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How to use HACCP software to grow your business?

The contribution of the HACCP program in the food industry has been undeniably significant in maintaining food safety ...

The contribution of the HACCP program in the food industry has been undeniably significant in maintaining food safety for several decades since its implementation. The HACCP food safety program is an essential tool used by food manufacturers to attain a certain level of safety. The program is known globally and is recognized as a standard for companies that aim to be recognized for the quality and safety of their products. For those who have been in the food industry for a very long time, they are well-acquainted with the HACCP program, whereas it can be a bit daunting for the newcomers. Here at FoodDocs, we will walk you through the basics of what is HACCP program and how to achieve it in the shortest possible time.

The distinguished goals of the HACCP program are to determine potential critical control points and provide preventive and corrective actions. Its implementation means that the food company has control over the sourcing of raw materials, processing, and distribution of the products. The development of the HACCP food safety program is the result of needing a quality assurance system with minimal to no destructive aspects for food safety. This aspect became achievable by apprehending the potential critical events even before they occur. As such, HACCP programs are deemed as a preventative system rather than a reactive one.

In this article, we give you a quick glance at what a HACCP program is, the HACCP prerequisite programs, and the latest and more efficient form of HACCP food safety plan – a HACCP plan software! We also give you a tour at how easy it is to shift from paper-filled HACCP systems to paperless HACCP software plan.

haccp software

HACCP management system, the traditional style

Attaining the certification of HACCP program is achieved by fulfilling a series of prerequisite programs. These HACCP prerequisite programs are the foundation of a good food safety system. These programs include good manufacturing practices (GMP), standard sanitary operating procedures (SSOP), and others. Both GMP and SSOP aim to achieve operational conditions that are free of contamination or any other potential risks that can harm the consumers. They include training for all personnel on proper handling of materials, pest control, and proper hygiene to name a few. Adhering to these prerequisite programs is the first step to fulfilling specific systems such as a HACCP pest control program.

Once these HACCP prerequisite programs have been satisfied, planning on how to establish the HACCP management system to the company setup comes next. Traditionally, HACCP plans are developed by ensuring that five (5) preliminary tasks are met. FoodDocs helps you get acquainted with the basics of what is HACCP program and how to get a certification.

HACCP management systems, to be effective and efficient, are mostly product specific. That is, an established HACCP system cannot be always used universally. This aspect is evident in a HACCP program example such as HACCP allergen and pest control programs. Both programs have their own unique purposes and, therefore, will require specific process evaluations. A HACCP allergen program is aimed at preventing the cross contamination of allergens in the food products. Potential allergens are identified in each process and given appropriate preventive steps along with corrective actions should they occur.

Building a well-rounded HACCP management system takes days of brain storming and repetitive evaluations of processes. The process can be difficult, and several things can go unnoticed and cause manufacturers trial and errors which can come at a cost. It can also be very costly as some companies even hire experts to evaluate the program.

Luckily, there is no need for such long process. Along with the revolutionary effects of technology, HACCP food safety program planning is made easier through a HACCP builder software. FoodDocs has been of the top of this game. It has built a downloadable HACCP Plan software that does not need all hands to be on deck. Get to know more about this HACCP software!


Building your own HACCP Plan in an hour!

As a result of the revolutionizing effects of technology, experts have found a way to digitize the application of HACCP and facilitate monitoring remotely and with ease. The concept of a HACCP builder software is to ease the task of building an extensive plan without putting in a big amount of time and effort. It uses artificial intelligence to collate and come up with a HACCP program for your organization. It has a wide range of stored information regarding food safety legal requirements and build your HACCP food safety program around them.

This type of HACCP software answers what is the best HACCP program for your processing. All it needs you to do is provide relevant information about your organization’s process as well as your plans, and it will automatically serve you with a complete HACCP plan. (Get access to your HACCP software at FoodDocs).


HACCP Software on FoodDocs (What does it do for you?)

At FoodDocs, making a HACCP program for your organization can be done in an hour. We offer a HACCP builder software where you do not need to review all the legislations on food safety within your area yourself. It also takes into account the basic prerequisite programs required in attaining HACCP certification. The powerful self-learning software basically does everything for you.

Here is a quick walkthrough on how a HACCP food safety program is easier to make using a HACCP plan software. The process requires you to accomplish four easy steps to create a HACCP program example:

1. Create location
haccp software

Under this step, you are tasked to input the basic information of your company. This helps the HACCP plan software determine the specific food safety laws in your area.

2. Creating your HACCP plan

haccp software 2


The second step is the compressed version of a traditional process of making your organization’s HACCP program. Under this step, all the basic principles of creating a HACCP plan will be applied. Each program is particular to a process that you will specify. The FoodDocs HACCP plan builder has a preset list of choices that you can select from. Such as in the case of analyses you will be needing. This list reduces the risk of leaving out information that you may forget. It gives you the convenience of simply checking out which items you will be needing. At this point, you can even print your HACCP plan for your convenience.


3. Set up Team

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The last step is quite voluntary and is for organizations who want to tak food safety to the next level. FoodDocs HACCP plan software lets you create your roster of team members for a specific HACCP program. You will be required to input all the information needed to prove that the selected team member is fit for the position (e.g., Health certification and HACCP training program).


4. Monitoring tasks

haccp monitoring


As one of the main principles of a good HACCP program is implementing an effective monitoring routine, FoodDoc’s HACCP software takes care of which critical points need constant monitoring. Under this step, you can specify parameters that are crucial to the processing of your product.

In addition, a HACCP software also allows you to track the daily activities of your organization and give you a quick summary of your progress and the overall status of processing. Traceability of products is also made easy by this HACCP plan software as you can now check the status of specific batches of your products at the palm of your hands.

FoodDocs has made this software even more accessible by offering an application that allows you to access a HACCP software free download for your phones. This feature makes it easier for you to track audit deadlines as well. The HACCP software automatically sends you updates about the most recent changes in regulations around your area. You can try your hands on making a HACCP program example as FoodDocs offer a 14-day free trial on their HACCP plan builder.


HACCP software or manual version?

Building a HACCP food safety program requires a mountain of paperwork, countless hours of meetings, and not to mention the risk of overlooking some important information. HACCP plan software saves you the time and effort by listing what you need in one place and even suggesting what needs to be done. Aside from being a HACCP plan builder, such software also allows you to monitor the processing and distribution of your products to ensure that standards are upheld.

HACCP plan software enables you to instantly make changes in significant process and readily update everyone who is involved without the hassle of calling everyone. The software also gives you a sense of what HACCP training programs are needed to fully equip involved personnel.

Still not convinced and overwhelmed with new information? Here is a summary of why you should be shifting into using a software as your HACCP builder.



HACCP Software

Manual HACCP Plan

Implementation of food safety guidelines



HACCP Program Training



Documentation of paper works



Collection of data



Analysis of data



Accessibility of collected data



Required space for archiving collected data



Required time to develop and implement HACCP plan



Convenience of use



Susceptibility to tampering



Speed of significant revisions



Cost of development




Through using the HACCP builder of FoodDocs, you not only get to understand what is HACCP program, you also get to implement it fast and relay the information with ease to the whole organization. Subscription to FoodDoc’s HACCP plan software costs at least 15x less than what you pay for hiring a HACCP specialist to build your plan.


Is a HACCP software any different from an FSMS?

In essence the HACCP program example provided in this article is under the Food Safety Management System. The major difference is that the HACCP builder form FoodDocs is used specially to create a HACCP plan; in FoodDocs, the software can also be used as a HACCP training program, implement HACCP food safety plans, and control and monitor critical points. FSMS acts as a bigger umbrella in implementing food safety throughout the whole process of the organization.

Through the FSMS software of FoodDocs, you can create automated monitoring sheets for your processing guidelines, monitor remotely, provide clear product traceability, and share information to all the members in real time. FSMS can also be used as a tool to facilitate team management and food safety trainings to raise the organization’s standards.

The food management safety system allows you to remotely access information on the food safety status of your organization and administer food safety solutions as suggested by expert food inspectors. Achieving a more organized food safety system is your first step to attaining a stellar HACCP certification.

haccp program

HACCP builder for all food companies

The implementation HACCP nowadays is a significant tool in achieving a significant recognition for food safety in the industry. Straying away from the traditional ways and coping with the developments in technology HACCP builder software has emerged and made food safety maintenance a breeze. This type of software combines several HACCP program examples from experts to come-up with solutions and sound strategies to achieve a wholesome HACCP plan. HACCP builders reduce the need to consult to an expert as the software was built through the efforts of several auditors and experts themselves.

Satisfy HACCP prerequisite programs and monitor them with ease such as the application of HACCP pest control programs. Remotely access information if critical points are being satisfied without deviating from the standards. There is even no need to worry if the suggested HACCP system for you by the software fits your local legislations as it houses information on current and regularly updated food safety laws from your location.  Save your company from spending hours of thinking and consultations, including paper and ink, by using reliable HACCP software.

Try or download HACCP software and control the food safety status of your organization at the tip of your fingers. You can easily access and share information to members of the company. Through ease of use and access, deviations can easily be addressed and corrected to minimize harmful risks to consumers. If you are unsure or you need clarifications, feel free to contact us!



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