Team management and training

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Manage and store all your team's certificates and training records in one place. Check the validity of your documents and get notifications when due dates are approaching. Allocate team members to groups and assign tasks to different groups to ensure that the team's documents are valid and their tasks get completed.

Our Team module works like a traffic light. If everything is correct and valid, the light is green. If something needs your attention, the light turns yellow, while the red light notifies you of any critical issues.

Applies to:
Quality managers, quality specialists, quality assurance specialists, HR specialists, food business owners/managers, ghost kitchen owners/managers, chefs, etc.


Step 1: Assign & define tasks

  • Add team members by clicking on ADD TEAM MEMBER.

  • Define and assign any task to a team member under DEFINE TASKS. You can add different tasks, from finishing hygiene training to monitoring uniforms.
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Step 2: Deactivate/activate tasks

  • Assign food safety and sanitation tasks to your team members by clicking + ADD NEW.
Setup, define tasks dropdown lists on overlay screenshot

  • If any of your employees work seasonally or are on maternity leave, you can easily DEACTIVATE and  ACTIVATE them when needed.

Setup, set team roles checkbox list on overlay screenshot