Intelligent HACCP plan builder

With FoodDocs’ HACCP plan builder, anyone can create the HACCP plan to start a food business. FoodDocs software helps to get it faster than any other option you can find - within less than 2 hours! 

After getting your instructions, you can customize it according to your needs to suit your company’s specific requirements. You can download a HACCP plan or get a paper copy with a 4-months subscription.

Applies to:

New food businesses, cafes, restaurants, fast food businesses, small production, home production, supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, food transportation businesses

Step 1: Fill out the questionnaire

When you sign up, the software directs you through the HACCP steps

  • We have listed all available options so you can pick one or multiple answers that describe you best, just click on the icons        

  • If any terms are not familiar, click on the      icon to get more information.

  • If you don’t find your business production processes in the list, just add your own, click on the                        button, at the bottom of the page.

  • You can always change your choices, this is the greatest value of the digital HACCP plan - Less is more.


Step 2: Create or upload a flow chart

After completing all HACCP steps, the software directs you to create or upload a flow chart:

  1. According to the choices in the production processes section, the software prefills the processes in the flow chart. Add the details of the processes and mark what critical control points you control. 

  2. If you have any additional processes that are not listed, add them by clicking                    on the bottom of the page.

  3. After completing the control measures, click                 . Then, drag the boxes according to the flow of the processes in your business. Also, connect the boxes with arrows, by dragging them between the boxes.


Step 3: Upload or create a location plan

If you choose to create a location plan in FoodDocs software, here are a few tips for you:

  1. Start with finding the address. The software makes suggestions according to your settings, make sure it is correct. After that, click                          .

  2. The program suggests to you the general points to mark on the map. You can pick what suits you and delete the rest, or change according to your needs.

  3. To add a point to the map, click on the      icon as many times as you need.

  4. Drag the points to the correct positions.

  5. Mark the entry and exit of the building the same way.

  6. SAVE your plan


Step 4: Upload or create layouts

If you choose to use FoodDocs easy built-in tool, here are a few tips for you:

  1. Upload your building’s general plan. It can be a simple layout, made by hand or in Word.

  2. The software suggests to you the most general points. You can pick what suits you and delete the rest, or add extra points according to your needs.

  3. To add a point to the plan, click on the      icon as many times as you need.  

  4. Drag the points or arrows to the correct positions.

  5. SAVE your HACCP plan

Keep in mind:

After completing the HACCP steps, all sections must be green which means your HACCP plan is ready. Download or edit it at any time.