Good Girl Restaurant in Kyiv introduces an innovative FoodDocs food safety system

Updated: Oct 1

Svitlana Oryshchenko has been in the restaurant business for 15 years. Together with Anna Kozachenko they created such famous establishments in Kyiv as Dogs and Tails and Milk Bar. The names of these restaurants are well-known and even after five years of work, their popularity is not subsiding. To visit these places, clients continue to line up, as in the first days after opening. Today, Svitlana - the manager of Good Girl - is introducing an innovative digital HACCP system FoodDocs.

Svitlana Oryshchenko: The Good Girl concept is healthy, high-quality, certified food that also looks beautiful. At the moment of opening of our restaurant, there were no such projects in Kyiv. And today, after three years since opening Good Girl, none of our colleagues has succeeded in recreating our idea. I think we revolutionized the restaurant business in Ukraine. After all, you could visit our restaurant every day, three times a day, and still try something new every time. We have collected recipes from different cuisines of the world. They are uncommon, delicious, and healthy. We have brought a unit especially from the United States that produces cold-pressed juices; they store all the vitamins for a long time, unlike the fresh juice, which must be consumed immediately, otherwise, all the vitamins will evaporate. Our team consists of guys and girls who are passionate about their business: they are constantly studying the products, trying to do something new. 

Question: What are the main achievements of the Good Girl team? 

Svitlana: At the beginning, no one actually believed in our success when we talked about our concept. Because frankly, Ukrainians love fatty, fried food. Therefore, skeptics assured that the concept of Good Girl will not be understood by customers. The fact that the restaurant is lively and successful, I, personally, consider as an achievement. The second point is not yet fully implemented, but we are on our way. Today at Good Girl, we work towards minimizing the environmental impact of the restaurant. For example, we try to reduce the usage of plastic. We are studying a project that will allow the maximum sorting of waste. I want to point out that the people working in the team are extremely interested in implementing such eco-friendly initiatives and initiate the implementation themselves. 

Question: Why did Good Girl decide to use the FoodDocs’ system? 

Svitlana: As I said, our team is innovation-oriented. Therefore, we are interested in the digital food security system. After all, the future is in similar projects. Paper documents are very cumbersome, uncomfortable, I’m sure soon they are in the past. Today, many aspects of a person's life are connected to a smartphone. Our team is young, progressive, and doesn’t want to stay away from changes. There is no alternative to FoodDocs in the Ukrainian market today. Of course, you can hire a specialist who will create and implement the system but this is a time-consuming process with the payroll gaining additional burden. You can also pick an option to go through consultations but then again, besides tips, you will hardly get something valuable, as you will have to create the HACCP plan yourself. Again, this is a time-consuming task. FoodDocs is a finished product. We have conventionally adapted the system with the help of a company's technologist who is in touch at any time of the day and night, and we adjust it for ourselves. It should be noted that the program is not ridiculously expensive.

Question: Did you have any fears before joining the program? 

Svitlana: Of course, like anything new, the introduction of FoodDocs could have caused some resistance from the team. But I can say that we managed to avoid it. Because many employees want to do the right thing, but they don't always know how to do it. The task of the supervisor is to help, explain, and demonstrate. We gathered our employees, explained to them what we want to do, why, and how. Everyone understands the purpose we want to achieve in the end. Thanks to FoodDocs we clearly understand, step by step, who needs to do what in matters of transportation, storage, handling of the product. Today, we are "making" a change in seniors' habits to "manually" monitor the refrigerators and not rely on sensors. FoodDocs’ system is convenient because it allows us to work in a team and monitor everything distantly. After all, keeping a lot of papers might cause mistakes. If the person who controls everything stops working and goes to another company, he needs to pass all the information. And if there is no such opportunity? And what if he’s ill? In addition, keeping all the necessary documents on paper is inconvenient. And with the digital system, you can follow the work of the restaurant from anywhere in the world! It saves a lot of time, money, and human resources.

Question: Would you recommend FoodDocs to your colleagues? 

Svitlana: Of course, it is so convenient! To be honest, many are already interested in the program. And I'm happy to share my experience. Right now Good Girl is still tuning the system to make it work like a clock. And further, we plan to introduce the program to all our restaurants.

Question: Do you have any ideas on what to improve in FoodDocs?

Svitlana: We would like to have some personal meetings. At the first meeting, you’re getting to know the system and it is clear that you cannot immediately get involved and understand everything that is happening. And then in practice, questions arise. That's when you need another meeting. Although I want to emphasize again that the company’s technologist is constantly in touch with us, she explains, helps, communicates with the developers. And it is possible to create industry-standard checklists that can be customized for you. Once again, I would like to emphasize that the program is very innovative for Ukraine, it allows us to collect data, analyze it and keep it online, which saves a lot of time and money!

FoodDocs is a digital food safety system that simplifies the implementation of the HACCP plan and significantly reduces the cost and time required to implement food safety. One of the main advantages of the system is remote access to all your food safety documents and the ability to have an overview and control the work of the institution remotely in real-time. FoodDocs was founded in 2017 in Estonia. The company helps major European retailers as well as hundreds of cafes, restaurants, small and medium-sized businesses whose main activity is food handling. In total, FoodDocs has over 7,000 users worldwide. FoodDocs is available in seven languages.