Starting with the food business? FoodDocs is what you need!

Updated: Oct 1

  • You do not need to hire a food safety specialist to open a food business.

  • Save your time!

  • Spend less time training your employees!

  • This is the mark of quality for your brand.

Why is food safety important?

For any food operator, whether a cafe, restaurant, pub, canteen, or a shop, it is necessary to evaluate what are the food safety risks and how to ensure that food is safe for the consumers on a daily basis. Appropriate food safety standards give your customers a sense of security, which is very important, especially during these times of crisis.

Paper-based HACCP systems are outdated and don’t bring any value to the company’s operations.  

How many companies do you know that still use paper-based systems to monitor their accounts? Digital food safety solution has the same purpose as accounting software - to help the company to create, monitor, and manage its daily tasks. Food safety documentation is a time-consuming process and there are many jobs that tend to be forgotten to be completed on a daily basis. Paper-based systems are in the past as they can’t guarantee a high level of food safety.

How to create a HACCP plan?

The easiest way is to create your HACCP plan in FoodDocs, without any external help and within less than 2 hours. For that, just sign up to, answer to 8 simple questions, and your HACCP template is ready. Customize it if you wish and start your food business according to that.

Why digital food safety and why FoodDocs?

  • You do not need to hire a food safety specialist to open a food business. FoodDocs can help you to create a HACCP plan sample within 2 hours that meet your requirements. Our software operates on artificial intelligence filters that help to recognize what is important to ensure food safety.

  • Save your time! How long does it take you to get a food safety status report of your business? FoodDocs digital solution helps you to save time and money, and you can always have a real-time overview of your business. 

  • Spend less time training your employees! Using FoodDocs helps your employees to understand what are the requirements and why do they need to be followed. Our app and desktop dashboard are available in 7 different languages.

  • This is the solution for the entire food safety system. FoodDocs’ digital platform covers all essential tasks including HACCP plan, monitoring checks, audits, and can be integrated with various other solutions. 

  • This is the mark of quality for your brand. Your customers trust you and know that your food is safe to eat. FoodDocs helps to increase brand confidence among your customers. It has been proved that FoodDocs’ quality mark on your menu and take away bags helps to increase your sales by up to 15%.