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3 FoodDocs updates that make setting up your HACCP system even faster

We have been working on updates to speed up your digital HACCP system creation process and to give you an even better ...

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We have been working on updates to speed up your digital HACCP system creation process and to give you an even better overview of your daily monitoring tasks.

All the updates are now part of the FoodDocs system. We are happy to announce our 3 new features that make a high food security level even quicker and clearer to obtain.


1. Tweak monitoring sheets to match your needs

Want your delivery note to include the vehicle’s license plate number? Not a problem, just add a field! Don’t need photos next to your entries? Very well, just delete these fields altogether.

Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 11.04.03

Our monitoring sheets are now totally customisable. This means you can add any field you need to the monitoring part of your HACCP plan, such as dates, temperatures, various quantities, texts, answer options, etc. You can customise our modular templates or create new ones based on the exact needs of your business.

Our previous system kept monitoring sheets separate from the HACCP creation but now everything is connected.

2. A daily task timeline and a quick overview of past entries

In addition to modular monitoring tasks, we have also improved the functionality of the monitoring process itself.

If before you had to open every monitoring sheet separately to see the history of your entries, then now you have a graph on your Timeline. The tasks that must be recorded on the given day appear in your Timeline view exactly at the right time. This means that your Timeline lets you know when and whether there are activities you still need to log today. You can choose between weekly or monthly Timeline views.

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 11-02-27-png

You now also have access to your monitoring history in the Entries view. This gives you an easy overview of all the regular tasks that you need to log. And, of course, of all the rarer activities as well. So if your fridge temperatures need checking on a daily basis, your water samples are gathered only once or twice a year.


3. Preset monitoring tasks

Our AI recommends you preset monitoring tasks based on the profile of your company (your field of activity, your rooms, spaces and equipment) which help you and your team ensure the highest level of food safety to your customers. And to get your business ready as soon as you are!


Did you know that FoodDocs makes it very easy to assign tasks to people in your team? This way, certain people or groups only see the tasks they have been assigned to, and don’t need to deal with excessive virtual noise.

Needless to say, all our updates are conveniently available also in our mobile app!



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