Estonian start-up with the help of euro money creates AI to make food safety more clear

Updated: Oct 1

Estonian start-up FoodDocs received a 400 000€ grant to create an AI and voice-activated robot to make food safety easy to understand everywhere around the world. 

We are pleased to announce that the digital food safety platform received €400,000 from the Nutikas (support in smart specialization growth areas) to implement an applied research project. As part of the project, FoodDocs and STACC (Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre) are developing a prototype of an artificial food safety intelligence and voice-activated robot. 

“We can see that since the virus started, food safety has become more important for food operators, and it is crucial that we pay attention to the daily hygiene of food,”

says Katrin Liivat, one of the founders of FoodDocs. 

More than 10 users join the FoodDocs platform every day, and by now, there are more than 5,000 users from 97 countries around the world. By looking at these numbers, it is clear that food safety is an issue that needs to be addressed and the solution needs to be simplified.

“We can see that many employees and owners of food businesses, who are responsible for food safety, are struggling: they are not food safety experts, they don’t have the relevant knowledge, and they don’t have time to study the law, regulations, and guidelines,”

she says. "In order, to better understand our users and make the process clear, we have started the development of artificial intelligence and voice-activated robot. We are extremely pleased to receive the support, not only from the financial side, but we can also see that food safety and supply chain transparency are the issues that currently need to be addressed,” Katrin Liivat says.

A consulting company Civitta Eesti AS was involved in the process from the beginning. They helped FoodDocs with all related jobs, starting from finding the research and development partner, preparing application documents, and finishing with administrative project management including the fulfillment of project funding requirements. At Civitta Eesti AS, they focus on customer service. They understand the benefits of external assistance and ready to make changes and implement new solutions.

According to Tea Tassa, the service coordinator of the State Support Services Centre, FoodDocs created the project that addressed the problem and had an existing solution:

“The purpose of the Nutikas project is to encourage food businesses to implement the development plans in cooperation with research institutes. This will help them manage the economic risks associated with development. As a result of cooperation with research centers, higher value-added products and services will be developed, which will also give companies a competitive advantage.”

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