Bolt Food joined food safety platform

Updated: Oct 1

Bolt Food started a partnership with a food safety platform FoodDocs due to an increase in food deliveries. The aim is to help all restaurants in Bolt Food platform to meet legal food safety requirements and to contribute to fight Covid-19. 

By the law, all food businesses (restaurants, grocery stores, small kitchens, manufacturers, etc) are required to have a food safety plan to comply with regulatory requirements. Starting from today, all Bolt Food operators are strongly advised to join FoodDocs platform. Many food operators changed their business model recently and started selling food for takeaway or for delivery. However, there are a number of points to consider: temperature control during transportation, cleanliness of the vehicle, cleaning schedule, staff infection control, etc. Moreover, they should change their food safety plan accordingly. FoodDocs can easily help food operators to make important changes to their food safety plans.

“Food operators are trying to sell their food and to survive at the moment, and clearly, food safety is not a priority for them anymore”, - says Katrin Liivat, the owner of FoodDocs. “In times of crisis, we should not ignore the fact that food must be still safe to eat. Otherwise, people will be in the hospitals not only because of the virus but also because of the food poisoning. We should remember that the virus Covid-19 originated in a fish market, which is similar to street food stalls,”- she added.

As a company, we always aim to make our business partners’ life as easy as possible, especially nowadays. We believe that FoodDocs can provide great help to food operators. FoodDocs’ advisors can help food businesses to make sure they follow all legal requirements, and last but not least, save money on consultants.”- commented Maxim Milashenko, Head of Bolt Food Estonia.

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