Mushlya Cafe is a great example of a company that cares about food safety

Updated: Sep 29

Another sunny morning in Kyiv, and the cafe is already in a full swing getting ready for the day and their customers! We picked a table in the corner where we can observe the full working process of the cafe. Ljudmila is the manager of the cafe and she has great experience in this industry. Apart from working for Borisovi’s cafe chain, she used to work for McDonald’s, Vienna Buns, and Domino Pizza. Today, we met with Ljudmila for a coffee and to discuss what are the chain’s biggest food safety issues and how do they deal with them so well.

Mushlya - is a gastro bar and cafe that belong to Borisov’s family-owned restaurant chain. “Mushlya” means a “shell”, and this is one of the customers’ favorite places: an amazing menu, fresh and tasty food, quick service! You can find at least 20 cafes in each city in Ukraine, and they are always full of customers.

Did you have any challenges?

"Of course, we did. When it comes to food safety, the biggest challenge was monitoring and making sure everything is done according to legal requirements. Each site has around 30 employees and it is a hard job to manage them. At the end of the day, no matter what, but food should be not only looking good but also safe to eat," said Ljudmilla.

What do you do to make sure all procedures in the cafe are being followed and completed according to legal requirements?

"We are using FoodDocs, a digital software that helps us to save a lot of time and manage the whole team across different sites. The system is very easy to use and our team does not need to use any more paper for monitoring checks. We have achieved a higher level of performance as it covers different areas of food safety including hygiene control, temperature records, staff, and products’ management. The software can be accessed through the app on your phone or tablet, or on your PC." explained Ljudmilla

What is the most useful tool for you?

"The most useful tool is that all documents can be stored digitally and in one place. Since they started using FoodDocs", Ljudmila noticed that she started managing her time much better. No matter where she is, she can easily access any information and still be in control. 

Did you have any issues with implementing FoodDocs in the cafe?

"Yes, we did. In the beginning, all employees were worried, but as soon as we started using the program we realized how useful and helpful it is. The whole communication about food safety within the team has changed in a positive way." 

What is the biggest advantage? 

"The team is happy with the software, and moreover, it saves time and helps to control different areas of food safety within the business. You can easily create a digital HACCP plan within a couple of hours. Few clicks and you can have an overview of the whole chain and all staff! " concluded Ljudmilla

FoodDocs is the perfect software for foodservice chains

FoodDocs and Mushlya have a strong and promising long-term partnership. The software provides a real-time overview of all sites. It only takes a couple of clicks to change the menu for a single site or across the whole chain. Once, changes applied, the software automatically updates products’ information including calorie count, allergen information, and the cost. FoodDocs digital software is also being used in other countries including Germany, Ukraine, England, Poland, and Estonia; and is available in five different languages - English, Ukrainian, Russian, Estonian and German.

Your business can be in different cities or countries but you can still only use one software for the whole chain, and Mushlya is one of them!