Eva Maria Hanson - Digital Food Safety Specialist

My mission in FoodDocs is to reverse the misconception of people thinking about food safety as the most boring or scary topic in the business. My target is to educate and inspire everyone who sells or serves food about food safety.

Stories by Eva

Food safety

Food Traceability Trends for 2024

18 industry experts answer the question, 'What's the biggest challenge facing the food industry in 2023, and what solution do they suggest?'

Food safety

What is Food Hygiene? Food Hygiene in 2023

Is food hygiene the same as food safety? Technically, they are not the same. Although in some cases, food manufacturers use these terms...

Food safety

Food hygiene certificate - All you need to know

Having a food hygiene certificate is proof of your absolute commitment to a solid approach to food safety and protecting public health.