Use our HACCP plan examples to create a pest control plan, waste management plan, flow chart, traceability, and much more.
So, go and use them for yourself.

Pest management plan template

Pest management plan template

Pest control checklist template

Pest control checklist template

Cleaning schedule template

Cleaning schedule template

Cleaning checklist template

Cleaning checklist template

Waste management plan template

Waste management plan template

Flow chart template

Flow chart

Traceability template

Food traceability template


Food recall template


Cooking temperatures chart template

Cooking logtemplate

Cooking temperature log template


Consumer advisory


Product specification template

Plan of water and sewerage template

Plan of water and
sewerage template

Location plan template

Location plan

Floor plan template

Floor plan


HACCP plan template

When opening a food business, composing a HACCP plan can be one of the most difficult tasks you’ll have. Some people even quit with their business idea after understanding what needs to be done. That’s why we have started to create food safety plan templates – documents that are important and most wanted parts of your HACCP plan. We are adding new templates weekly, so feel free to use them! Just change the wording by clicking on the words and print them out.


Why there is no complete HACCP plan example for food businesses?

As we know, the HACCP plan is a detailed description of your company that helps food business operators to identify the points which are critical to food safety and how to take the necessary steps to ensure that these points are adequately controlled. As food businesses are different, it’s really hard to find a completely similar food entity and create a food safety plan template. They are different because of the production processes they have, the raw materials they order and use, the food they produce, the production volumes they have, the customers they serve, and much more.


All of these mentioned conditions affect the content of your HACCP plan and create different risks you need to think through to prevent food safety risks. To ensure that food safety is ensured, use our HACCP plan samples to create the necessary food safety checklists, plans, and schedules.


For example:

a) If you’re serving your dishes in a buffet, you need to ensure that hot food is not sitting out for more than 2 hours.

b) If you’re serving your dishes a la carte, this risk doesn’t apply to you.


a) If you’re cooking food, you need to measure the cooking core temperature. Cooking food at the right temperature and for the correct time period will ensure that any harmful bacteria are killed. Feel free to use our cooking temperature chart and cooking log templates.

b) If you’re dealing with products only at room temperature, this requirement doesn’t apply to you.


a) If you’re ordering frozen and chilled food products, you need to check the products on delivery whether they’re at the right temperature or not. Keeping a cold chain is a must and a well-known requirement.

b) If you’re ordering food only at room temperature, this requirement doesn’t apply to you.


There are hundreds and thousands of conditions like these to keep in mind when composing your HACCP plan.


HACCP plan templates are easy to modify

As you understand, it’s impossible to create one right and compliant HACCP plan example that suits everyone. That’s why we created HACCP plan examples that are easy to modify, download and print. Just click on the words you want to change, make any necessary modifications, and download your completed HACCP plan.


Are all those HACCP plan samples mandatory in my HACCP plan?

Some of the HACCP plan samples are needed for all food businesses. Here are some examples of always necessary templates:

  • Pest management plan template
  • Cleaning schedule template
  • Waste management plan
  • Flow chart template


Other HACCP plan samples are needed only in case of concrete conditions, such as:

  • A cooking temperature chart and cooking log are needed only when you deal with the cooking process.
  • Consumer advisory is only needed when you serve undercooked food, etc.

Feel free to read in more detail about each HACCP plan template by clicking on the icons.


What are the mandatory parts of the HACCP plan?

1. Prerequisite program. Analyze all of the following topics, what food safety risks do you see there, how can you avoid them, how do you check it, and what will you do when the hazard happens:

  • Food handling environment
  • Maintenance of environment and devices
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Waste management
  • Pest control
  • Food contamination
  • Laboratory analyses, water control
  • Allergens and informing the consumer
  • Personnel hygiene, medical condition, and training
  • Selection of suppliers and raw materials
  • Temperature and shelf-life control
  • Customers' complaints and recalling unsafe food

2. Assemble the HACCP team

3. Describe the food and its distribution

4. Describe the intended use and consumers of the food

5. Develop a flow diagram that describes all the processes you have in your company.

6. 7 principles of HACCP. Conduct a hazard analysis.

  • Determine critical control points (CCP)
  • Establish critical limits.
  • Establish monitoring procedures
  • Establish corrective actions
  • Establish verification procedures
  • Establish documentation and record-keeping.


What is the easiest way to create a HACCP plan?

Governmental institutions have created different instructions to help food businesses create their HACCP plan. Some even have some HACCP plan samples on their homepages, but both are usually long and complicated.  That’s the reason digital food safety and HACCP plan builders and are becoming more and more popular. Softwares are capable of keeping in mind all of the hundreds and thousands of conditions that legislation requires.


How is it possible? HACCP builder works with the help of machine learning. By answering 8 simple questions, the AI compiles the food safety documents you need to submit to your local authority. So it’s like an interview with straightforward questions like What is your business type? What raw materials are used? What kind of food do you sell? How big is the volume, etc? After a maximum of 1-hour interview, your HACCP plan is ready. Without using any HACCP plan example or food safety consultant.


Not sure where to start with your HACCP plan documents? Don't have enough time? FoodDocs platform can direct you through the HACCP process and get your HACCP plan documents done in no time so you can focus on what you really need to – managing your business. 

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