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HACCP plan software creates HACCP in 1 hour

Creating a HACCP plan isn't an easy task. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of paperwork. However, thanks to ...

Creating a HACCP plan isn't an easy task. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of paperwork. However, thanks to technology it is possible to get a HACCP within 1 hour with HACCP plan software. 

Food safety. It is amongst everyone’s top concerns when buying food. Whether the food we eat is safe for us, our loved ones, and our customers – shapes our purchasing decisions, loyalty to food establishments, and even our general behavior as consumers.

Since the digital age has equipped food businesses with smart sensors and software solutions, even the smallest failings in food safety have the power to create lasting damage to the reputation of any formerly popular business. But this is good news – no one in the 21st century should still have to worry about food safety. At least not in the world the smart food safety companies are revolutionizing as we speak.



Food safety is paramount

Food safety is paramount. Although food safety incidents have become rarer in today’s world, they can still be catastrophic for people and businesses. Most often, to both. When public health has been exposed to risk, fast and accurate data are of critical importance in containing the outbreak, saving lives, and alleviating both the reputational and economic impact.

A technological revolution has been underway in the food safety sector since the early 2000s. Cloud-based sensors are now talking to your computer whilst you are carrying out your food safety audits using various digital apps. It’s all happening! To date, several steps within the food safety business have been digitalized by smart solutions, except for the first and most important one: getting your actual HACCP plan done - the very basis for getting your food business up and running.

A stellar start to a stellar plan

What started as a plan created by a team of food scientists in the late 1950s has now developed into one of the most accurate and esteemed food and safety management systems in the world.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a standardized tool and a strategic plan for every business in the food industry that validates, through following the HACCP procedures, that all food cooked, served, and consumed, is safe to eat.

Highlights on the HACCP history timeline include:

  • 1950s: It all begins: NASA and the US army implement food safety requirements for the United States space program in the form of a HACCP system

  • 1971: The FDA proposes an idea to establish critical hazard testing

  • 1990: The EU makes having a HACCP plan a legal requirement

  • 2000: The first HACCP plan software solutions enter the market

  • 2020: Consumer demand fuels digital transformation and AI-powered HACCP plans burst onto the scene


From dusty folders to nerve-wracking flow charts – how to write a HACCP plan?

Compiling a HACCP plan on paper used to be a lengthy process. And when we say lengthy, we mean… lengthy. To spend a month writing your HACCP plan was the rule, not an exception, and you would often require a HACCP plan template or a HACCP example to guide you through the HACCP steps.

Firstly, you would have to ask yourself: What is the first step in developing a HACCP plan? (Yes, the first step in the HACCP plan, which we now take for granted, used to be the first hurdle.) Then, you would most likely realize that a food safety consultant is required – and they tend to have long waiting lists… and high salary demands. And, if you decided to brave the storm and go it on your own, it would eventually be the flow charts that broke you. But then! Then you had your 100+ page folder that you could proudly let gather dust on a shelf in the kitchen, the same kitchen that is already short of space. :)

In the early 2000s, the first digital HACCP plans entered the market. They were a little more user-friendly and instead of on paper, they were stored digitally and did not take up so much space. This was good news!

In 2021, HACCP plan software is finally revolutionizing food safety. The core of this revolution does not lie with the next generation of smart sensors, but with the first and most important step of them all: creating your HACCP plan.

Using a HACCP builder is the 21st century way

With the help of technology, we have come a long way from waiting on food safety consultants to open our dream businesses. Food safety innovation is happening, and everyone can benefit from it today.

Now, you can answer simple questions about your food business and watch as FoodDocs’ AI HACCP plan software compiles your HACCP plan and other food safety documents that:

  • meet all the legal requirements,
  • are internationally qualified,
  • can be submitted to your local authority.

There is no better time than 2021 to get rid of your HACCP paperwork and switch to smart HACCP plan software like FoodDocs. You do not need prior food safety knowledge to switch to a digital HACCP plan and you can get your fully customizable HACCP 500 times faster than a paper one. Fact! And apart from a super speedy start, saving all your food safety data in one place comes with another massive benefit: all your data is always and immediately available for upcoming audits, and nothing gets lost. (Or possibly tampered with.)

haccp plan software

A HACCP plan in 1 hour

There are many food safety monitoring companies out there but only one that can give you a HACCP plan in just one hour.

FoodDocs is as simple and powerful as it sounds. After signing up to the digital food safety platform and starting to create your HACCP plan, our AI asks you 8 straightforward questions, and then uses your answers to create a plan that takes all your food business characteristics into account:

  • The exact nature of your food business (take-away, catering, on-site restaurant, burger truck, etc.),
  • Your location/climate,
  • The raw materials you use,
  • The production volumes and processes,
  • And the overall food handling processes.


FoodDocs: a food safety revolutionizer with a mission

With its AI-powered HACCP builder, FoodDocs is on a course to change the future and shake up the existing food safety industry.

In a climate where businesses and business models need to change overnight, a digital HACCP plan comes with one crucial benefit: it is customizable at any time. So, when you need to implement a change in your business (for example, switch to take-away or add a food handling process), you can quickly change the relevant settings in your FoodDocs app and immediately have your HACCP plan up to date – without ever having to turn to a consultant or worry about an outdated plan!

And this is not where the technological magic ends. On top of allowing food businesses to get a HACCP plan in one hour, FoodDocs also provides them with a top-notch traceability system that allows users to track the entire food supply chain quickly and accurately.

Accurate tracking is extremely important during contamination, but also in everyday life: consumers demand increased transparency when it comes to the source of their food, are becoming more environmentally focused when shopping, and are more interested in where the ingredients for their restaurant and take-away meals really come from. All of this brings food traceability systems into the limelight – and helps make FoodDoc’s ultimate goal possible: to ensure all food is safe to eat.

With more and more businesses switching to a digital HACCP plan, we can safely say that starting a food business will be completely different in 5 years – and that the technological revolution started right here, at FoodDocs.



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