HACCP plan – what it is and how to compile it?

Updated: Nov 10

Whether it is a cafe, restaurant, hotel, shop, supermarket or You make food at home – everybody who is selling food, has to ensure food safety. In other words, every food handler must have a HACCP plan. What is it exactly?

Whether it is a cafe, restaurant, hotel, supermarket or You make food at home – everybody who is selling food, has to ensure food safety. In other words, every food handler must have a HACCP plan. What is it exactly?

The HACCP plan is a comprehensive and important document. The plan must be compatible with business peculiarities and depending on the range of activity, its volume may vary. The document must describe in detail all the activities, processes, and the associated dangers and how to deal with them.

The existence of the HACCP plan and its compliance with the actual situation is controlled by governmental inspectors at least once a year in every business. What should the HACCP plan include?

The parts of the HACCP plan

HACCP plan consists of several parts. First of all, it has an overview of the business location and rooms where food handling takes place. It is important so that the rooms and equipment ensure a safe path for employees, food, and waste. No one wishes for pathogenic bacteria to spread from raw food to other food and surfaces.

In the next part, you have to bring out all the steps related to food handling. It includes acquiring, preserving, and cooking raw material until delivery to the consumer. The description is necessary equally to the person selling vegetables from their garden and to the big retail chain. Technological schemes and production process descriptions have their own place that helps thoroughly analyze potential threats and actions to address them.

For example, what cautions are taken to avoid employees hair and jewelry getting into food? What cautions are taken to prevent food from deteriorating due to incorrect temperature or broken packaging? What happens to the food when refrigerators stop working or there is a power outage?

All food handlers must regularly carry out pest control, audits, laboratory analyses, training, and renew personnel's health certificates. It is also a must to write down (observe) temperatures of all the refrigerators and the preparation times of ready-to-eat foods, in other words, fill out the monitoring sheets. It is all a part of a food safety plan.

Thus, it is a constantly changing management tool that helps to ensure food safety and quality. The food safety plan also helps cut costs by avoiding defective products and threats.

How to compile a good HACCP plan?

Compiling a comprehensive HACCP plan takes a month on average. It demands knowledge of all food safety requirements and adherence to deadlines. Big companies tend to compile a team of experts for creating plans while in small enterprises it is a one-person job. Should the employees lack prior experience, the assistance of external experts is often used, costing hundreds of euros. The practice has proved that managing a HACCP plan, over a hundred pages long, can be complicated and inconvenient for the company daily. It is hard to know and remember everything and not every business has the time to go through all the papers constantly. It means that there is a constant threat to food safety and also the officials cannot approve such a plan, should there be any missing components or information.

Compile a HACCP plan within two hours

FoodDocs was created so entrepreneurs would not have to keep up with all the documents and deadlines related to food safety while going through the papers. FoodDocs is a digital food safety platform that allows you to compile a HACCP plan within two hours instead of month-long paper management. The program creates a HACCP plan according to the business activities and current requirements based on 8 questions.

FoodDocs thinks for the person and reminds several obligations and deadlines that might otherwise be forgotten. For example, FoodDocs informs enterprises to monitor food core temperature, take food analyses, make pest control, do the audits and hygiene training, and renew personnel’s health certificate, all that in real-time.

With FoodDocs you can be sure all the food safety documents according to law and necessary requirements are fulfilled.