Violetta Njunina - Head of sales

As a certified specialist with a solid understanding of food safety regulations within the food industry, I want people to stop thinking about food safety as the most boring or scary topic in the business. I am on a mission to educate and inspire everyone who sells or serves food about food safety - and FoodDocs is the way.

Stories by Violetta

HACCP plan

Getting HACCP certification online

Getting HACCP certification online is a great benefit to your company. The main one is - cost, plus you also save yourself a huge amount of time.

Food safety

HARPC Basics: A beginner's guide to HARPC

The HARPC program follows the main principle of the FSMA law which is to shift the focus of the food industry.

HACCP plan

Is HACCP a voluntary process?

Regardless of HACCP being a voluntary system in some locations, food safety management systems are a requirement for all food businesses.

HACCP plan

The HACCP process - all you need to know

The HACCP process can seem daunting, but it is vital that you implement a HACCP process in order to keep your customers healthy.

Food safety

Basic food hygiene regulations to follow

Although food hygiene regulations are not mandatory, your business must be able to show a certain level of competence in this area.

HACCP plan

What is HACCP? - The Ultimate Guide

HACCP is a preventive tool that helps you manage your operations by identifying, analyzing, and addressing food safety hazards.

HACCP certification

How to get a 5-star food hygiene rating?

The key to a 5-star food hygiene rating is properly implementing a food hygiene system that prioritizes the welfare of your customers.

HACCP plan

What is HACCP certification?

A HACCP certification is awarded to a food business that has a complete and comprehensive HACCP plan and has undergone a stringent audit.