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Food Production

When and how to indicate the percentage of ingredients?

Regulation 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council regulates the provision of food information in order to provide customers with correct and relevant information. According to law, some ingredients/groups of ingredients must be indicated in percentages. This manual would be good for food production companies in order to give you an idea of when the percentage of the ingredients should/shouldn’t be on the packaging label. HOW TO INDICATE THE QUANTITY OF THE INGREDIENT 1.1 Percentage of the ingredient should be indicated if : Ingredient is present in the name of the product; Ingredient is mentioned on the packaging (word, picture); Ingredient is essential to characterise a food and distinguish it from other products that are similar in name or appearance.

Setting up

How to choose your main field of activity?

The most important thing in FoodDocs is to choose your main field of activity: based on your choice, FoodDocs will configure all the following settings in your HACCP plan to ensure food safety. For example, if you have chosen Food service as your main field of activity, FoodDocs will generate all the next steps to ensure that food is prepared, served and stored safely. How to choose if I have several activities within the enterprise? The rule is: your main field of activity is the one with the highest turnover. All other activities should be added as additional activities in the general settings. For example, you have a restaurant, and your main activity is Food service. But you also sell purchased items in their original packaging (e.g. chocolates, sweets, snacks). In this case, you need to choose Retail as an additional activity. If you also prepare food and sell it to take away, you choose Food preparation for takeaway, Takeaway, and in some cases - Selling food online/via post. How to choose the main field of activity if I have several locations? The rule is: you choose the main field of activity for each location. For example, you have two locations, a production kitchen and a food truck. In this case, you draw up a food safety plan and choose the main field of activity for each location. List of business activities Food service - you provide food service, ie prepare or reheat food to eat on-site or take away (incl. restaurant, cafe, bar, pub, nightclub, hotel, hostel, B&B, etc) Food retail - you sell food to the final customers (incl. shop, shopping centre, market, kiosk, point of sale) Food production - produce food in a central or industrial kitchen, factory, production facilities, etc. Food service in portable vehicle - you provide food service in portable vehicles (incl. food truck, bus, stationary vessel, etc) Temporary food establishment - you sell food or provide food service for a period of up to 3 months Food storage/wholesale – you are a wholesaler or supplier whose primary business is to sell food to other businesses Transporting food/logistics – your main business activity is the transportation of food (online shop, food delivery services) Animal farming/harvesting/hunting (primary production) – you raise animals, cultivate plants, pick berries/mushrooms. Making food at home - you prepare food at home for sale (e.g. cakes, sushi, etc), and your premises are not specifically adapted for food production. Food service in institution - you provide food service in an institution (school, kindergarten, prison, hospital)

How to create a HACCP plan in one hour?

FoodDocs is built to help food companies who are not food safety specialists. All you have to do is describe your business and we generate a HACCP plan for you automatically. Watch this demo to see how: From the video you can see: 0:00 How to register and change general settings? 1:12 How to add food handling place? 4:53 How to invite team members? 8:45 How to create HACCP plan? 21:07 Personnel module (how to add employees?) 24:31 Production module (how to create recipes, calculate nutritional values, create package information etc) 32:43 Monitoring (how to set up and fill digital monitoring sheets?) 37:23 How to fill monitoring sheets in FoodDocs mobile app? 43:15 Audits module (how to conduct an audit in FoodDocs?) 46:23 Documents module (how to keep your documents online?)

How to make payments in FoodDocs?

Payments can be made using credit card or bank transfer. As we mostly deal with companies, we are usually sending out invoices based on the agreement.