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Intelligent HACCP plan builder

Answer simple questions and our AI helps you to build up even the most complicated food safety documents you need to submit to the local authority. Get your HACCP done within less than 2 hours.


Our digital system supports HACCP and HAPRC standards and currently in 8 different languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Catalan, Estonian, Latvian and Ukrainian. More to come!

Custom hazard's information and control measures

You can fully customise your HACCP plan to suit your company’s specific needs using our built-in tool.

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Automatically generated monitoring sheets based on your business' needs

FoodDocs helps to create monitoring sheets based on your business' needs so you can immediately switch to digital monitoring. 

Custom monitoring sheets

Create your custom monitoring sheets with our easy built-in tool. You can modify our templates or create your own.

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Reminders and role-based tasks

Receive reminders for upcoming tasks and get notifications to make sure nothing gets missed. Our system also helps to stay on the top of all upcoming audits to ensure food is handled safely.

Real-time dashboard

A simple and powerful overview of the food safety management system (FSMS) in all your business units; accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


Automated readings from temperature sensors and barcode readers

Our system can be integrated with major sensors' providers (Carel, Danfoss, etc). Our native Android/iOS app has a built-in barcode reader to recognize the products for a faster fill-in.

Document cloud storage

Keep all food safety-related documents in one place. This way, you can always be sure that all data is archived and can be easily found. No need to worry about the documents' records.


Digital records and activity log

Track task completion and reports on progress. Due diligence documents for customers and local authorities.

Digital audits

Complete your HACCP audits with the FoodDocs app on any type of device. You can add pictures or videos and instantly get the real-time results on the managers’ dashboard. Use our templates or create your own.

Digital audits help your business to review your safety procedures to reduce the risks. Protecting your brand and quality is one of the most important things.


Team management and training

Manage all permits and training of your team in one place. Assign team members into groups and assign different tasks to different groups. All at the convenience of FoodDocs mobile app.

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