FoodDocs helps Sume restaurant to save up to €3,114 per year

Updated: Nov 12

The digital food safety management system helps to save around 8 working hours per week on daily tasks, which is equivalent to €3,114 per year. This is a result of the research which was conducted by FoodDocs and Christian Kelder, chef at Sume restaurant.

The restaurant Sume is part of the Tallink City Hotel, which belongs to the Tallink Hotels’ group in the heart of Tallinn. Sume embodies a calm nordic atmosphere and the chef’s menu combines the modern tastes and the best world classics. In 2018, the restaurant switched to FoodDocs’ digital food safety management system and it helped to deal with many issues.

Firstly, the software gave control over the quality of food throughout the whole process- starting from the supply of raw materials and finishing with serving to the customers. Secondly, automated notifications reduce the number of errors. Furthermore, the company started to save around 8 working hours per week on daily food safety tasks. 

The result of the research:

FoodDocs helps the restaurant to save around 8 hours per week.

In regards to food safety, customers usually only able to see the tip of the iceberg - the look and the taste of the dishes. Customers can’t see 90% of day-to-day tasks behind the scene. However, the restaurant is able to serve high-quality food only by completing all daily tasks to meet food safety requirements. The table below contains a list of daily tasks for the chef and his team, including the weekly time spent (paper system vs FoodDocs digital system):

According to the research results, the restaurant used to spend an average of 474.5 minutes or 7.9 hours per week to complete daily tasks, which equals to 410.8 hours per year. Considering the average hourly wage of an employee, the restaurant spends around €4,108 per year on day-to-day food safety tasks. FoodDocs helped to reduce the time to 28 minutes per week, which is 24.4 hours per year and saved €3,114 for the restaurant.

Why FoodDocs?

FoodDocs is a food safety management system which offers a digital monitoring system and gives you a real-time overview of your business, but also saves your money and time. FoodDocs has over 7,000 users in 59 countries.