Our globally trusted Food Safety Management System helps you to create and monitor any kind of food safety procedure.

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Save time with HACCP plan

Save your employees' time

Safety monitoring made easy. Does your team know how to ensure food safety? Create, complete and monitor any kind of food safety tasks quickly and easily.

App notifications about upcoming liabilities save time on monitoring, audits, reviews, reporting, logistics, training, etc

Spend less time on supervision 

FoodDocs enables to have a real-time overview of food hygiene completion in the team and what units or departments have issues.

Spend less time and money on compliance and ensuring that all your business units follow the same HACCP standards. It can be used on a desktop or mobile devices.

Food safety expert
food safety compliance training

Improve employees' food safety awareness and food quality

Help your staff become aware of food safety hazards and ensure that all your business units follow the same HACCP system.

Notifications about due tasks enable quicker response and damage control.

More than 9000 satisfied customers

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What our customers say

FoodDocs Tokumaru
"Updating our HACCP plan is much quicker now! FoodDocs also helps to keep the daily tasks under control and in line with the legal requirements."
Daigo Takagi
Tokumaru Restaurant
Chef / Owner


"We used FoodDocs to open 20 new units. The platform helps save a lot of time, allowing us to focus on other tasks."

Anella Stimmer
Dussmann Catering
Managing Director

Kristjan, the head chef of Tallink  says that FoodDocs helps to save time and money

"When using FoodDocs you will understand how many unnecessary moves you can skip. You also save nature by not printing out all the papers."

Kristjan Kelder
Tallink hotels
Head chef

One-stop shop for food safety

Automatically generated monitoring sheets

Create monitoring sheets based on the needs of your business. This is your chance to switch smoothly to digital monitoring!

Monitor the elements you need and create custom monitoring sheets with our easy built-in tool.

Modify our templates or create your own checklist!

Food safety monitoring
Notifications of food safety due tasks

Never miss a task

Monitor all your daily tasks with the FoodDocs app. Receive notifications and reminders for role-based tasks. Our system helps you get ready for all the upcoming monitoring in time. 

Digital monitoring sheets are also an excellent help to the leader or owner of the company. You have a real-time overview of all the filled or unfilled monitoring sheets.

Real-time dashboard

Get a simple and powerful overview of the food safety management system across all your business units. Accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

See in real-time who follows food hygiene rules and which units or departments have issues. Use it on desktop or mobile devices.

Real-time dashboard of the whole food safety

Automated readings from temperature sensors and barcode readers

Our system can be integrated with major sensor providers (Carel, Danfoss, etc.). Our native Android/iOS app has a built-in barcode reader to recognise products for a faster fill-in.

Cloud storage for official stuff

Keep all your food safety-related documents in one place. Your data is safely stored and easily found.


Production traceability

Ensure traceability by recording all produced batches and the shelf life of components used.

FoodDocs' Production module helps you manage all product-related information, from preparation instructions to information about allergens and beyond.

Team management and training

Manage team training and all relevant certificates and workshops from one place. From cleaning duties to equipment maintenance - create various groups and assign tasks to groups or people within them, all conveniently through the FoodDocs mobile app.

fooddocs digital audits

Strengthen your brand through digital audits

Use our app to complete your HACCP audits on any type of device. Add pictures and videos and get instant real-time results on your dashboard. Use our audit templates or create your own!

Keep your brand growing by reviewing safety procedures and reducing food-related risks.

Digital records and activity log

Track task completion and view progress reports. Keep your due diligence documents for customers and local authorities in one place.

fooddocs digital records and activity log

How much does it cost?


$239/one time fee


  • Home producers
  • Portable vehicles
  • Temporary businesses


  • Create & print your HACCP plan




  • Food production
  • Retail
  • Production kitchen


  • Store & edit your digital HACCP plan
  • Digital monitoring system
  • Mobile app with notifications
  • Real-time overview of all daily tasks
  • Unlimited cloud storage for your data
  • Production traceability
  • Integration with sensors

Prices are exclusive of VAT.
All plans grant you instant access - a credit card is not needed.
One licence is required per food handling establishment (unlimited devices).

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