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If there is one thing that recent times have taught us, it is that not everything needs to be done face to face. For ...

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If there is one thing that recent times have taught us, it is that not everything needs to be done face to face. For food service companies such as restaurant businesses, this might seem a bit counterintuitive but think about it. The recent phenomenon that occurred globally restricted several on-site businesses through limited contact.

Towards the latter part of this phenomenon, the food service industry steered towards enjoying the benefits of technology. Customers now enjoy dining in without the hassle or danger of contact from before they dine in and after paying for your services.

With the help of the rapidly evolving field of technology in the food industry, restaurants and other food businesses can now fulfill some customer needs as well as operate their business remotely.

With the help of restaurant software, food businesses can now overcome several limitations in food service while significantly improving their efficiency.

In this article, we have rounded up some of the top-performing restaurant software that features different systems for helping food businesses. Find out which one fits your needs and give them a try.


best restaurant software to succeed

What is restaurant software?

Generally, restaurant software is a program specifically made to help restaurant businesses manage the different aspects of their operations. Depending on the nature of restaurant software, it can help your business improve working efficiency by automating some of your operations. 

Restaurant management systems help managers and restaurant employees streamline operations and create a seamless connection between them. In addition, a complete restaurant management software can also improve customer service relations while performing its intended task.

Such software programs have been proven to reduce human errors and cut the time used for inefficient steps.


Benefits of having restaurant software

The rise of restaurant software companies in the restaurant industry has brought forth several levels of convenience. In fact, these software programs have also been engineered to work together and function seamlessly.

In an industry where change is significantly fast, and not being able to cope with it can cost you progress, restaurant software programs have been an efficient solution.

Using restaurant software, food businesses can get the following benefits:

  • More efficient operations. Several restaurant software automates operations such as payments, reservations, and service suggestions to help restaurant staff serve customers better.

  • Clearer reports. Software programs such as accounting and inventory software can help put up comprehensive reports in real-time to reflect the progress of your business.

  • Easier integration. Software programs are capable of working together. An example is a point of sale (POS) system synchronizing every purchase information with the inventory software and logging which ingredients and other resources were used for the purchased product.

  • Ensure customer loyalty. Some software systems are designed to come up with strategies for reaching out to customers and providing them with incentives to help build a loyalty base.

  • Simplified operations. Software programs can help make complicated operations easier by doing most of the brainwork. Most programs run on a vast database that they can make smart decisions on their own based on calculated information.

Intrigued to seek the help of restaurant software? We've rounded up an extensive list for food businesses such as yours! From food safety to accounting software, we've got you covered. 

Find out which restaurant software can significantly help your business run more efficiently.


What are the different types of restaurant software?

Nowadays, there is a very wide range of restaurant software. There are software systems for online ordering, reservations, accounting, payments, inventory management, food safety compliance, and others.

"The key to finding which software would be most helpful for you is to understand how they work..."

The key to finding which software would be most helpful for you is to understand how they work and which ones offer the most services for you. Some software programs work as an all-in-one solution, whereas some feature great third-party integration features for working with other software. 

Here are some of the restaurant software that we will be diving into in this article:


restaurant software for food safety-1


Restaurant software for food safety

Restaurant software systems for food safety help food businesses comply with the many food safety regulations in the food industry.

Running a food business while maintaining food safety can be a difficult task when done manually.

Food safety regulations vary from one country to another, sometimes even between states. As such, it may be hard to comply with all the requirements at all times, especially if you are running a business with multiple branches. 

From getting compliant to staying compliant, food safety software programs can help you get the job done.


1. FoodDocs

FoodDocs food safety software

FoodDocs is a food safety management software that offers two main services and key features:

  • digital Food Safety Management System
    • Smart notification system
    • Automatically generated monitoring forms
  • Built-in customizable HACCP plan template builder
    • Comprehensive HACCP plan template
    • Prerequisite plans

This software boasts perhaps the fastest way to get a HACCP plan when compared with the traditional methods. Powered by artificial intelligence and a machine learning program, you can get a customizable digital HACCP plan template in just 1 hour.

Similarly, this software for chefs and other food handlers can help maintain food safety compliance through a smart digital FSMS that can be set up in mere 15 minutes. Get the most useful food safety documents, such as monitoring forms, in just a few clicks. 


  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Fast HACCP plan $59.00
  • Lite FSMS $99
  • Full FSMS $299


2. Form


Form identifies itself as a mobile digital assistant. The software features two main products:

  • MarketX
  • OpX

Form helps businesses digitize their inspection and auditing processes by building electronic forms. The software features a product that can help determine your market position through real-time and advanced reporting features and state-of-the-art product image recognition.

In terms of compliance with food safety, Form digitizes the traditional monitoring forms and workflows for you. The software also has an offline mobile application that allows responsible restaurant workers to collect data anywhere and in real-time.


The company offers three plans

  • Essential 
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

The plans typically start at $5000 per year, but pricing will depend on your business needs. You can ask for a quotation here


3. iFoodDS


iFoodDS or iFoodDecisionSciences puts a premium on food safety, traceability, and quality management. The software company highlights these three main points to classify their product features:

  • Food Safety
  • Traceability
  • Quality Management

This software acts as an electronic database where you can store all paper records for food safety and quality management. 

In terms of food safety solutions, iFoodDS allows in-field data capturing to get real-time information and provide immediate solutions in case of non-compliance. 

The software includes logs, checklists, and assessment forms for employees, which syncs real-time data to the team through a cloud-based system, informing supervisors of any risks.

iFoodDS supports the FDA's New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative through its digital solutions.


  • The price of the software is provided after careful consultation with an iFoodDS representative.


4. Safefood 360°


This food safety management software uses more than 35 pre-set modules that can help food businesses ensure food safety compliance and quality management. These modules are set based on the requirements of some of the most notable food safety standards to date.

Safefood 360° features three main products:

  • Food Safety Management
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Food Safety Risk Assessment Tools

With the help of the company's representatives and pre-set modules, you can generate your monitoring processes, HACCP plan, risk assessments, prerequisite programs, and other management data. 

Safefood 360° makes food safety management and drafting your control plans easier through an extensive and robust hazard database. 

The software offers a solution for food businesses to convert into an entirely paperless monitoring system and streamline the process of collecting, compiling, and presenting data. 

A great feature of this software is its automatic updates when it comes to global standards and legislation. This feature allows your team to stay up-to-date with the latest movements in the food industry.


Safefood 360° offers three different plans with varying degrees of extensiveness. Pricing is available upon request and demo.

  • Essential
  • Premium 
  • Enterprise


5. Primority


Primority features its main product, the 3iVerify, which is digital food safety and quality management solution that can help improve the various aspects of a food business. 

3iVerify consists of approximately 30 modules that focus on the different aspects of food and quality management in every food business. 

The goal of this software is to ensure compliance with standards such as that of GFSI and turn your paper-based operations into a completely digital system. 

The 30 different modules of 3iVerify cover some of the following areas:

  • Action management
  • AI supplier surveillance
  • Alerts
  • HACCP management and plan templates
  • Risk management
  • Traceability

Find out more about their modules here.


The pricing of 3iVerify licenses varies depending on your needs. An additional amount may also be billed when you exceed the number of allotted suppliers for management (first 250 suppliers).

Admin license $138
Supplier license $110
Forms license $55
Data capture license $7
Documents license $41
AI scan license $138
AI scan admin $165
API License $414



reservation software

Reservation software

No one wants to be in line for hours just to get to a full-service restaurant business.

With the help of reservation software, restaurants can now automatically manage reservations through web-based solutions. 

This type of software helps you manage bookings and even cancellations, with some offering visual imaging of your table arrangements. Reservation software may also have additional features that handle booking payments or integration features with point-of-sale systems.

Not sure which is the best restaurant reservation software? Read this list.


1. SevenRooms


SevenRooms is a restaurant reservations software that creates a direct connection between your business and the customer without the need for a middleman. 

This software helps personalize your approach for every customer through a fully-integrated customer relationship management (CRM). This feature helps the software capture the guest of every data and help you greet them with a personal touch. 

It makes reservations easier by hooking your booking site with major channels or leading your customers directly to your online reservation platform.

In addition to managing customer reservations and boosting profits by preventing cancellations and no-shows, SevernRooms can help you generate reservation trends from the data it collects. 

Sevenrooms has three primary features:

  • Reservation software
  • Waitlist platform
  • Online ordering system


Cost depends on location, type of business, and size of operations. Request a demo and get your quotation here


2. OpenTable


OpenTable is a restaurant reservation management system that allows any restaurant team to shift to a completely digital platform for managing reservations.

OpenTable makes it easier for customers to find restaurants with available seating, making it easier for restaurants to increase revenue. In addition to reservations, OpenTable also allows food establishments to offer easy delivery options to customers. 

This program is a one-stop shop for food establishments as it allows you to offer loyalty rewards and integration with other software such as POS and marketing systems. 


Basic   $39/month

Core    $249/month

Pro      $449/month

OpenTable offers a free 30-day trial for a Basic plan for new customers on a month-to-month term.




RESY OS is a restaurant management software that focuses on streamlining processes such as booking reservations, marketing, managing waitlists, table management, and customized customer experiences. 

RESY OS offers features categorized as:

  • On Premise (Restaurant services)
  • Off Premise (At home)

Using the On-Premise feature, the software allows you to manage pre-service operations, including reservation inventory, customer notification, waitlist management, and online booking.

The software solutions also allow restaurant teams to manage operations during service, such as through seat optimization, managing payments, and collecting guest intel for a more personalized guest experience for guests.

Resy can also help restaurants boost efficiency by offering post-service features that help in collecting surveys and interpreting performance through basic analytics. 


Basic (Platform)           $249/month

Pro (Platform 360)       $399/month

Enterprise (Full-Stack) $899/month


4. Tablein


If your business is just starting out, then Tablein might just be the perfect software for you. Tablein is a restaurant management software that specializes in managing bookings and reservations for you and allows easy floor planning and time management.

As a restaurant reservation software, Tablein makes accessing your businesses available to customers on various platforms. Reservations and any special requests can be made online.

The software also features a notification system keeping both customers and restaurant owners and managers up-to-date with the current reservation and operation status, respectively. Restaurant managers can further review restaurant performance through a detailed reporting dashboard.

Tablein can give you a clear overview of your entire operations, including floorplans and time blocking to manage customers at all times. 


Tablein offers a 14-day free trial for both of its software plans.

Standard $99/month

Recommended for small restaurants and has a maximum reservation capacity of 315 reservations.

Premium $149/month

Recommended for very busy restaurants and offers unlimited bookings. You can get 2 months of free use when you subscribe to an annual plan.


5. Hostme


Hostme is a restaurant management software that focuses on managing reservations and table seating in one. Through its modern take on online reservations, the software promises a more efficient turnover rate at your restaurant and reduces losses from no-shows and canceled reservations.

In addition to managing reservations, Hostme can also improve server rotations and assignments during service. The software can also help improve customer relations while ensuring that your business gets the most out of every reservation.

Hostme can help your restaurant request deposits or additional charges to avoid no-shows and cancellations. In terms of improving customer relations, Hostme stores all guest information in one central location so you can tailor a customer's dining experience based on their preference. 


Plan  Monthly Annual
Piccolo $59/month N/A
Mezzo $109/month $98/month
Grande $169/month $152/month

All plans in Hostme, regardless of size, have a free trial for 2 weeks. 


6. TablesReady


TablesReady is an all-around waitlist management software that can help in any food service business, healthcare, and even entertainment. 

This software offers the most essential features for a reservation management system. It allows customers to make reservations online and features a notification system for successful reservations and reminders. 

TablesReady cuts the boring long lines and allows customers and business owners to maximize their time rather than waiting all day. it even features a contactless check-in which makes a smoother service for a food business.


Plan Monthly Annual
Free 0$ (includes 150 messages/mo) 0$ (includes 150 messages/mo
Premium $59 (2,500 messages/mo) $49 (2,500 messages/mo)
Enterprise Available upon contact (40,000+ messages/mo) Available upon contact (40,000+ messages/mo)


7. Waitwhile


Waitwhile is a reservation management software that has helped big restaurant industry names improve queueing experience for customers and removes the boring part of waiting. The software makes it possible for customers to book reservations online, and a notification system will alert them through text and email when it's their turn.

In addition to automating reservation service, Waitwhile can collect customer information for a more personal service the next time customers visit your business. 

Learn how your business is doing with Waitwhile's analytics features.


Plan Monthly Annual (+2 mos free)
Free $0 (up to 100 waitlisted guests) $0 (up to 100 waitlisted guests)
Starter $59 (up to 1000 waitlisted guests) $49 (up to 1000 waitlisted guests)
Business $159 (up to 10,000 waitlisted guests) $129 (up to 10,000 waitlisted guests)



food costing software


Food costing software

Determining your accurate food cost percentage is an essential task for any food business owner. This value can help you gauge whether you are making a profit or not. 

Regular food costing can be done weekly or biweekly. The more frequent you do your food costing, the more detailed and insightful is the overview of your operations. 

Food costing entails a lot of computation and interpretation, especially if you are running a larger restaurant.

Food costing software can help you automatically compute your food cost percentage, cutting the amount of time you would need to spend on analysis.

In addition, good food costing software can easily integrate with your POS and inventory system to give you real-time reports on your inventory and stocks.

Find out which food and labor cost analysis software best suits your needs.


1. MarginEdge


MarginEdge is a cost management software used by restaurants to get an overview of their food and manpower costs and easy accounting computations. It features the following main solutions:

  • Invoice processing
  • Cost management
  • Inventory and Food Usage
  • Recipes and Menu Analysis
  • Back office efficiencies

MarginEdge allows integration with around 45 different POS systems to capture the necessary information for your food costing. The software takes out the laborious task of computing your food costs and other accounting calculations in real-time. 

Fast presentation of your food cost can allow you to engineer your menus better to optimize your menu item sales and manage your inventory. MarginEdge makes recipe management and pricing much easier as it stays up-to-date even with new products from different suppliers.

These features can give you the edge at properly pricing your food products without fearing loss of profits.


MarginEdge charges a flat $300/month or $3,240 annually.


2. Marketman


MarketMan is mainly marketed as an inventory and supply management software but serves more purposes than just that. This software features a list of solutions such as:

  • Restaurant Management Software
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing and Ordering Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Multi Units and Chains
  • Cookbook Feature
  • Recipe Costing Software

In terms of food costing, MarketMan makes the job easier and more integrated for food businesses. MarketMan can give you a complete breakdown of prices for every dish in your menu and even customize view presentations for easier navigation.

Optimize your expenses, costs, and profit by getting robust reports generated by this software. MarketMan also intuitively reflects all changes in real-time for a more updated information report.

Stay on top of your food cost as MarketMan gives you an Actual vs Theoretical report and other restaurant management features.


Prices are billed per location/per month

Operator         $127

Professional  $169

Ultimate         $339

*Note that monthly plans come with an additional one-time $200 setup fee.


3. Apicbase


Apicbase is a food and beverage management software that specializes in streamlining services for back-of-the-house operations of multi-site food businesses. 

This software digitizes your usual computations in spreadsheets and can give you results in seconds. 

Apicbase features 9 different modules:

  • Menu engineering
  • Sales analytics
  • HACCP & Tasks
  • Inventory
  • Production 
  • Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Central Kitchen
  • Menu Planning

Apicbase can help food businesses adjust to fluctuating prices of foods and help make smart decisions with real-time updating of your food costs.

The software can also help you build your menu board prices at very profitable and adaptable scales. Apicbase also takes food costing to the next step as it features a dashboard where you can get an overview of underperforming food products and pay more attention to them.


Standard package starts at €149.00

Growth and Pro package pricing are available upon request


4. Horeko


Horeko is a restaurant management software that provides features according to three different products:

  • Employee manager
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Restaurant Management Suite

Under Kitchen Manager, Horeko helps food businesses stay on top of their food costs through an automatic food cost calculator. This software features a supplier integration system. This can help you understand price updates and make smart decisions on time. 

Horeko takes out the tedious task of computing your food cost every day and gives you updated information every time


Employee Manager  €40/month

Kitchen Manager      €99/ month

Restaurant Management Suite €179/ month



restaurant inventory management software


Restaurant inventory management software

Inventory management is performed almost every day and is essential to keep track of your stocks and prepare for a day-to-day operation. This task entails several other operations, such as monitoring stock levels, verifying purchase orders, and reviewing item sales.

An inventory management software saves you a significant amount of time by automating key inventory operations.

When integrated with a powerful POS, inventory management software can help you update inventory stocks in real time for better visibility and more effective monitoring.

The best inventory management software also helps automates operations such as coordinating with suppliers to alert them and your side of low-level stocks. 


1. Posist


Posist is a powerful restaurant management software that features more than one function for all types of restaurants. This software goes from being a POS to fulfilling tasks such as inventory management.

The software can take care of streamlining operations from the front- to out-of-house aspects of food businesses. In terms of inventory management, Posist offers a robust solution to tracking inventory stocks in real time to secure a safe stock level.

Posist features stock-in and stock-out systems to give managers more information to make smarter decisions. Posist also uses smart notifications to alert food handlers when stocks are low or at a re-order level.

It also features classic inventory management systems, such as a real-time update on raw material stocks based on consumption.


Subscription prices are available upon request.


2. Katana MRP
Katana track order fulfillment

At Katana, the visibility of business movements is emphasized. This manufacturing ERP specializes in presenting stock movements across a food business to give managers vital information for decision-making.

Katana tracks inventory stocks in real time and gives your team live updates on raw material availability. These features can effortlessly help you make better forecasts for future planning.

This software optimizes stock management through a real-time master planning system. Using Katana allows you to automate all transactions for ordering and managing all raw materials without having to break a sweat.

Katana puts premium value on tracking your inventory and takes out the hassle and confusion of using paper-based methods and even spreadsheets.


*Katana's pricing plans are billed annually.

Essential         $99/month

Advanced       $299/month

Professional   $599/month

Enterprise -     custom pricing


3. Craftable


Craftable is a restaurant management software that features powerful solutions for recipe costing, menu engineering, and inventory management.

Craftable commits to reducing admin work by at least 70% through automated accounting. This feature can help you gain accurate insights into your sales, inventory, and payments.

Its built-in inventory management platform helps businesses keep track of stocks and low-level ingredients to prevent total depletion. You can use this software to manage and accept online orders, which will automatically reflect your inventory scale.


Standard     $99.99/month

Premium     $149.99/month

Pro               $199.99/month

Director     -available upon request.


4. xtraCHEF


xtraChef is an invoice and cost management software that automates operations such as invoice encoding and analysis. The software uses image capture technology to automatically translate paper-based invoices to a digital platform.

While xtraCHEF focuses on invoice management, this software also features an inventory management system. With a powerful automation system for invoice management, recipe cost and managing inventory become easier.

xtraCHEF can provide real-time information on inventory values and automatically update price changes. Your team can easily adjust to price fluctuations and prevent inventory problems such as understocking.

Optimize your product availability and costing with xtraCHEF's inventory management solutions. 


Starter Kit    $0

Essentials    $165

Custom        *available upon request


5. BevSpot


A food and beverage management software, BevSpot aims to centralize sales, inventory, and purchasing in one place. 

With BevSpot's Faster Inventory feature, you can improve your inventory efficiency more significantly. This software integrates the results from real-time sales to the inventory information for regular updates, so you can stay up-to-date with your stock level. 

BevSpot eliminates the usual manual data entries, which normally produce more errors. With BevSpot's faster inventory tools for restaurant owners, you can easily organize all of your inventory according to category and stay up-to-date with their current levels.

BevSpot features an offline mode that allows you to enter information even without internet connectivity and automatically update them once you get connected.


BevSpot's pricing plans are at a 12-month pre-pay setup and are billed per account.

Starter     $119/month 

Standard  $179/month

Pro            $249/month

For enterprise accounts, pricing is available upon request and assessment of needs.


6. Kitchen CUT


Kitchen CUT is a restaurant kitchen management system that automates your back-of-the-house operations for a more efficient and effective result. 

The software features products that help in ordering supplies and managing inventory to help ensure relentless services to customers.

Kitchen CUT lets you track inventory levels, generated waste, and material consumption, which is all essential for making smart decisions in your food business. 


Kitchen CUT offers a free trial for its products, and pricing for regular plans is available upon request. 



online ordering software

Online ordering software

Online ordering has become a great alternative to on-site dining in the past few years.

The convenience of online ordering allows customers to fit eating safe and delicious food with their fast-paced lives.

Online ordering software allows restaurants to offer this feature to customers. This type of software acts as a new channel for customers to reach your food business and facilitate ordering in a more organized manner.

Restaurant online order software normally integrates with other systems, such as POS and inventory management.


1. Gloria Food 


GloriaFood by ORACLE makes online ordering easier in a matter of a few minutes. GloriaFood is an online ordering platform that can help restaurants open new doors for customers to reach their food business.

Integrate your existing website to GloriaFood's online ordering system and allow customers to check out your restaurant menu and order hassle-free.

GloriaFood also features marketing tools that can be integrated into its online ordering system to boost your visibility and customer base.

If you are in need of a budget-friendly ordering system, then GloriaFood is your software-to-go! Because GloriaFood's online ordering system is free! You can gain access to more advanced features when you opt to purchase some of their add-on functions.


GloriaFood's online ordering platform is Free.

Paid services include the following:

Online/ Credit Card Payment Service     $29/month

Advanced Promo Marketing                     $19/month

Sales Optimized Website                           $9/month

Branded Mobile Apps                                 $59/month


2. Flex Catering


Flex Catering is a one-stop shop for managing online ordering and reservations for restaurant and catering services. 

This software allows customers to be fully in control of how they want to present their online ordering system by allowing full customization of design. Better branding can boost recognition and sales for any business.

Flex Catering's features put an emphasis on ease of navigation which is a huge hit for customers. You can create your own website and incorporate filters to help customers find items that would be most enticing for them.


Flex Catering's subscription pricing is available upon request.


3. Slice


Slice is a playful take on ordering pizza online. This restaurant management software focuses on propelling local pizzeria in the US into earning more online, similar how to big brands do.

This software aims to increase sales through online ordering and manage customer experience more efficiently with its list of solutions.

Slice can help boost online presence as a marketing strategy and collect customer information for better customer service. Boost orders and bring slices of pizza to the palm of your customers with Slice software.


Slice Essentials       $2.99

Slice Premium         $2.50


4. Onfleet


Onfleet is a powerful delivery management platform with end-to-end features for a more transparent delivery system. The software caters to a wide range of industries, including restaurants and other food businesses.

Onfleet is a highly sophisticated logistics platform that helps optimize the delivery of goods and provides clear information on the status of your deliveries. This software's solutions give more power to both couriers and customers. 

Deliveries are always optimized as Onfleet is equipped with an integrated route optimization engine that saves time. Improve efficiency and get deliveries on time and share the experience with customers as Onfleet sends real-time updates regarding their items being delivered.


Launch    starts at $500/month

Scale        starts at $1150/mo

Enterprise  pricing is available upon request


5. Lunchbox


Lunchbox is a cloud-based online ordering system that provides ease for online ordering, marketing, loyalty management, catering, and delivery for restaurants. This software features powerful compatibility with the major POS to build a seamless ordering system.

Lunchbox features Lunchbox Essential, which is an online platform for single-location restaurants. This solution can help standalone businesses build an online presence in just a few minutes.

Solutions from this software can also make it more efficient for customers to order from your store. In addition to cutting fees from delivery services, Lunchbox software also offers menu organization features to help you build a memorable ordering website.

Manage orders and promote your stores through the Lunchbox manager app.


Package starts at $300/month


6. EasyOrder 


EasyOrder is an online ordering platform for small to medium-restaurants in the food industry. This software provides an online branded ordering app for food businesses to allow customers to reach your business faster.

You can get to customize your own webpage and mobile and incorporate your brand for better recognition. EasyOrder also makes it easier for food businesses to create stronger customer relations by offering loyalty features in combination with the ordering systems for restaurants.

With EasyOrder, you can offer all services ranging from online ordered take-outs, delivery, and tableside payments or reservations through your own app.


Package starts at €149/month.


7. UpMenu

UpMenu online ordering

UpMenu is an online ordering system and mobile app for restaurants. The company was founded in 2012, and over 7,600 restaurants have used our system. UpMenu mainly deals with giving restaurant businesses a platform to allow customers to order from them directly. Users get this minus the extra commission fee from third-party companies.

The technology of UpMenu cuts the customer’s need to be in line or stay on the phone in a long queue just to order from your restaurant. UpMenu also allows businesses to engineer and manage the ordering menu to optimize the value that they can get from online orders. Focus on best-selling items or feature new dishes to attract consumers.

UpMenu does not only make your online ordering life system easier, but it also allows you to see your business productivity. By collecting the data from your online ordering system, UpMenu can provide you with detailed sales reports that you can you to make better and data-driven decision making.

Create, design, and implement your online ordering system through UpMenu now by using their free trial!


Free trial of any package for 7 days

Basic $49/month

Standard $89/month

Premium $169/month



loyalty and rewards software


Loyalty and rewards software

Customer loyalty tools and rewards giving are two essential marketing elements that help build customer relationships and strengthen the chances of repeat purchases. 

Loyalty and rewards software helps businesses craft systems that can show their appreciation towards loyal customers who patronize your products. Programs can be points system-based or handing out gift cards.

This type of software can also help in identifying target markets through the collected information and integration with other marketing tools to focus your strategies on these groups.

Restaurant loyalty software is an essential program if you want to boost repeat purchases.

Find out which one suits your business best.


1. Incentivio


Incentivio is a type of marketing platform that aims to boost guest engagement and customer satisfaction for restaurants and their virtual counterparts. The software fulfills this task by offering loyalty programs built particularly to your target market,m maximizing retention and repeat purchases.

Incentivio pairs its customer loyalty program with its built-in online ordering system. A match made in heaven. Create targeted offers for your existing clients and use an automated email marketing system to send loyalty promotions.

This software can intuitively collect customer profiles, which can be used to tailor more specific loyalty and rewards promotions. 

You can even use these programs to turn first-time customers into your regular patrons. Offer rewards for purchasing, referring, or signing up to your website.


Package starts at $150/month. Contact customer support for more information.


2. Personica


Personica is a marketing system for restaurant businesses. This software aims to increase customer engagement and build lifetime values from your customer relationships.

Personica believes in the power of information. It uses its profiling system to collect information and tailor loyalty programs for repeat customers. Using their own CRM platform, Omni-Channel Messaging, Promotions, and Reports, you can optimize customer engagements through exclusive loyalty offers. 

The software allows you to create multiple loyalty programs to fit your wide range consumer base. It also features smart triggers to entice customers with rewards whenever they accomplish something on your platform.


Package starts at $569/month. Contact customer support for more information.


3. Open Loyalty


Open Loyalty specializes as an online loyalty platform as it offers prebuilt loyalty mechanics fit for businesses such as restaurants. You can choose from simple to more complex loyalty programs that will fit your consumer base. 

This program emphasizes its elastic loyalty system that allows businesses to freely configure or conceptualize their loyalty offers. 

Flexibility is everything with Open Loyalty, as you can integrate it with your existing stack and allows for seamless upgrades.


Open Loyalty provides a custom quote upon request.


4. CardFree


CardFree combines the prowess of its online ordering platform with that loyalty and rewards programs to increase engagement. The software uses data-driven decisions to offer rewards based on what the consumer wants.

The software can create loyalty programs that particularly fit your operations while removing the need for the punch card paradigm. 


CardFree provides pricing details upon request.


5. Beam Impact


Beam Impact is a loyalty software that grants customers the power to support causes that they believe in through the business brands that they support.

The software introduces an interface to the customers where they can select from organizations pursuing the causes that align with their beliefs. Every purchase made to a collaborating brand is also a step closer to achieving the cause advocated by the chosen non-profit organization. 

This software can help boost sales for businesses by expanding the capability of customers to support the advocacies they believe in as well. 

It also gives more power to consumers by sharing the impact of their donations.


Beam Impact provides pricing details upon request. 


6. Punchh


Punchh features customer marketing solutions for businesses such as restaurants. The software uses AI-powered solutions to optimize customer engagements and use experiences to fuel repurchases.

This program allows you to create your own loyalty system to reward your customers. Use programs such as banked points, incentive programs, and tiered systems to share rewards with your loyal customers. 


Punchh provides pricing details upon request.


7. Belly


Belly for businesses is an online customer loyalty platform that helps businesses engage with customers to gain new ones and incentivize loyal patrons. 

Belly uses point-based systems for its loyalty programs. It collects customer information to help you understand your patrons and offer them more personal loyalty incentives. 

This program is a great solution for small businesses finding ways to maximize their visibility and customer base.


Lite    $129/month

Elite   $179/month

Enterprise  -available upon request



accounting software


Accounting software

Not everyone who enters the food industry is good with numbers. There are experts for this job. The thing is, hiring an extra accountant can sometimes prove to be difficult and costly.

Restaurant accounting software programs have been developed to simplify the computation processes in restaurants and help you close books with just a few clicks.

This type of software removes the tedious and technical job from your hands and automates it with great precision. Integrations make accounting and sale solutions even more powerful as they can give you real-time updates on time. 

Find out which is the best software for restaurant accounting from this list.


1. Restaurant365


Restaurant365 is leading restaurant-centric accounting software. This software allows restaurant businesses to automate accounts payable, removing every paper-based computation for more accurate results.

This software can facilitate smooth integration with your chosen bank to track all transactions and eliminate errors. With its powerful data-capturing capabilities, Restaurant365 can also provide more accurate forecasts.

In addition to accounting features, Restaurant365 optimizes its functions by offering real-time inventory valuation, costing, and menu management. 


Essential    $399/month or $444/quarter

Professional  $489/month or $539/quarter

Enterprise -available upon request


2. Quickbooks


Quickbooks is considered an industry standard for accounting and finance management operations for businesses. 

You can mainly organize and customize invoices from the software and set up automatic tracking of sales taxes. The software also integrates an inventory management program to give you an updated overview of your inventory stocks.

Quickbooks can also help you generate comprehensive business reports on your inventory, restaurant sales, and profitability with ease.


Simple Start    $15/month

Essentials        $27.50/month

Plus                   $42.50/month

Advanced          $100/month


3. ZipBooks


ZipBooks is a simple yet intuitive accounting management solution for food businesses. This program allows you to track all transactions and stay on top of your expenses at all times. 

ZipBooks can help you make more customer invoices with your own branding and theme without sacrificing any functionality. With real-time updates of your daily transactions and expenses, this software can generate real-time and customizable reports for you.


Starter    FREE

Smarter  $15/month

Sophisticated $35/month

Accountant -available upon request




DAVO is a sales tax management software that eliminates the hassle of filing and paying your business taxes. 

This software can seamlessly integrate with your chosen POS to generate all the necessary information for a comprehensive and complete tax filing. 

DAVO ensures that you will never file your taxes late and incomplete. With this software, you can ensure that your sales reports and tax information are safe with storage encryption.


DAVO features a 1 month free trial.

Regular package subscription charges $49.99/month


Bonus softwares


Website builder for restaurants

With website builders for restaurants, you can create a website that can take orders online in just a few minutes. Simply choose a template, customize it to fit your brand, and add an e-commerce feature. Many website builders offer built-in payment processing tools, making it easy for customers to pay for their purchases securely.

With a few clicks, you can have your online store up and running, ready to take orders from customers around the world.

website builder for restaurants



With the Food and Beverage Software HashMicro, you can streamline your restaurant's administration, including reservations, tables, memberships, promotions, upsells and cross-sells, and menu revisions. This software features a variety of solutions such as:

  • Point of Sales (POS) Software
  • Central Kitchen Software
  • CRM Software Integration
  • Software Purchasing
  • Online Based Accounting Software
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Self-Ordering Kiosk Software

Hash F&B Technology is the ideal option for streamlining very complicated restaurant and café operations. Their software provides several options to optimize your company operations, such as order and service management, promotion and loyalty program design, inventory management, and automated financial administration.

Hash F&B Technology was created by our expertise to meet the specific demands of the F&B business. Hash F&B Technology is the greatest solution for growing your restaurant business since it has gotten positive feedback, is safe to use, and is simply accessible.

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request and demo.




Some software programs will offer an all-in-one solution for restaurants, whereas others will require software integrations with other software. Any restaurant management platform is built to make particular restaurant operations easier and with less probability of errors. 

Choosing the right software for your restaurant type will depend on the nature of your business operations, the legal requirements of your industry, and the specific needs of your food business. Tailoring all the software you use for your food businesses may not be an easy task, but with the right guidance, you can find the perfect fit for your team and food business. 

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