Tallinn hands out 6,000 euro grants to get your food safety management system organized!

Updated: Oct 1

A food safety plan that complies with the necessary regulations is an essential part before setting up a food business. The owner of the business must take into consideration what kind of food safety risks the business may face ensuring the food safety for its customers on a daily basis. Appropriate food safety standards give your customers a sense of security, which is very important during these times of crisis.

Paper systems are outdated and do not contribute to the company’s operations

How many companies do you know who still use paper systems to manage their accounting? Digital food safety solution has the same purpose as accounting software - to help the company to create, monitor, and manage its daily tasks. Food safety documentation is a time-consuming process and there are many jobs that tend to be forgotten to be completed on a daily basis. Paper-based systems are in the past as they can’t guarantee a high level of food safety.

Why digital food safety and FoodDocs?

You do not need to hire a food safety specialist to open a food business. FoodDocs can help you to create a HACCP plan that meets your requirements. Our software operates on artificial intelligence filters that help to recognize what is important to ensure food safety.

Spend less time on supervision How much effort do you have to put to have a real-time overview of all your food business units? With FoodDocs, you can avoid supervision costs and have better documentation in place than you have today.

Spend less time on training staff Using FoodDocs helps your employees to understand what are the requirements and why they need to be followed. Our app and desktop dashboard are available in 7 different languages.

The system that covers all your food safety needs FoodDocs, a food safety management system (FSMS) covers all parts of food safety, including HACCP, monitoring, audits, and can be integrated with other external systems.

FoodDocs creates trust towards your brand Safe food and customers' trust is the key, and FoodDocs can help you to create trust towards your brand. It has been proved that FoodDocs' quality stamps on delivery apps and take away bags can increase your sales by 15%.

Read more about digital solution grants on the Tallinn City Government website and ask for a free demo to get answers to all your questions about FoodDocs digital food safety.