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Working in the restaurant business for almost two decades, Kristjan Kelder is working as a head chef in Tallink hotel ...

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Working in the restaurant business for almost two decades, Kristjan Kelder is working as a head chef in Tallink hotel restaurant Sume since the end of last year. Under the leadership of Kristjan, many restaurants have chosen the digital HACCP solution FoodDocs. Kristjan doesn’t even want to think about keeping track of food safety on paper like he used to do.


According to Kristjan, everyone knows that the work of the head chef is not only working out new recipes. They also need to deal with printing out papers and then, follow up on procedures that need to be updated or filled daily. That is annoying and time-consuming but You cannot operate without it. Kristjan considers bringing food safety as close as possible to his team is the biggest challenge in his job.

He often finds himself thinking of ways to make food safety understandable for his employees and how to make all the parties be on the same page and follow it regularly. He figured it out. As he took off the lead of Tallink City Hotels Sume kitchen, he adopted the digital HACCP system. Kristjan recalls that implementing FoodDocs only took him for few days, if that: creating plans for the building, kitchen, restaurant, and warehouse, uploading different documents like pest control plan, cleaning plan, maintenance, and waste contracts to the system were all included in that time.

How did FoodDocs food management system help him?

From that point, everything went on smoothly. Now he gets an e-mail, at the beginning of every week, reminding him what needs to be done. It can be either employee's outdated food hygiene certificate or any other important procedure that can not go unnoticed or be forgotten thanks to FoodDocs. It has become habitual that personnel is walking around with tablets filling up the monitoring sheets and monitoring the reception of goods. “With FoodDocs, we have a great opportunity to send a HACCP plan to every employee to read up on and follow straight from the system. Senior chefs and warehouse managers also know how to use the system and fill the procedures in it daily or weekly,” Kristjan describes the new approach.
He emphasizes that the digital system is particularly effective for real-time monitoring, storing, and subsequent analysis. He is convinced that in food safety, everything starts with how and under what conditions the goods arrive in the restaurant. “For example, a situation where commercial vehicle arrives with goods. The warehouse manager measures the temperature of the goods, for the determination of quality, and the temperature goes straight to the FoodDocs’ system,” says Kristjan. “If the goods or the temperature does not meet the requirements, then we will not accept the goods and send them back and inform the supplier. I believe that most of our clients do not know a thing about these important procedures. There are countries where people bring goods from their home to the restaurant kitchen where food is prepared out of it right away. Food safety is not followed at all. But we can store everything, monitor in real-time, and analyze what kind of problems we have had with suppliers.”

Tallink and food safety

By now, almost every Tallink hotel uses FoodDocs. Kristjan has helped to implement FoodDocs in Tallink’s new restaurant Flavore, that opens soon, and the next step is to introduce digital food safety to the Thai restaurant NOK NOK. According to Kristjan, compiling the HACCP plan for Flavore was especially interesting because creating a new system brought up many exciting challenges. “The head chef of Flavore is Italian and the FoodDocs’s system is a totally new approach for him. The HACCP plans in Italy are like they are,” says Kristjan. The kind of HACCP system that we have, they do not have. For a new head chef, it is an interesting experience. He can also use the system in English,” Kristjan brought out the obvious benefits.
Kristjan is really satisfied with his decision. He can not even imagine the following food safety in restaurants on paper anymore. Looking back at his experience, Kristjan gives a recommendation for all the food businesses to start using digital food safety. Using FoodDocs You will understand how many un-necessary moves You can skip. You also save nature by not printing out all the papers.” Kristjan is like a visionary chef who knows food, is passionate about preparing it, does not give up on quality, and is looking for effective solutions.

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