Automated readings from temperature sensors and barcode readers

Future sensors illustration

Our system can be easily integrated with food safety temperature sensors, making all your food safety management information accessible from one dashboard. In other words, if you have smart fridges or you are using hot, cold or core temperature sensors in your kitchen, all data can be directly forwarded to your FoodDocs dashboard or management.

Why is this important? The information about open or broken fridges is required to reach the store manager or chef first. They will be able to take corrective action - whether to close the door, restore or reheat the food, or dispose of it. If the information goes only to the maintenance company, the corrective action cannot be taken straight away, and the food safety and hygiene cannot be guaranteed.

Applies to:
Food handlers, quality managers, quality specialists, quality assurance specialists, food business owners/managers, chefs, ghost kitchen owners, franchise owners, etc.

To make completing your traceability monitoring sheets especially easy, our native Android/iOS app has a built-in barcode reader to recognize the products, making completing your sheets faster. Let the scanning commence!

Contact our team to inquire about automated readings and integrations.

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