Digital audits for food handlers


Complete your HACCP audits with the FoodDocs app on any type of device. Add pictures or videos and instantly get real-time results on your dashboard. Use our templates or create your own.

Applies to:
Quality managers, quality specialists, quality assurance specialists, food business owners/managers, ghost kitchen owners/managers, chefs, etc.


Step 1: Go to Audits menu to create an audit template

Use our templates or create your own:

  • Select the frequency - yearly, quarterly, monthly
  • Select the score level - Yes/No; Scores 1...5
  • Create as many audit questions as you need


Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 10_53_36



Step 2: Create a NEW AUDIT and select the audit template you created before.

  • Add pictures or videos as proof
Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 11_10_17



Step 3: Use the FoodDocs app on any mobile device to start completing your audit(s)


monthly audit


Step 4: Review the results of completed audits