Customized monitoring sheets

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Get your digital monitoring sheets quickly and easily by signing up to FoodDocs. Get everything done on time by assigning monitoring tasks to your employees and teams according to their roles.

Applies to:
New food businesses, cafes, burger trucks, ghost kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, fast food businesses, small producers, home production, supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, and food transportation businesses


Step 1: Sign up to FoodDocs

You are just a few steps away from those perfectly completed monitoring sheets. To get there, complete the registration form and log into your FoodDocs account.



Step 2: Start setting up your monitoring tasks

Select Setup from the menu and create your monitoring tasks

  • FoodDocs offers you pre-set rooms, equipment and monitoring tasks based on your company’s profile.


Step 3: Customize your monitoring tasks

  • Select the equipment, rooms, and monitoring tasks used in your business and add ones that are not listed. You can deactivate tasks by changing the status of the ON/OFF button.

setup, rooms list screenshot

  • Customize pre-set tasks according to your needs. You can do this by clicking on the row that you would like to edit.

    Change anything you need: the name of the task, the frequency, the responsible role, etc. You can add more fields or edit the names of the current ones.

setup, monitoring task setup overlay screenshot

  • Create any monitoring task from scratch. ADD TASK
    Helpful tip: The date, time, and user who filled in the entry are logged automatically for all the tasks, so there's no need to add a separate field for those. 

    • Set the name for the task: the name will be also visible to the team member who performs it.

    • You can attach the activity to several rooms or pieces of equipment by clicking on the Related unit. Here, you have 3 choices - rooms, equipment, and none.

      For example: if you need to maintain your equipment regularly, you can easily attach the same maintenance task to all of it.

  • Choose to see your tasks as a form or a checklist

    • A form allows you to create any kind of a monitoring sheet from scratch. You can set different parameters that you will later complete in the Activity log. Choose the fields you need and name them.

Here is an overview of the different field types and how they will appear in the Mobile App:

Field types for monitoring tasks in Setup Fields to fill in Mobile App
Enter temperature– set minimum and maximum limits Log temperature
💡 Select the checkbox if you want the user to be asked a corrective action if the entered temperature is out of range. 💡 You will be notified if the temperature is out of range. According to your settings, a corrective action may be asked.
Enter date Log date or choose from the calendar
Enter amount Log amount and choose the unit from dropdown
Enter text Log any text
Enter value– set minimum and maximum limits Log value
💡 Select the checkbox if you want the user to be asked a corrective action if the entered temperature is out of range. 💡 You will be notified when entered value is out of range. According to your settings, a corrective action may be asked.
Choose multiple answers Log data by selecting multiple answers from the dropdown.
Choose one answer Log data by selecting one answer from the dropdown.
Choose a product Choose from dropdown or type in a product
Attach a file Attach a file
  • To set up a task in a checklist form, name your task, set the frequency and choose a responsible role. A checklist monitoring task can later be marked as done in the Activity log.

  • For example, you can create a checklist for your morning/evening shift, listing the activities your team members are required to do at the beginning/end of the working day, e.g., clean the coffee machine, take out the rubbish, switch off the lights, lock the door, etc.

  • Select the frequency and the responible role

    • Frequency can range from twice a day to once a year. There is an additional option called „not specified“. This can be used for tasks that must be recorded according to requirements, e.g. complaints.


Step 4: Start entering

  • Download our mobile app and start entering your monitoring tasks.
dashboard view on mobile


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