Intelligent HACCP plan builder

 Intelligent HACCP plan builder FoodDocs
Start your food business with a right step and create a HACCP plan to match your needs. Our plan builder software gets you ahead in the game and delivers your HACCP plan in less than 2 hours!
You can customise you HACCP plan according to specific requirements. 

Applies to:
New food businesses, cafes, restaurants, ghost kitchens, fast food businesses, small producers, home production, supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, food transportation businesses


Step 1: Fill out the questionnaire

We direct you through the HACCP steps when you sign up:
  • Pick one or multiple answers which describe you best by clicking on the  ON/OFF  icons.     

  • If you come across unfamiliar terms, click on the INFO icon to get more information.

  • If you don’t find your business production processes on the list, add your own by clicking on the ADD PROCESS button at the bottom of the page.

  • You can always change your choices. These are the joys of a digital HACCP plan!

Creating your food and safety plan


Step 2: Create or upload a flow chart

After completing all the HACCP steps, we ask you to create or upload a flow chart:

    1. The software prefills your processes in the flow chart based on the choices you made in  the production processes section.Add details for the processes and mark which critical control points you control.

    2. If you have additional processes that are not listed, add them by clicking on the ADD NEW button at the the bottom of the page.

    3. After completing all your control measures, click CREATE. Then, drag your boxes into place according to the flow of the processes in your business. Connect the boxes with arrows by dragging them between the boxes.

gif of creating flow chart


Step 3: Upload or create a location plan 

If you don't have a location plan, you can easily create one in FoodDocs by following these tips:

  1. Start with finding the address. Our software gives suggestions according to your settings. Make sure they are correct. After that, click GENERATE NEW MAP .

  2. You are then given suggestions to mark some general points on the map. You can pick what suits you and delete the rest, or change them according to your need.

  3. To add a point to the map, click on the  +  icon as many times as you need.

  4. Drag your points to correct positions.

  5. Mark entry and exit points to the building in the same way.

  6. SAVE your plan 


Step 4: Upload or create layouts

If you don't have a layout plan, you can create one with our easy built-in tool by following these few tips:

  1. Upload the general plan for your building. This can be a simple layout plan, made by hand or in a text or a drawing file. If your business occupies a specified area in a larger building (e.g. a shopping centre), only upload the layout plan for that floor.

  2. You are then given suggestions to mark some general points on the map. You can pick what suits you and delete the rest.

  3. To add a point to the plan, click on the  +  icon as many times as you need.  

  4. Drag your points or arrows to correct positions.

  5. SAVE your HACCP plan




Step 5: Your HACCP plan is ready!


Fun fact:
You will know that your HACCP plan is ready when all sections have been completed and have turned green. You can edit or download your plan any time.