Use FoodDocs App for your monitorings

Updated: Oct 1

Thanks to the newest updates of FoodDocs - mobile App, you can fill your monitoring sheets conveniently on your phone or tablet. All the operations are done only with two clicks and all of it!

To get started, you need to have FoodDocs account and to set up your monitoring sheets. For that, choose the type of monitoring sheet – is it either the temperature of refrigerators, monitoring the internal temperature, traceability of products of animal origins, customer complaints, or supplier control. Next, write the name of the monitoring sheet, the temperature range, and the frequency of monitoring – and you are ready. you only have to set up the monitoring sheets once.

To fill the monitoring sheets on your phone or tablet, download FoodDocs App from your Appstore and you can already see the unfilled monitoring sheets that need to be filled today. Choose the monitoring sheet and the number you wish to enter, and it is done. If the temperature you entered was not right, the program gives you choices to solve the situation. Nothing can go wrong.

All the entered monitoring sheets will be available on your desktop as long as needed. You choose the period you want to see the overview, and the results are displayed – precisely like the bank account overview. Not one monitoring sheet will go missing ever again.

Digital monitoring sheets are also an excellent help to the leader or owner of the company. You have a real-time overview of all the filled or unfilled monitoring sheets. If some entrepreneur has multiple venues, they can see the current situation of monitoring sheets of all their places from the FoodDocs overview module.

Download Android app here and iOS app here.