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How to get HACCP certification?

Steps to becoming HACCP certified Getting your food business HACCP certified is hugely beneficial, and should be ...

Steps to becoming HACCP certified

Getting your food business HACCP certified is hugely beneficial, and should be recommended to anyone working in the food industry, from food production to transport, storage, handling, selling, or serving. Although the process to receive HACCP certification may seem daunting, you will succeed once you follow all of the necessary steps. Whether your business becomes, HACCP certified or not relies on a third-party audit, so the most important thing is to have yourself entirely prepared for the audit itself.

Create a HACCP plan

Creating your companies HACCP plan is the first step to getting your food business HACCP accreditation. By creating your plan based on the seven core principles of HACCP, you already know what needs to be done on a daily basis, as well as what forms and documentation you will need to fill out to pass your HACCP examination. This can be a manual task with a lot of information required. Using an online tool like FoodDocs, you can speed up your planning process by filling in a questionnaire and adding some additional information to have your HACCP plan created in just one hour.

HACCP training

In preparation for your HACCP examination, it may be helpful to get some HACCP training or take some HACCP classes to make sure you and your team are fully prepared and following the HACCP requirements correctly. For HACCP classes, you have the choice of going online or offline. Offline classes with a food safety consultant can work out costly. With a vast amount of online HACCP courses at different price points online, it is advisable to shop around online before selecting a training provider.

Choosing your HACCP auditor

When learning how to obtain HACCP certification, you should not overlook the importance of selecting your third-party auditor. The auditor is the person who will carry out the inspection of your business and will review your documentation before deciding whether or not to reward you with a HACCP license. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your auditor.

  • Qualification
    Make sure that the third-party auditor you select is qualified to provide this service in your area. If you are unsure whether or not they have the correct accreditation, you should contact your local regulatory authority for confirmation.
  • Price
    The cost of the auditors carrying out the HACCP inspection will vary, though you can expect to pay between $400 and $3000 per day of auditing. Therefore, it is always advisable to look around for different options before deciding on your auditor.

The HACCP audit

With all of the previous steps taken, it is now time for you to undergo the audit and hopefully become HACCP certified. The audit itself consists of a documentation review that may be done onsight or remotely and an onsite inspection. Therefore, preparation is vital, and having all of your documentation organized and up to date will assist you in gaining HACCP accreditation.

how to get haccp certification

Recommendations for preparation

For selecting your HACCP training and your auditor, the main recommendation is to shop around and review the different options. Then, depending on your needs and budget, doing your research will help you make the right decision for your business.

For creating your HACCP plan, as well as maintaining your documentation, FoodDocs has all of the tools needed for your food business, whether big or small. If you are starting your business and have never created a HACCP plan before, the FoodDocs planner is the perfect solution for you. Using AI and some information provided by you, your plan can be created in just an hour. In addition, maintaining all of your documentation in one easy-to-manage place will be highly beneficial on your way to getting HACCP certification.

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