the chance to apply corrective actions swiftly. Our system even suggests appropriate corrective actions when you detect any non-compliance in your food safety operation which your employee can follow.

Although posters and charts are useful, when you use our digital FSMS, you won't be needing any print-out guides as our system will intuitively remind and help you carry out food safety tasks. Experience every feature we've highlighted and more by subscribing to our free, 14-day trial. Get a feel of our real-time food safety dashboard that can help you save 20% of your time from supervising your tasks now.

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