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Having a comprehensive plan on how to keep food safety always in check is a big yet very essential task in the food industry. Practices that help control food safety threats protect your food business from lawsuits and the consumers from any type of foodborne illnesses. These food safety procedures can range from simple handwashing to your actual food preparation of cooking at the right food temperature. They are used to control food hazards and protect public health. All operations would need an appropriate approach to food safety that must be remembered by your whole team. A great way to help them would be to provide them with a food safety checklist.

Learn what goes in a food safety checklist and what is the fastest way to build or get one in this article.


What is a food safety checklist?

A food safety checklist is a tool that you can use to list down all important food safety activities and safety protocols related to your food production process. These practices must aim to prevent food safety issues and other forms of foodborne illness risk factors. This form can be used to remind and facilitate your employees of what needs to be done in a day and monitor any identified critical control point. Some checklists can even be used to ensure that critical limits are within safe levels. In addition to being a part of your HACCP resource materials, a food safety checklist can ensure compliance with practices concerning kitchen staff healthy personal hygiene.

Some tasks which can be included in a food safety checklist are as follows:

  • Washing hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds before and after operations
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Processing food to minimum cooking temperatures to maintain the safety of food products
  • Storage of perishable foods such as raw meat, unpasteurized milk products, poultry, raw seafood, and fruits in cold storage or safe temperatures
  • Sanitizing countertops and kitchen table before processing
  • Food storage checks
  • Food temperature logs
  • Proper waste disposal
  • Report all employee illnesses present and overall health of employees

Who needs a food safety checklist?

A food safety checklist is for all food handlers who work in the food industry. Food safety practices in this type of list can be for different areas of the food business. They can be for the receiving, processing in the kitchen, cleaning, or service sections. A daily food safety & hygiene checklist can be used by any establishment with food safety commitments to prevent food cross-contamination or health diseases to avoid loss of process control and legal issues. These checklists can be used for maintenance of kitchen safety and sanitation and other measures to food safety to provide a high level of assurance.


What are the benefits of a food safety checklist?

A food safety checklist can offer several advantages in keeping control of food safety hazards in the work environment. As an example, daily kitchen food safety regulations can be kept by listing down all tasks needed to be repeatedly done every day. It's not enough to rely on memory. Anyone tends to forget some tasks now and then which increases food safety risks.

Here is a list of other advantages that you can get from using food safety checklists:

  • Helps everyone summarize repetitive preventive measures.
  • Helps prevent food losses.
  • Can be used for a detailed analysis or comprehensive report of daily tasks.
  • Reminds person in charge of important food safety tasks.
  • Ensures that all food safety concerns are controlled and addressed when needed.
  • Effective cleaning process.
  • Checklists can be used for inspections for food safety.
  • Helps prevent the occurrence of food safety violations.
  • Improve productivity in terms of food safety tasks by performing them with fewer mistakes and lesser need for corrective action.
  • Acts as part of a training module for food safety education to produce empowered staff and evidence of food safety commitment.

Free food safety checklists at FoodDocs

To help you monitor all food safety practices in your operations and area, we put up this list of stock templates for your food safety checklist needs. These templates are free, downloadable tools for you that you can use to remind your staff and emphasize the importance of keeping food safety in mind all the time.

Here is a list of our latest food safety checklists:

Opening and closing checklist template

Preoperational food safety checklist tasks such as briefing staff for a day's agenda, sanitizing work stations, and inspecting all areas for stocks ready your employees for your operations. Similarly, tasks such as inventory checking to check food supply and emptying all waste bins to prevent food build-up can become your verification procedures before closing. Use our opening and closing checklist template to keep all these tasks in check.

Cleaning Checklist template

Cleaning procedures for all food contact areas and service locations are routine tasks to control food hazards. These tasks must be performed daily without missing anything. Use our cleaning checklist template to remember all important food safety tasks and the frequency of their execution.

Restaurant opening checklist template

Keep basic tasks for opening a restaurant every day done in an organized fashion by using our restaurant opening checklist template. Remind employees which tasks need to be done first before starting your day-to-day operations. 

Pest control checklist template

Help your food establishment team achieve an effective pest control system by reminding them when are the tasks due, how to perform them, and how to evaluate their efficiency using our pest control checklist template.


These templates are customizable to fit your operation's needs. No need to make your template and figure out which are the basic ones that need to be listed down because we already did that for you. Can't find the specific tasks you need for your food production process? Our templates can be easily customized with just a few clicks on the different form fields. We strive to add more electronic food safety checklists to our roster for your more convenient operations.


How to help my team keep all food safety rules in mind?

A good food safety compliance checklist has all of the most important tasks in your food business. It must be comprehensive and must encompass all aspects of food safety. These ideas were what we had in mind when we created a roster of food safety checklists for food businesses. As part of our Food Safety Management System features at FoodDocs, we offer free, customizable food safety checklists for some of the most important tasks in the food industry as a great alternative to your usual cumbersome paper lists. 

Here are a few benefits of going digital for your FSMS with FoodDocs and using our food safety checklists:

  • Switching to a digital solution would only take 15 minutes tops without the overly technical stuff! FoodDocs offers the only digital solution in the world that automatically suggests the necessary monitoring forms, checklists, and procedures, based on your answers to questions about your business.

  • Help your team remember all daily food safety checks with a digital solution. Our FSMS food safety app notifies you of any food safety task or monitoring procedures that need to be done on time.

  • Save time for all your staff by making them fill up and check on monitoring forms and checklists. Our FSMS features an automated registration of information to your forms and checklists according to previously inserted data. All that is left to do is to verify the results and we can even generate a report for you.

  • Our real-time dashboard allows you to monitor all of your food safety tasks and compliance with standards. With this, you can save up to 20% of the time you spend on supervising.


Our Food Safety Management System at FoodDocs makes food safety practices and tasks easy to do and in the most efficient way possible. We also feature other free, downloadable food safety monitoring system forms that you can use for various food safety tasks in our HACCP plan templates & checklists hub. We strive to add more templates as we move forward. Once you sign-up and provide us with your email address, we will notify you with every release of any new monitoring template.

Get your own food safety management system up and running with free mobile-ready HACCP templates and checklists with our help in no time with our free 14-day trial and continue being food safety compliant by signing up with us.

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