Violetta Njunina - Head of sales

As a certified specialist with a solid understanding of food safety regulations within the food industry, I want people to stop thinking about food safety as the most boring or scary topic in the business. I am on a mission to educate and inspire everyone who sells or serves food about food safety - and FoodDocs is the way.

Stories by Violetta

Food safety

What are the 7 FSMA regulations?

FSMA regulations aim to shift the focus of food producers and handlers towards the prevention of food safety issues before they happen.

HACCP plan

Critical control point examples

Learn everything about critical control point examples for biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

Food safety

What is food hygiene? Food hygiene in 2021

Is food hygiene the same as food safety? Technically, they are not the same. Although in some cases, food manufacturers use these terms...

HACCP plan

What is a critical control point?

A critical control point is any manufacturing step that serves as a control for food safety hazards by eliminating or preventing them from occurring.

Food safety

FSMA compliance checklist

For your food business to ensure FSMA compliance, a set of documented processes are needed to be prepared.

HACCP plan

7 HACCP principles

The seven HACCP principles are achieved by analyzing food hazards in your manufacturing process and addressing them accordingly.

Food safety

FSMA & how can it help your food business

The FSMA focuses on proactively preventing factors that could compromise safety rather than acting on them as they happen.

Food safety

European vs American food safety standards

Food safety standards are a set of principles that a food must meet if it is to be appropriate for human consumption, permissible additives, etc.