Eva Maria Hanson - Digital Food Safety Specialist

My mission in FoodDocs is to reverse the misconception of people thinking about food safety as the most boring or scary topic in the business. My target is to educate and inspire everyone who sells or serves food about food safety.

Stories by Eva

Food safety

Restaurant management | How to manage a restaurant

A restaurant with a knowledgeable manager can run smoothly with less risk of gathering employee and customer complaints. Learn more about it from the...

Food safety

What is food defense?

All food businesses reporting under the FDA must establish a food defense plan which aims to protect them from intentional product contamination or...

Food safety

Use by date meaning explained

'Use by' date refers to the last allowable and safe date to use or consume a product. The 'use by' date can only become reliable if...

Food safety

Natasha's law guidance & checklist

Natasha's law highlights labelling requirements for Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS) products. Read more and download a checklist to stay compliant...

HACCP plan

Design a commercial kitchen layout yourself

A commercial kitchen layout can determine the workflow efficiency of a food business. In this article you can learn everything about designing it...

Food safety

Implementing a food safety culture in 2023

420,000 people die every year due to foodborne illnesses. Read to learn about how you can reduce this number by implementing a food safety culture in...