Regular Tuesday or a COVID-19 Wednesday but food needs to be safe at all times!

Updated: Sep 28

Starting from the middle of the March, Food inspections have stopped all planned audits for food businesses. This means that food businesses are the ones who responsible for food safety at the moment. 

By the law, all food businesses must have a HACCP plan which helps food businesses to prevent and control hazards, including hygiene, temperature control, and safe sale of food. 

Currently, many companies have changed their business models and started selling food for taking away and through delivery services due to the current situation. However, these changes must comply with the legal requirements, and the food safety plan must be changed accordingly. The following points of risks must be considered: Have your employees completed food safety training? Are they healthy? How have they been checked? 

“Food businesses are trying to sell their food and survive at the moment, and clearly, food safety is not a priority for them anymore”, - says Katrin Liivat, the owner of FoodDocs. “In times of crisis, we should not ignore the fact that food must be still safe to eat. Otherwise, people will be in the hospitals not only because of the virus but also because of the food poisoning. We should remember that the virus Covid-19 originated in a fish market, which is similar to street food stalls,”- she added.

FoodDocs is a digital food safety software that helps food businesses to keep all their documents updated and in one place. The software gives you access to have a 24/7 overview of your business. Furthermore, the cloud-based systems create monitoring sheets based on each company’s needs. Daily tasks are easy to manage and the software sends reminders of jobs to be done.

FoodDocs software is being used by more than 7000 users in Estonia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Germany, US, etc.